anyone looking to lose 20 pds or less



  • I just joined today, I am 5'1" and 135. I would like to get back to 120. I need motivation and friends! A friend of mine talked me into getting a gym membership (which is something I would have never done on my own) and then she got pregnant, so I have totally lost my workout buddy! I was doing good for a while but then stopped going and have had a hard time getting motivated again. What has helped you all stay motivated??
  • janeite1990
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    I'm 5'3" and 123, but I started at 125. I'd like to get to 117. If I get there, I'll probably want to be 115. If I get to 115 I'll want 112 or 110. Never enough, you know.
  • Swanson83
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    I am trying to lose 8-10 (10 tops) I am 5'7" and I weigh 135. I know that seems like an ideal weight but I have been down to 125 and was skinny fat. After having 3 kids I'd love to even stay where I am and get rid of the fat. I am working hard but it is a long road.

    If anyone wants to friend me, I am looking for support as well, I can give it as well as I receive it! :)
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    I am 5" 6 and weigh 155 i have already lost 8 lbs its only been about 20 days. My goal weight is 135, which is the weight i was when i took the picture on my " Ticker ". I just want to continue to lose and get those muscular arms back.
  • I am 5'3 and having been working on this sight for about three weeks! I started at 156. The first 6 pounds went off pretty easy! The last week has been slow!!!! I am diong zumba, 5 mile walk tape and been staying with in the calorie count. Getting flusterated, any ideas, I have always been able to shed the weight easy but am 52 and can not do alot because of back issues, any help would be greatly appreciated, Sus
  • I do not naturally have a thin build, lol -- everything I've lost was VERY hard-won (or hard-lost? hah) -- but I'm on my last 18 pounds now, I think.
  • Ceceamanda
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    I'm 5'10 and trying to lose 10-15 pounds....
  • I know I need to be patient with it. But yes I am looking to lose 20 pounds! That would put me at my weight 2 years ago, before I started overeating and had surgery.

    Its SO hard. I always want to throw in the towel but I won't! If anyone has advice I'm all ears.
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    I just lost 31 lbs in the last 5 months. Got to my initial "goal weight", and of course once I got there I wanted to lose a bit more, so now my goal is to lose 6-11 more lbs. People are saying I'm looking skinny but I'm not feeling it yet. I'm 5'7 and 146 now, wanting to be 140-135. Any less than that and I also start looking skeletal due to my large frame!
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    Join my group called "Less than 25 to go!" Add me as a friend (with a message, please!)
  • Hey there! I'm 5'7 and I have 10 kilos (about 20 pounds) to lose :) feel free to add me as a friend!
  • I am 5'9" and I am 172--I am looking to lose 20 pounds. I lost 20 pounds 2 years ago and kept it off, and that was without doing anything! (changed jobs where I no longer sit at a desk all day) but now...i am stuck! I just joined a gym and I am hoping to drop 20 lbs by June...hopefully this is possible!
  • I'm 5' 4" and at about 125 lbs. Would love to get back to my weight of 115 that I had for about 25 years! Before menopause! I have never had this much trouble trying to lose weight! It's always come off within a week or two and now it's 5 weeks or more just to lose 5 lbs! I cannot believe it!
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    I'm in this bunch!

    I'm 5'7" with a small frame. I started at Thanksgiving weighing 155 with a goal of 135. I was down to 136 last week and lowered my goal to 130. I'm about 137-138 right now. Mostly I'd like my body fat % to reach the low 20's. I do a strength training group class 3x a week, do a little cardio on those days, and usually about an hour of cardio on 3 other days.
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    I'm 5'8", and started Jan 9th at 157. I'm now down to almost my goal weight of 145 (I was 145.6 my last weigh in). So I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I'm not hungry or deprived, I feel better when I eat better, there is nothing that I've 'cut out' of my diet, I really just changed my portions and eating out of boredom. So I plan to continue to track and stay within my calories. However, I don't really look any different, I'm still soft in all the same places. So now i need to get off my lazy behind and start putting in some effort. This will be the big challenge. So I'd be happy to lose more off the scale, but really I just need to start putting in some effort into losing some inches and toning up!

    Feel free to friend me too :)
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    Its funny I've been losing weight MASSIVELY even though i didn't really diet? Was 128 pounds Aug'11. Now i'm 115 pounds (and still dropping). I just stick to fresh produce. But i do indulge in coke almost everyday.

    Feel free to add me!

    Oh, i'm 5"4. Target goal is around 105 - 110 pounds? but i don't wanna be stick skinny. :)
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    I started at 172 late last summer, lost 25 pounds over 10 weeks during a weight loss competition, and joined mfp at 145 in January. I'm down 3 more pounds and have 18 to go until I think I will be where I want to be. It's all hard and my will is weak, but I just keep on keeping on. Good luck to you. Add me if you would like.
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    I'm really only looking to lose about 5 lbs (the vanity 5) and stay toned and in shape. My goal weight is right at about 103.
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    I have about 28ish more pounds to lose since the last time I weighed myself. I'm 5'8 I was always in the 150s eating whatever I wanted as much as I wanted though I didn't have the body I wanted (flat tummy) I was fine but then it started creeping up and up to 155 then 158 then 163 when I finally decided enough is enough and I really need to eat better. Lowest I've been since 18 is 141 but I really want to be in the 130s so my goal is 130, maybe more if I tone up.
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    I'm in this category as well. I was stuck on a plateu for a long time. Hoping that I may finally be off of it. {fingers crossed}. Just have to wait to see if this downward trend will continue.

    I will likely be adding some new friends from this group for support.