81 Pounds Lost in 1 Year (Pics!)



  • TheBakerGirl
    you are amazing! Congratulations on reaching your goal and best of luck on getting to where you feel best. This is a huge accomplishment. you should be so proud of yourself! you're proof that hard work pays off. :happy:
  • ebonyrose01
    ebonyrose01 Posts: 4 Member
    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! *High five* Keep up the work! Thanks for sharing!
  • Mama_CAEI
    Mama_CAEI Posts: 235
    OMG!!! Amazing transformation. Congrats to you on all your hard work and dedication. You look fit and healthy!!
  • lstone81
    awesome awesome awesome!! Congratulations!!
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 8,160 Member
    Great job.
  • jlc1243
    jlc1243 Posts: 287 Member
    You look amazing. Fantastic work. I hope I even 1/2 as good as you at 150!
  • ZombieChaser
    ZombieChaser Posts: 1,555 Member
    Simply Stunning! You must be so proud!

    I have serious tattoo envy now.. lol! Great INK!
  • MOS3
    MOS3 Posts: 134 Member
    You look totally amazing. Well done girl!!! You're hard work has paid off. What an inspiration. Thank you x
  • nursedonnaj
    nursedonnaj Posts: 57 Member
    Way to go! Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I think that was the hardest thing for me was taking the pics at the beginning of my journey. I found MFP about 20 pounds into my journey. I am excited to see what my "after" pics look like. Keep up the good work!! You look amazing!
  • ondogirl
    ondogirl Posts: 76 Member
    Amazing story and progress!

    Also, although you are moving on to bigger and better things, I want say that the NICU staff at Childrens hospital saved my son's life. He is now 6. I will never forget the excellent staff and top-notch care we received. The work you do is very important and touches peoples lives every day. Please never forget that.
  • aholly70
    aholly70 Posts: 577 Member
    Awesome job!!! You really changed pics look good.Hope to be there some day,you did a awesome job!!!!
  • AUNique24
    AUNique24 Posts: 52 Member
    AMAZING!!! Congratulations!!!
  • hyde1977
    hyde1977 Posts: 476 Member
    Really amazing!!! Great Job!!!! You should and probably are so proud of yourself and you deserve it!!!! Keep it up!!!! Awesome photos!
  • Runningirl7284
    Runningirl7284 Posts: 274 Member
    Awesome Job! You have come so far! Keep up the great work you look great!
  • Texas_Nana
    Texas_Nana Posts: 92 Member
    Awesome job, congrats on all your hard work! Love the ink!
  • jiggs31
    jiggs31 Posts: 117
    Totally inspired me to keep going!!! Thanks for sharing and well done on your awesome weight loss!!

    You look amazing!!!
  • elysia81
    That is FANTASTIC!! Such a motivating story! Thanks for sharing and good luck¬!!
  • TheColes
    Amazing! well done you! You look fab :-)
  • AlyAnt26
    Amazing!!! What an awesome job you've done!! I am sure you busted your tail to get there, and it as certainly paid off! Thank you for sharing :)
  • shanaekart
    shanaekart Posts: 4 Member
    AMAZING! Congrats on all of your success! (I love your tattoos!)
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