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    I have PCOS, but have only just recently been diagnosed (but have had all the symptoms for years, just no decent doctor to see this!) so I don't have a lot of advice to give, but keen to see what others say!

    I've just started taking metformin, but only in the last week, so can't really tell you if it's effective yet, though my blood sugar levels seem pretty good. (I'm also on Thyroxin for Hypothyroidism, also recently diagnosed. Between the 2, I hope for some success!)

    I'd love to hear from others that have tried the cinnamon approach to help regulate insulin! I've never heard of this! Could you just add it to a smoothie or something? Or do you take it on it's own with water or something? I'd be interested to try, as I don't want to take medication for the rest of my life...

    You can buy cinnamon pills, or you can just use it on your food. I find it easier to use on food. I usually put in on my oats in the morning, or coffee or pretty much anything that cinnamon goes with :)
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    I am following IR diet and so far has gotten success with it. I have lost 5% body fat in less than 3 months. Feel free to add me :)
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    I also have/had PCOS....it came after my son was born, I was diagnosed in 2001.....it took forever to get pregnant with my daughter, she is now 5...there is a 8 year age gap between my kiddo's. I was lucky because after my daughter was born things seem to go back to normal, I still have mild symptoms, but I know what it's like and how defeated you can feel.

    Please feel free to add me.
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    PCOSer here. I was diagnosed 4 years ago, but my symptoms actually seem mild compared to others. I just have the weight gain (I gained fifty pounds the first year, but I have been able to maintain that and not gain any more) excessive sleepiness (I almost feel asleep driving to work one morning) and a few other minor problems that have seemed to go away since I started BC. I'm also gluten intolerant and I think I'm lactose intolerant, as well.

    I actually had an endocrinoloist mock me when I first tried to get help to lose the weight. She basically told me I was lazy, ate too much, and my PCOS had nothing to do with my weight gain or loss. For a very long time that discouraged me from helping myself, and I'm still hesitant to talk to doctors about my condition.

    Now that my wedding is over, I am determined to focus on my health and lost these 50 pounds I gained. Friends are welcome!
  • Thanks all!
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    I've got it too -- menstrual issues, hair growth, and weight gain/resistance losing. :(

    I didn't know excessive sleepiness was a symptom too, heh -- the doc isn't super informed about it.
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    Unfortunately I have it too. I've had many of the bad symptoms but they are slowly decreasing as I get closer to my goal weight! It CAN be done!
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    I too have PCOS, and it's so absolutely difficult to lose weight. I've done weight watchers before (i was diagnosed) and lost 30lbs. I was diagnosed a few years later, and the weight just keeps building. I'm currently working out 4+ times a week for 1 hour each. Trying to control my eating too. Need to do something. Would love to join a group if ya'll are making one.
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    Yes, my mother in law worked as a nurse for many years and that was the first thing she asked my husband when he told her I had an ovarian cyst - if I had been excessivly tired lately.
  • PCOS here. Dx'd 6 years ago, and was able to overcome it by God's grace and with the help of 100mg's of Clomid...I am now the Mommy to 2 beautiful 1 year old twin boys!
  • PCOS here. Dx'd 6 years ago, and was able to overcome it by God's grace and with the help of 100mg's of Clomid...I am now the Mommy to 2 beautiful 1 year old twin boys!

    Congratulations on your twins!
  • PCOSer here as well! I have lowered my caloric intake, and have started doing some exercising at least 30 minutes everyday!

    Feel free to add me... I'd love some support from fellow PCOS ladies! I was just diagnosed last Friday.
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    Hey there all. I am Devon. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19 but I had it from the time I was 13. I have not many of the symptoms now since I had my stillborn son. I used to have all the symptoms but now I don't have many. I have regular periods every month and my hormones seem to be better except after my period then it seems I am a little emotional. I have started talking a one a day multivitamin, 2 cinnamon pills (just increased it today) and a fish oil pill (started today since I couldn't find them before). I have started my journey again Jan 9th of this yr and have lost plenty of inches and not much weight. I kept of 23 lbs from my pregnancy and I am starting to feel good. I don't allow myself to get as stressed but since my son died I have been mourning so I allow myself some bad/lazy days. I try to work out 5 or so days a week. I try to eat healthy but with being around my family and having a low income it is a little harder to be healthy but I work with what I have. Cysters unite!
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    PCOS here... and it sucks! Wish I could tell you some great tips, but all I can really say that has ever worked for me is workout out for several hours a day to see any results : ( It's horrible that we have to work so much harder at it for such little gain, but what can you do?
    The only things I have heard that may help are the following:

    taking 1/2 tsp of cinnamon per day, to regulate blood sugar ( some people say it has helped them lose weight, and in studies has proven to be more effective than metformin)

    taking chromium supplements, also helps to regulate blood sugar.

