a healthy diet and exercise...which is hardest for you?

For most people losing weight, a healthy diet and exercise is required, and one of those comes easier than the other. I like all food and eating, so eating a healthier diet is not as challenging for me as getting in my exercise on a continual basis.

Which one is more challenging for you personally to keep up with, healthy balanced eating or exercise, and why? And where do you find the motivation to stick with it?


  • MissSharkattack
    MissSharkattack Posts: 323 Member
    Im fat and lazy, so I never really feel like exercising.
  • When I first started losing weight, both were extremely easy for me. At this point in time with the constant change in weather and bad hips that I have, the exercise is the hardest thing to get myself motivated to do. Eating healthy isn't too hard for me once I get doing it and stay on track with it because I spend my time home with my kids every day and my husband is gone for 21 days out of the month in the fields, so the only ones I have to cook for are the kids and myself. And thankfully they aren't big "kid food" eaters and tend to prefer to eat what I eat.
  • AmyMK
    AmyMK Posts: 164
    Food I find hardest...I've always been an active person so I love to work out...

    If I don't prepare meals in advance though I get lazy and don't eat very well
  • chinamonkey
    chinamonkey Posts: 90 Member
    Exercise, I struggle to find the time to put aside for it whereas i love cooking and fruit and veg so food is the easier (but not easy!) option for me
  • runnercheryl
    runnercheryl Posts: 1,314 Member
    Exercise. I have no problem making the right choices about what I eat. The first few months were tough and full of cravings, but now that I've been doing this for well over a year the eating side of things is just life. I don't have time to cook, so my fiancé does that, but we have fairly simple things so it doesn't take too long at all.

    On the other hand, I still struggle to find the time to exercise. Exercising on weekdays means having no time to relax, and it's what I do but it means that from Monday-Friday the only time I stop is when I'm sleeping. That's tough.
  • AmyEm3
    AmyEm3 Posts: 784 Member
    Healthy diet is much, much, much more difficult for me. I love junk food and carbs.

    I LOVE running and go every day I can. I also like lots of other active outdoor things like biking, canoeing, etc.
  • tabi26
    tabi26 Posts: 533 Member
    Food.....oh so the food! Lol.
  • MumOfGirlsOnly
    MumOfGirlsOnly Posts: 99 Member
    Food, food, food I love food.
    I've found exercising everyday has been the easy part, it's my quiet time away from the kids.
  • JMarigold
    JMarigold Posts: 232 Member
    Food is the hardest . . . hands down! It takes only an hour or so of mental stamina for exercise but food can be an every waking minute mental challenge for me.

    Don't get me wrong though, exercise is hard for me too!
  • rheiah
    rheiah Posts: 84
    Food, definitely.
    I love exercising but I LOOOVE food. Cooking & baking are my favourite hobbies by a distance.
  • cramernh
    cramernh Posts: 3,335 Member
    I have severe heel spurs that make exercise difficult so I purposely will work on specific leg-related target exercises alot more slower and longer duration to carefully work those areas.... so exercise in that respect.

    Eating healthy? I have never had a problem with eating healthy.... but it took some allergy testing to determine some food allergies and sensitivities I had that were making weight loss more difficult... ***grumble
  • laurabini
    laurabini Posts: 257 Member
    Im fat and lazy, so I never really feel like exercising.

    me too!
  • maryjay51
    maryjay51 Posts: 742
    healthy diet is hardest for me .. i freakin LOVE working out at the gym ..problem is i work out so much at times i literally just crave carbs and if i dont set myself up with healthy carbs after them workouts i head straight to potato chips ,pretzels , chocolate ect .. its a never ending battle for me with food
  • thinnerisstronger
    thinnerisstronger Posts: 124 Member
    When I started, both were hard for me. Now I really enjoy eating well and I love working out.
  • ericalynn104
    ericalynn104 Posts: 382 Member
    Exercise. Sometimes I'd rather just relax or I'm oober busy. Diet isn't too hard for me typically but it's pretty difficult to find the motivation for exercise.
  • Food is the hardest for me. I either eat too much at a meal, or eat too much with late night snacks. Plus, I'm prone to stress eating. However, exercise has always been easy for me to do and be motivated to do.
  • ashnm88
    ashnm88 Posts: 748
    Sometimes both, but I love to exercise and eat healthy.
  • Elf_Princess1210
    Elf_Princess1210 Posts: 895 Member
    Both. I love to eat and I hate to exercise. I would rather lay in bed and eat all day!
  • MariaAlbinaxoxo
    MariaAlbinaxoxo Posts: 290 Member
    Eating healthy is much, much harder for me. I LOVE food. I just had dinner and I want more mac and cheese. hahaha don't get me wrong, I LOVE vegetables and fruits but when I'm craving a whole piece of cake and only get a little, then I want TWO pieces of cake! I'm surprised I don't weight more than I do. But I know if I don't try to get in shape I will only get bigger. Doesn't mean I like it though. Not to mention I'm a HUGE boredom eater and get bored a lot at my job.
  • Helice
    Helice Posts: 1,083 Member
    Normally i can get myself out of bed and do some kind of exercise or other.. even if im too lazy to do a cardio workout i can jump on the exercise bike and slowly peddle for like 4 hours while watching tv.. So its rare that i dont burn atleast like 400 calories a day..

    But the eating healthy, as hard as i try i just cannot do! =/