Tea ideas..pretty please :)



  • abitzan
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    Liption vanilla carmel truffle.
  • blondejillie
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    My two faves are by Starbucks

    TAZO Thrive green tea, add peppermint stevia and almond milk.
    TAZO Organic Chai, add cinnamon stevia and almond milk.

  • fitnessyeoja
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    bump. and my tips -
    1) Tazo - Passion tea (try a cup at Starbucks before you commit to a whole box).
    2) Celestial Seasonings - Blueberry. Great substitute for Passion and probably 1/2 the price.
  • CheleLynn44
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    I use my Keurig every morning and brew one Celestial Seasons English Breakfast Black Tea. I brew the k cup twice and add 3tsps of sugar into it. I then fill my 24oz cup with ice and get two yummy cups of sweet tea out of it. I have one with breakfast and the other for lunch or dinner.
  • I LOVE the davids tea (http://www.davidstea.com/) they have so many yummy flavour !!
  • Sabresgal63
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    I drink Tetly British blend........it is deeply robust black tea. I add (1) mini moo and (1) splenda and it is just heaven................:smile:
  • TeaBea
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    The only tea I ever sweeten is Chai & Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice tea. Bigelow Vanilla Chai with milk & sweetener is a yummy substitute for hot chocolate

    Favorite green teas Lipton Superfruit Red Gogi & Raspberry and Arizona Mandarin Orange

    Favorite Red (herbal) Celestial Seasonings African Orange Mango and Madagascar Vanilla

    Favorite Black: Twinings Four Red Fruits and Lipton Pyramid Wild Bavarian Berry (soo fruity)

    Other herbal - Twinings Cherry and Madagascan Cinnamon and Celestial Seasonings Apple Pie Spice
  • meramon
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    If you can get to an Ikea, they have a great little tea pot that has an infuser built right in. I just bought one and it's awesome (I can't stand tea balls! They drive me crazy!). Ikea also sells different flavoured teas, seasonally, which seems odd. I have tried the blueberry and the vanilla-rhubarb. Both were quite good, if you like flavoured black tea in general.
  • GretaJane
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    I highly recommend Yogi tea, you can find it a lot in Kroger or health food stores. I can't even describe how yummy they all are!

    ^_^ This! And Tazo Passion Tea (made with hibiscus flowers and has a bright fuschia colour) or green tea with jasmine. Of the Yogi's I like the Roiboos Chai the best! Mmm..
  • juicemoogan
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    Buy a tea travel mug and loose leaf tea and you are in business.

    This is my favourite company. Ships to all over north america

    If you can find a store its great, you get to smell every kind of tea and try samples.
    I have the "Timolino" travel mug from Davids tea.
    My favourite teas from them are "Goji Pop", "Mango Madness" and "Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • OhDD65
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    I have been a tea drinker from as far back as when I had tea, plus milk and 2 sugar cubes when I was a child visiting my English grandmother. A dear Canadian friend got me to drinking Twinings English Breakfast and Twinings Irish Breakfast when I resided in Canada. Good Earth Sweet and Spicey is also excellent. Now I drink tea hot or cold depending on the season. Enjoy !!
  • I love chamomile and lemon chamomile tea for hot tea!! with a little bit of honey and splenda!!! (yes i use splenda and it doesnt kill me :D) Green tea hot or iced i good and jazmin tea iced is yummy too!!
  • maxmariesfo
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    I'm fond of Teavana. People say "Oh it's so expensive." Only if you're trying to fill a tin. Ounce per ounce it's cheaper than the stuff you get in a grocery store. And because they are so popular the tea is always super FRESH.

    Also try Teeccino. It is a completely herbal coffee. The "original" is ok, the Java is just like coffee. Their mocha/mint makes an excellent iced latte.


    It tastes very rich and you can make it any way you make coffee. French press, drip, espresso machine...
  • I am obsessed with tea too—as a self-admitted Anglophile, I drink Black tea with milk and sugar. It has replaced my coffee, I have a tea Every Morning and usually throughout the day, it’s my warm beverage of choice. Of course, these days the milk is Lactaid milk ( luckily, it tastes the same) and I will not substitute sugar with anything! Moderation is key for that one.

    A decent and inexpensive black tea is Red Rose English Breakfast, there are 50 tea bags in the box and it’s pretty tasty: full but not acrid. A very good and slightly more expensive Black Tea: Twinning’s, either the English Breakfast or the Earl Grey, also the Prince of Wales Tea is very good. For a fantastic green tea try Twinning’s Jasmine. All black tea can take milk or cream but never, ever put it into Herbal tea (which in reality is not a ‘tea’ but an herbal blend).

    If you have a Peet’s coffee shop nearby you must try their tea, they have the very best tea on the planet! You can smell and see each blend in a sample jar and they will often make you a sample taste. Peet’s Jasmine Pearl tea is delicious and can make an dreary afternoon quite lovely.

    Remember, you don’t need to put it into porcelain cup to enjoy it!
  • I love twinings tea : ) and I like the celestial tea brand as well. I drink tea all the time instead of coffee. Good luck : )

  • Yerba Mate tea sweetened with Stevia and a little honey is good.
  • Buddhasmiracle
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    I enjoy Mighty Leaf Green Tea, and Trader Joe's Sencha Organic green tea. If you think you may get into teas, find a tea house. Loose tea brewed correctly is exquisite. Expensive, but a wonderful treat.
  • oh_mg
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    I love the Celestial Seasonings apple cinnamon, it's subtly sweet. I also splurged recently on some Coconut Cocoa chocolate tea by Republic of Tea - it's tea, not cocoa, and has a wonderful sweetness even without adding any sweetener.


    (I bought it at World Market for a few dollars cheaper.)
  • bobie1978
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    lol not really a recipe but starbucks has a great chai tea soy latte.. IDK how it compares to coffee but they are really good! besides that I drink my teas plain. Wasn't too fond of them at first but got use to it and its the best way to drink it.
  • Judway
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    i didn't see anyone mention bigelow tea its very good