84 pounds lost - before and during

mandycasey Posts: 274 Member

I have lost 84 pounds so far and i am hoping to lose another 40 ish pounds. Mandy xx


  • dls06
    dls06 Posts: 6,774 Member
    Beautiful, never go back. Congratulations.:flowerforyou:
  • nmck55
    nmck55 Posts: 22
    WOW!! You look amazing!! Well done!!
  • Fabulous! Well done to you as it's you who has put all the hard work into getting such wonderful results! Love the new hair do too! :-)
  • dyellz
    dyellz Posts: 76 Member
    Good for you! That is awesome. The dedication you have must be amazing!!
  • Whodatgirl77
    Whodatgirl77 Posts: 238 Member
    Great job!!!
  • I have 100+ to go....you are an inspiration. Thanks for posting! I'm just learning about some of these features, but I would love to share your food diary. I get so bored of eating the same things. Keep up the great work!
  • Pollyfleming
    Pollyfleming Posts: 147 Member
    You look fantastic! . What an inspiration!
  • bug1114
    bug1114 Posts: 268 Member
    You look amazing!!!
  • cholt03
    cholt03 Posts: 20 Member
    Wow! What a difference! Proud of you!!
  • OMG you look so wonderful, you make it real. Like I could do it to. I need help do you think you could give me pointers. The problem with me is I am a food addict.
  • Jipples
    Jipples Posts: 663 Member
    Wow....what a change! Great job!
  • amywils77
    amywils77 Posts: 22 Member
    My favorite part of your photos is the sparkle in your eyes in the after shots. Your transformation is amazing. You look like a completely different person. Congratulations and good luck with the last 40-ish lbs.!
  • LovingCruz
    LovingCruz Posts: 640 Member
    You look Beautiful! Congratulations!!
  • KZOsMommy
    KZOsMommy Posts: 854 Member
    You look AMAZING!!! Great work!!!
  • misslady007
    misslady007 Posts: 6 Member
    Amazing!!!! Congrats!
  • rpantusa
    rpantusa Posts: 267 Member
    you look so awesome, like a completly diffrent person! Cong:flowerforyou: rats and keep up the good work!
  • ilike2moveit
    ilike2moveit Posts: 776 Member
    You look great! Keep it up!
  • Wow, congrats!!
  • mauigyrl
    mauigyrl Posts: 86 Member
    You and all this success stories are such an inspiration to my health and fitness journey.
  • lovelyrose11
    lovelyrose11 Posts: 609 Member
    You look amazing - I can't believe the difference in your eyes! They stand out so much now. Fantastic job.
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