What did you used to eat in the big days



  • hope516
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    3 meals at fast food restaurants...I use to laugh at th idea of cooking my own meals :blushing:
  • Di3012
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    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if this has been done before but anyway would anyone like to mention some of the things they used to eat before they lost weight.

    I'll start sometimes on my way to work id stop and grab:

    Bacon & Egg Roll - Eat on the way there
    2 Croissants 1 to eat after bacon and egg roll 1 to have at work once I arrived.

    Also I still see this at the supermarket and I have stayed away from it for over 12 months now the 2 family blocks of chocolate for $6 I can still remember my favorite combination was:

    Nestle - Smartie & Crunch block
    Cadbury - Fruit & Nut & Crunchie or Peppermint

    I would buy 2 blocks and go through them in a couple of hours easy

    I won't mention anymore maybe later :)

    Anyone else want to share ?

    Mine went something along the lines of cake, chocolate, sweets, chocolate, cake. I might have something properly to eat for dinner, more often than not, I would skip it. I rarely ate fruit.

    I am not kidding either.
  • maryjay51
    wow there were days id eat nonstop.. always breakfast sandwiches chock full of bacon and cheese, butter.. then off to the road where id stop at drive thrus all day.. them dollar burgers are such a deal lol..double cheeseburgers at mcdonalds and then through the burger king for their onion rings .. sometimes id go through a few fattening donuts with my cup of coffee with diet sugar lol and being from buffalo we are home of the chicken wings .. cant beat the local deal on wednesday night with five dollars for all you can eat chicken wings and tons of bleu cheese dressing ...and of course most folks here have chicken wings AND pizza .. then there was dairy queen where id get a pecan mudslide ice cream sundae... omg i cant believe i ate like that...
  • Miss_dannii
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    I was never a massive eater, I just ate the wrong things. I would skip breakfast (well I would have a skinny latte for breakfast if that counts) and not eat food at all until about 3pm, blamed being too busy. Then I'd have a ham and cheese sandwich with butter and mayo, and a packet of crisps. Maybe a couple of choc biscuits and another skinny latte. Then at home I would put on a pizza and wedges between the 2 of us, and monch on crisps a packet or 2. That'd be my day. It's mad because I acually technically eat more now, and more frequently. I still snack in the evening, but it's WW crisps or mini babybel light, or a cheestring :) x
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    When I was pregnant I looovvvveed botan sticky rice, veggie & pork potstickers that my mom in law would make, kimchee & seaweed. I am drooling just thinking about it.
  • smantha32
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    Pizza and chicken wings are my two best friends and worst enemies!

  • myopus
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    Homemade tacos every 3-5 days; full container of Ben & Jerry's half baked or Dove ice cream w/choc ganache.
  • needtolose50lbs
    Everything put in my face, especially Mcdonald's
  • Saxmis
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    Well, considering I'd got money today, I would usually celebrate in the evening with:

    14" cheese and mushroom garlic bread pizza
    portion of fries
    2 onion bhajis

    I may just celebrate by doing some exercise instead!
  • I1ahunt
    Philadelphia Cheese Steak with Sauce Mushrooms and Fried onions on a 32" roll with Fries and a six pack of beer
  • delilah47
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    Typical day:

    Sausage and egg McMuffin for breakfast
    Sandwich or a Stouffer's entree for lunch
    Gourmet cooking for dinner
    Ice cream or cake with coffee for bedtime snack

    Some snacking between meals, but not much. Really miss the gourmet cooking, but I save a lot of time keeping it simple for dinner. I guess for me it was richness, not volume, that packed on the pounds. That and not being able to exercise for the past 11 (or so) years.
  • greasygriddle_wechnage
    Whatever couldn't outrun me.
    thjat's funny! so true....
  • katkins3
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    Most Fridays, my husband and I used to order:
    Hot wings, Large loaded pizza and cheese bread.
    This was for the two of us! We often had some pizza left over for the next day, but Wow! No wonder we were both well over 200 pounds.
    Thanks to MFP, in part, he has lost over 100 pounds and I have lost 54 pounds, (so far).
  • SewerUrchin
    Large can of Relentless, Monster, whatever.
    Bacon, sausage, egg and cheese toasted sandwich

    I was working at McDonalds at the time, so fries, cheeseburger or nuggets, and a full-fat coke

    It's not that I cooked horribly unhealthy food (well, occasionally), but I had such big portions because my boyfriend is such a big eater, and he'd nag me to eat more so he felt less fat. So I'd have an enormous portion of pasta with tonnes of melted cheese (cheese is my downfall), mountains of sausages and mashed potato, huge platefuls of curry or stir fry, and occasionally we'd order pizza or Chinese food. I also was rather partial to fish and chips. Then I'd have a massive piece of cake and bowl of icecream.

    Snacks: Throughout the day, I'd constantly drink energy drinks, milky coffee with loads of sugar, and full-fat coke. Come the evening time, I'd also drink a litre of vodka mixed with two litres of energy drink. That's a LOT of calories. I was probably getting an extra thousand a day just from drinking. While drinking, I'd get through a family-sized bag of crisps, or two bags of pork scratchings. Then I'd fix myself a couple of hot dogs, two crumpets with loads of butter, maybe some chicken strips, and an entire packet of cookies with a big glass of chocolate milk.

    Quite revolting, really. Plus, I never did any exercise. So naturally, I ballooned to nearly 16st. I've since cut down on drinking (leaving it for the weekends), have much smaller portion sizes, try to cook more vegetables, switched to diet coke if I need a fizzy drink and caffiene (or maybe a sugar-free red bull), drink more water, do more exercise, and try to snack on more low calorie stuff like sugar snaps or a small lean chicken wrap or something.
  • spatters77
    Great topic and the first time I looked at what I was eating was a shock. Getting my portions under control and convincing myself that I DO NOT need to clean my plate has helped me the most. I was raised that you had to clean your plate.

    Depends on the which week it was. If my daughter was with me I would cook enough to feed about 6 people and eat 2 helpings, then take what ever was left for lunch the next day. If I was on my own, it was what ever was easy to get my hands on. Fast food or order out. Now I cook most of the time and eat proper portions, or if I order out/eat out, I will eat only half a meal or check the calories on my MFP App.

    Typical Fast food meal at Wendy's - Spicy Chicken large combo w/pop, with either a Jr cheeseburger deluxe or a 5 piece nugget
    Taco Bell was usually 5 layer burrito, nacho bell-grande, and a couple of tacos w/large pop - or anything that sounded good, my bill was usually $8 to $10.

    On most Friday nights I would order a large pizza and eat all but a couple of slices. If I cooked breakfast on Saturday I would make 4 - 6 eggs and either 4 slices of toast or English muffins. Eggs were either fried in butter or poached depending on my mood.

    If I went out to eat I would order an appetizer and a meal eat it all and then either get dessert or go home and snack on chips or have a plate of cheese and crackers.
  • CannibalisticVegetarian
    It starts off not so bad, but boy did it get worse throughout the day

    Breakfast: Go-gurt (on my way to class)

    Lunch: (I used to eat in the caf on campus and it was All you can eat.. usually it went like this)
    > 1 burger (eat half of it but devour ALL of the fries along with a bowl of chili, cheese, and ranch for dipping)
    > A salad loaded with NOTHING in moderation: Shredded cheese in heaps, ceasar dressing coating it..few veggies, but that made no difference
    >1 slice of pizza with three cheese sticks on the side.. and side marinara for dipping and cinnamon sticks for dessert. To drink? A soda that was made using a little bit of every soda that they had to offer (except root beer). Sometimes I'd treat myself to an iced coffee also, and on the way out I'd have an ice cream cone

    Dinner: Sometimes my friends would want to go out to eat. Usually it was Mexican and that being said, I'd have a large taco salad (to go with the initial chips and salsa we'd been eating), and 2 magaritas... giant magaritas mind you.
    If not fast food crap, I'd just go to walmart, get a subway footlong--tuna with all the veggies and heavy mayo.. and proceed to eat that. Also I'd snack on gummy bears while riding the bus back to campus and could snack on wheat thins once back to the dorm.
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    Chips are my weakness
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    Mostly for me it was fast food. Not the places but what I chose to eat. Carl's Jr had this bacon swiss chicken (not even grilled) sandwich which was to die for and it was 800ish calories. That along with a small fries and diet coke (don't hate on the diet coke with all those other calories...I never liked the taste of full sugar coke) would be lunch. When I had Burger King, it was the normal size whopper with mayo (only time I ever really liked mayo actually), fries and a diet coke. Things like that.

    That would be for lunch. For dinner I would eat a whole medium cheese pizza (sometimes finishing off the outer crust...sometimes not). Or a full order of chicken fried rice or some kind of noodle dish.

    Then there was the half a bag of fun size snickers or milky way or whatever candy bar in one go. Or polishing off half to a full bag of Doritos.

    But worse than the food was I never exercised and was way lazier than I am now.

    Darn, I kinda miss those days. :smile:
  • mexicangardengnome
    I used to just sit and eat nutella. Every now and then I still do that but Ive almost completely broken that habit :) I also used to sit in front of the TV and eat ceral or crakcers w/ cheese. At lunch I would aslo have bosco sticks (they like these wierd pizza sticks haha but they are soo yummy!) and I'd also have several sugar cookies. Dinner was healthy for the most part. Now I eat yogurt for breakfast, carrots and a hard boiled egg for lunch, cuties and a grham crakcer cheet as snacks at 3:00 pm and !0:00 am and whatever delicious healthy food my mom makes for dinner :D