What do you put on pancakes?



  • LillysGranny
    I use Polaner All Fruit....but the peanut butter/honey concoction sounds WONDERFUL!
  • DrBorkBork
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    I love to put peanut butter on my pancakes & waffles (also REAL butter, like Darigold Chef's Choice or Kerrygold). There are plenty of sugar free syrups on the market if you look around (can probably find one made with stevia if you look at a health food store).
    For peanut butter, I highly recommend Peanut Butter & Co. Their White Chocolate Wonderful is amazing. Like eating a reeses.
  • rbbrrmqn
    rbbrrmqn Posts: 132 Member
    applesauce, with or without cinnamon, is wonderful!!!
  • katekrise
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    I use Spring Tree Sugar Free Low Fat syrup. 1/4 cup is only about 40 cals. Frozen strawberries also work b/c they kinda make their own syrup.
  • katekrise
    katekrise Posts: 178 Member
    To make your own low cal pancakes:

    1/2 cup dry oatmeal
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    2 egg whites.

    Blend it and you have low cal pancake batter.
  • millionsofpeaches
    Take berries and reduce them over the stove with a little bit of water and splenda.

    Ta-Da! Berry Syrup with natural sugars from the fruit.
  • coyoteo
    coyoteo Posts: 532 Member
    I do fresh fruit, usually berries and a squirt of redi-whip.
  • skinnymeinaz
    skinnymeinaz Posts: 384 Member
    fresh fruit and a little cool whip. yum.
  • kawanna941
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    A bit of butter or oil - your choice. Place in a small pan over a low to medium fire, thinly slice half an apple into the pan. Stir occasionally until apple slices are tender, add a little cinnamon, pour out of pan directly onto pancakes.
    That sounds awesome! I will give this a try!
  • lisa91263
    Use the syrup, measure a couple of tablespoons. I don't know how many calories that will be but you can cut down on something else later in the day if it's too high. I eat everything I want, not as much as I used to but I don't deprive myself.

    This I use the real maple you only need 1/4 - 1/2 of a tablespoon which is about 25-50 cals I add blueberries blackberries rasberries banana and walnuts...so sweet I only use 1/4 tablespoon of the real maple. This is my breakfast every sunday morning!
  • CoderGal
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    Someone suggested on my 'healthy snacks' thread to freeze fruit and then warm it up in the oven. Basically you'd have warm fruit goo to put on it. Cinnamon goes well with that. You could also mix a little plain yoghurt if you felt like it.
    Peanut butter/hazelnut spread
    cachews (they're nice when they're fried into the pancakes) or any other sort of nut. You could also try adding dried fruit.
    mix in chocolate protein powder is delicious.
  • pdworkman
    pdworkman Posts: 1,342 Member
    Lots of fresh/frozen berries, mushed a bit so they juice out.

    I only use maple syrup if I did a long run and have lots of extra calories to use.

  • chachita7
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    Having them once in a blue moon wouldn't hurt you - but the other day I placed 1/2 c of blue berries in my mix and didn't need syrup for them at all
  • gracienkaidens_momma
    Lowfat butter. I am not a syrup person. I am liking all of these ideas everyone is posting.
  • jackpotclown
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    Basically low cal syrup as well as butter....sometimes it doesn't hurt to live a little \m/
  • beckylawrence70
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    I put regular syrup on my pancakes, haven't eaten em in a month but I would just use half of what I used to.......
  • UsedToBeHusky
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    Great, now I want IHOP! :grumble:
  • happymiche
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    Vanilla yogurt, sliced bananas, and a drizzle of lite maple syrup. Or homemade chunky applesauce..
  • dalygirl_2010
    Logcabin Sugar Free syrup, tastes like the real thing, and only 20 cal for a 1/4 of a cup!!
  • unicornpoop
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    If you really want real syrup, have it. I prefer sugar free syrup because I grew up using it (diabetic dad). I also like honey, or nothing at all! If you put fruit in your pancakes you might not need any syrup.