What is the first thing you want to do when you reach your g



  • Towles, small ones, not bath sheets to wrap around my self... can we say hand towel, anyone? lol! I'm going to buy a fitted sweater/top, pencil skirt, some high stilletos and strut my stuff like I used to do before kids... oh how I miss shopping in the miss"s or junior section... lingerie is a must... also a day at the spa... oh the list goes on and on! lol
  • NikkieLite
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    Walk into my favorite stores in the mall and try on clothes. I might not even buy them. I just want to know what it feels like to walk into a store and know you can wear anything in there. You don't have to look for a minimal (or non existent) plus-size section or constantly flip over the tags to see if they have this in an XXL or just generally feel like people are thinking you don't belong in there. I've always wondered what the hell that is like.

    And hopefully by that time I'll be picking out my dream wedding dress. :')
  • DLDzioba
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    Am I the only girl who owns a bikini now? *feels so alone*
  • KarenZappa
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    I love all of these answers! Doing a cartwheel in the rain has to be my fave one though. Naked. LMAO
  • KarenZappa
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    How do you reply directly to someone? Every time I try it wants to post it as a general comment....
  • tresye
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    I plan on trying to get pregnant!
  • brindlechewy
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    How do you reply directly to someone? Every time I try it wants to post it as a general comment....

    It helps if you select "quote" instead of reply. That way, the person to whom you're replying sees their words and knows that you're speaking to them.
  • Alexstrasza
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    I have a few.

    I want to be able to get off my medication. I take medicine for my thyroid (which is directly caused by my eating habits and having had 2 kids recently).
    I also want to get off my depression medication.
    The ONLY pill I want to be taking each day is my multi-vitamin and my birth control. That's it!

    The other thing I'm going to do is walk into Hot Topic and buy some of those cute shirts I've wanted for a long time. I want the pokemon and sailor moon ones. :( Lol.
    Whatever I'm gonna be a kid forever no matter how old I get.
  • catherine1979
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    I'm doing a boudoir photo series for my husband. I want to have proof that I was hot at one point when I'm 80.

    Would also be a fantastic way to scar some teenage grandkids.

    *maniacal laugh* bwahahahaha

    Same here! I would love to do a boudoir session when I get to my goal!
  • Juliebean_1027
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    I'm going to do cartwheels in rain...


    This. Probably dance around while I'm out there.
  • galegetsthin
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    The first thing I will do is scream and yell and jump up and down all over the house. Then, I will put on my saggy, baggy blue jeans and take my butt shopping, walk in to the juniors section, and get whatever I want. I have 1700 dollars set aside for the day this happens. I cannot touch it until I hit my goal.
  • LauraSmyth28
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    Buy a body-con dress and wear it without spanx!!
  • tenax
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    eat some cheesecake:)
  • melsy21
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    A Boudoir session[= which means all new lingerie!!! so when I am an antique my husband can look back and say yep she 3 beautiful kids for us and still looked amazing....

    Me too girl ;) I love boudoir photo's... very sexy
  • april522
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    Set my MFP settings to "maintain weight."


    Life is too short to put off the things you want to do until you lose weight!
  • I want to do all the things I don't do now because of my weight. (Yes, it *shouldn't* hold me back, but unfortunately it does). Skydiving, horseback riding, entertaining friends, travel, go out to bars/clubs, shopping, dating, the list goes on.... My ultimate reward when I reach goal weight is a trip to Paris!
  • knurse1987
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    I am not sure yet...havent really thought about it much...But I would definitely go for splurging on pretty bras and panties...But the thing I long for the most is feeling amazing and not embarrassed about myself and just not being the "fat friend" anymore...
  • badfattitude
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    Turn down the first date I get asked out on (politely, of course) - because I will no longer be in the "beggars can't be choosers" category.
  • Tupeloblossom
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    New clothes of course and a hair cut. I have long hair and I am getting so tired of it but I promised myself I would not cut it till I lost 50 pounds then I am going to cut it and donate it to Beautiful Lengths or Locks of Love.
  • sweetnlow30
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    I plan to hit an all you can eat buffet LOL :laugh:

    No seriously, I plan to buy a wardrobe of business clothes for my new job. I have just been buying pieces here and there because I know I won't be wearing them for long, I hope :wink: