Can we talk about partners who go down...



  • k0nfyo0zed
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    my husband always does the dishes then unloads the dishwasher. he says i work hard to dirty them so he can have good meals, so he will do the work of cleaning them up.

    he knows i have 'ick' issues, so he always takes care of the cats' litter box.

    he leaves me notes whenever he leaves the apartment and i'm not around, so i know where he is and that he loves me <3

    he always goes to the store for me when i'm missing something that i need to make dinner.

    he never complains when i ask him to do something, ever. (though he will argue that he is not going to 'yes dear' his way through marriage)
  • 77tes
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    He makes me coffee every morning even though he doesn't drink it himself. :drinker:
    When an acquaintance was teasing about me talking my husband into marrying me, he said, "I wanted to marry her two weeks after I met her." Ahh ..... he is definitely in my good graces this week!:love:

    Did I mention that he cleans the house and does laundry?!
  • DeniseAS
    Okay, you got me too. My mind was in the gutter when I saw the post.

    On to what my hubby does. He does a LOT! Helps with dinner, dishes, you name it. I am a very lucky wife.
  • MissFit0101
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    my mind was in the gutter lol...
  • RachelLovesHockey
    My boyfriend is a great workout buddy, an amazing cook (grilled salmon and steamed broccoli tonight), and goes to hockey games with me. Actually he's cooking while I watch a hockey game on tv...this guy is great!
  • wittlelacey
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    My boyfriend surprises me with my favorite things and flowers all the time :))) He's extremely respectful (which is huge for guys my age) and he won't let me pay for anything, despite my begging and sneaky attempts. His family lives very comfortably, but he does it because it's "the gentleman thing to do". He's the nicest person I've ever met and I'm almost positive we'll be high school sweethearts <3
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    What a lovely thread, MrsCon. Makes me re-believe in commitment.....

    Is "Oreo" code for something? I thought it was just Oreos until some of these later posts.
  • weaverfit
    Always forgives me when I blow up over something ridiculous & steadfastly keeps a roof over our heads! :heart:
  • bonnie51462
    Well this past year has been very hard on me I worked up til last year started passing out at work (heart problem) then my surgery (3 dics taken out of my neck), physical therapy and all and he never has complained the extra hours he has worked, getting me coffee everyday even when he had worked all night and was tired made sure I had iced tea and breakfast and lunch in the bedroom since I couldn't get down the stairs for weeks...never a complaint.He brought my coffee pot upstairs cuz I said it was unfair for all of the stuff to fall on him...I have arthritis so bad they are looking at doing more surgery on my lower back have gained so much weight from lack of movement but all I ever get out of him is "I married my trophy wife" to him I have never looked better we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary and even though he drives me crazy and I drive him there too I have never felt like a burden to him...and yes he does go all the way "downtown" and turnabouts fair play too...
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    Options this thread !!! I have an absolutely AWESOME husband...he does laundry, cooks on the grill (even in winter ) loads and unloads the dishwasher, handwashes dishes also, works full time, let me retire from my job 3 years ago...loves my grandchildren like his own, and has supported me whole heartedly on my weight loss journey on MFP...and compliments me all the time on how great I look... I am a very happy and fortunate girl !!!
  • loobie1805
    My husband is truly wonderful
    He cooks - really well and often
    He cleans - actually has an OCD about the kitchen floor and mops it every day, but cleans around the rest of the house too.
    He does the laundry - well the washing and drying part - I have banned him from ironing!
    He always makes time for me no matter what
    He is fully supportive of my dieting
    He is fully supportive of anything and everything I do
    He tells me he loves me at least once a day every day - even in the office with other people around.
    He never puts me down
    He works really hard so that we enjoy nice things
    He loves my children as his own even though they aren't.
    He makes me smile even when I am as sad as can be and feel the world is against me.

    I think to be honest that I am quite possibly the luckiest woman alive to have such a wonderful husband and I often wonder what he is doing with me - although he says the same thing to me - 'What on on earth do you see in me?'
  • lemonadem
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    In for the the title.


    Nothing else to add from this corner!
  • ishallnotwant
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    I am SUCH an airhead! I didn't even get it, even after reading all the "you got me" comments. And I was wondering why OP bolded Oreos. :laugh: I was like wow OP must really like their Oreos. :laugh:

    Seriously. It was about Oreos. I love them more than life itself.

    Ask my friends. I eat them almost every night. :happy:

    I used to love them when I was a kid and now i can't eat them. My mom got mad at me for something and made me eat an entire package to punish me. To this day it is a huge joke in my family about how much I can't stand Oreos. :blushing:
  • sofitheteacup
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    Unfortunately I do not have a partner who goes down, to the corner store or otherwise. But it's amusing to hear about those who do! ;)
  • JoJoDoerr
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    I have the most awesome hubby in the world! He takes care of us, chips in around the house, and still holds my hand. The most recent thing that sticks out was....he was playing music at a local restaurant/bar (he is a local musician) and I went with him. I got up from my seat and went to walk to the restaurant side to use the restroom and he said "hey wait a minute I got something to say"...then started singing a song about "still in love with you" - Sweetest thing ever! Even after 10 years together! ;)
  • YukonJoy
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    Mine showers me, cuts my toenails, keeps my heels ped-egged, is the primary cook, and those are just the things that stick out lol

    I miss read cook as "c*ck" and read "things that stick out" and was all ...Whoa whoa whoa.....Oh...
  • brittanyjeanxo
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    Mine gives me massages that don't have to lead to sex...unless I want it to :bigsmile:
  • Chastityx
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    Mine is putting himself through school while working a job that makes him sick just for his family. He buys me chocolate because for some unknown reason every time he buys me chocolate I lose weight. He is supportive, pushes me, helps with the kids, takes care of the stuff outside, helps with bills and so much more.

    Can he buy me some of that chocolate, too?
  • Elizabeth_C34
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    Mine always comes home and gives me a huge hug. He also rubs my back when I'm stressed out and can't sleep, and he kisses me on the cheek every morning before work. I love that man.
  • Ocarina
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    I have to ask what does my partner NOT do for me!

    My husband absolutely LOVES me and puts me first so much sometimes I have to tell him to think of himself!

    He doesn't do it sadly either. We both are the best of friends and have amazing memories together. I have enjoyed the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage and am very excited for the next billion years. :happy:

    I would hope that everyone could say the same. I :heart: him!