    Vitex.. helps to balance hormones, which aids weight loss. However if you are on birth control, as I am, my doctor advised not to take until off the pill.

    Another thing my Doctor once had me on was Spironolactone, which I think is a blood pressure medication, but has been proven effective in helping to treat some symptoms of PCOS. He told me I would lose weight on it, however I can't remember if I really did or not. Anyway here is an article on it :

    I have also read some people have had a lot of success with the Insulin Resistance Diet, if you can follow it. But for me, it's next to impossible when I am cooking meals for my husband and step-kids as well. I just try to limit my carbs as much as I can without counting.

    Anyway, feel free to add me as a friend if you would like :)

    You can take cinnamon + chromium together in a capsule form to save you the trouble! :) I've been taking 1,000mg daily for a year and a half now and I noticed a difference within a week of taking it. I was diagnosed in 2009 and was prescribed Metformin and BC, but I refuse to take any conventional medication. Everything can be fixed naturally!

    II also took Vitex before I started eating better an exercising. (I don't take BC.) It did help my cycle regulate, but I did experience pre-period symptoms (bloating, discomfort, heightened anxiety) whenever I took it. Also, you should not take Vitex every day. It won't harm you, but there is no need to take it often.

    I think Spirolactone is prescribed to help with the heightened testosterone levels. Some girls experience thinning hair and thick body hair, which I think Spirolactone is supposed to help treat but I'm not too sure.

    A low GI diet is pretty essential to lose weight with PCOS too, though I much prefer paleo overall! :)
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    Fun times. 2000mg of metformin, and 50mg of clomid got me baby #1. Baby #2 we got on a lower dose of metformin and no clomid, but I had dropped about 10lbs. I don't know if that was just luck, but it took us 1.5yrs to conceive #1 and a mere 2 months to conceive #2. Now that I've dropped even more weight, my cycles are more regular than when I was on BCP (not on them anymore). Good luck. PCOS sucks! Anyone, please feel free to add me :)

    Oh and as for spironolactone, not sure about it's use in PCOS, but at the hospital we use it for patients with high blood pressure (it's a diuretic) that lose too much potassium on lasix.
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    Hi Guys,

    PCOS sufferer here, all the usual symptoms and working out almost daily, eating 1200 cals per day but weight loss is very slow.

    I am glad im not the only one. would love some tips on weight loss as Im getting discouraged!

    Feel Free To Add Me!

    x x x x
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    I have PCOS and one thing I noticed is that by eating better quality food, in the right quantities, and exercising, getting enough rest etc. my cycles have actually regulated and they are nearly NORMAL. I know it won't necessarily work that way for everyone, but after a few months of this healthy lifestyle I am seeing some real progress. I didn't have much weight to lose, I'm working on the last 10 pounds at this point, so I wasn't expecting the lifestyle change to help with PCOS, but it did :)
  • I was diagnosed in September, 2011 because we are having trouble getting pregnant even though we would really like to have a baby. I have the acne unfortunately and have since my teens. I also gained about 65lbs or so after high school (I was always a super skinny child). Not that I want to go back to being that skinny because I was sick all the time, but I probably felt my best around 150 lbs. I was at 191.8 lbs at my highest and about 2-3 years ago I lost about 20 lbs but then gained it back because my doctor told me it would be almost impossible to lose more on the meds I was on (not for PCOS, we didn't know then). Well I started working out and eating right again and I couldn't lose. When they diagnosed me in September they put me on metformin and since then I have lost about 24lbs and I am hoping to lose the last 20lbs so I can get pregnant soon, and as naturally as possible. If anyone wants to add me feel free, I could use all the support I can get as well and it's nice to have people to check in with :smile:
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    Another thing my Doctor once had me on was Spironolactone, which I think is a blood pressure medication, but has been proven effective in helping to treat some symptoms of PCOS. He told me I would lose weight on it, however I can't remember if I really did or not. Anyway here is an article on it :

    Not sure if it's different here in the UK, but Spiro is prescribed here to reduce hair growth and is very effective. You need to be careful on it though since if you fall pregnant on it you have to terminate the pregnancy. I think you have to be off it for about a year ideally if you want to concieve.

    If you want more info and support I help with a PCOS charity called Verity and we have forums for support and conferences and lots of info :) Fabulous lot of ladies with all matter of experience, advice and no embarrassment!! :)

    Not sure where you got your info but I have HAIR-AN syndrome which is similar to PCOS and was on spiro when I got pregnant. They did immediately take me off of it but it didn't affect my pregnancy at all and I took it for the first 6 weeks. Double check with your doctor as that was 5 years ago.
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    me too!!!