Any 5'6" people with a goal of 150 or around there?

mkwow Posts: 65 Member
I have about 75lbs to go to my goal- still a long ways! I was wondering if there was anyone out there with similar measurements as myself. We can support and cheer each other on!


  • morganmt
    morganmt Posts: 18 Member
    Me! You can add me if you would like :happy:
  • thesarahsundae
    thesarahsundae Posts: 240 Member
    You can add me!!
  • Yes! I am 5'6" and our goals are similar! Would love to be able to support one another and encourage one another to hit this goal!! We can do this :):smile:
  • natalie2355
    natalie2355 Posts: 93 Member
    5'5" with a 140lb goal... is that close enough? i have 35lb go, add me if you want... love any help i can get or give :happy:
  • LisaD1025
    LisaD1025 Posts: 74 Member
    Me! Me!! I am 5'5.5" and currently 193. My first goal is 170, and then 150, and eventually I'd like to get down to between 130-140, but that's a long ways off! I'm trying to take baby steps to start with!! :) Add me as a friend if you'd like -- I can always use more people motivating me, and I'd love to be a motivator for others if I can! Keep up the good work -- we CAN do this!!
  • thedrummer1978
    thedrummer1978 Posts: 31 Member
    Hey! I'm 5'6" and have a goal of about 140-150 lbs. Feel free to add me! :happy:
  • I'm 5'6" but my goal is more in the 130 range. I have 33 pounds to go. You can feel free to add me though :D I'm all for getting new friends and such!
  • karah0011
    karah0011 Posts: 54 Member
    Same with me! :) You can add me...I need supporting friends on here! Actually you should all add me! :)
  • I'm 5'6 and can use all the help I can get!!! We got this!!!
  • I am 5'6. My GW is arond 150. You can add me if you'd like.
  • EMarvie
    EMarvie Posts: 335 Member
    Same here !!! I'd love to have more motivation!!!

    friend requeset sent.. and anyone with similar goals please add me !


  • Yes me too!

    I need friends!

    I'm 180 with 30 lbs to go
  • TheKitsune6
    TheKitsune6 Posts: 5,798 Member
    I'm 5"6' but my goal is 130 :)
  • NikMosch
    NikMosch Posts: 40 Member
    I'm 5'5" with a goal of 130-140. Feel free to add me! Best wishes on your journey!
  • marz1pan
    marz1pan Posts: 80 Member
    That's my exact height and goal! Feel free to add me.
  • xonikitashafferxo
    xonikitashafferxo Posts: 150 Member
    i am 5'7 and I would love to be 135, but if I get 150 or below I'd be more than happy. Right now I am 192.8 (EEEKK) I still have a ways to go. You can add me if you want to :0)
  • HeartlessHarlot
    HeartlessHarlot Posts: 65 Member
    I'm looking for around 160ish, add if you'd like!
  • I'm 5'5.5" and my goal is 150. My starting weight was 240 and my current weight is 229. Add me!
  • brighteyesxluv
    brighteyesxluv Posts: 334 Member
    im 5'6
    my sw was 153.7
    my cw is 146.9
    and my gw is 118 :) but you can definitely add me if you would like
  • mrsepiphany
    mrsepiphany Posts: 142 Member
    I'm 5'6 too and goal is 150/160. please add me too. i need support as well ladies!
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