Favorite Brand of Shoes

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Hey guys here soon I am looking to buy a new pair of shoes. What would you recommend me buying. I am kinda rough on shoes they dont last to long so I am looking for some shoes that are durable. I usually by nike shoes...but any suggestions are worthy :)


  • kbmnurse
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    I prefer heels my self, with of course a pedicure.
  • joey200for2
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    Aasics are my favorites!
  • usernamejoe
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    Nike always seems to last the longest. Pretty durable in my opinion
  • kasrentz
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  • DanL66712
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    It's all about a good pair of converse on blokes. Can't go wrong with a pair of Louboutins for women.

    Converse are a bugger to keep clean mind you.
  • rml_16
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    Running shoes, you mean?

    The best thing to do is go to a running store and get fitted based on your stride. Just because a particular brand or style works well for me does not mean it will for you.
  • poustotah
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    I prefer heels my self, with of course a pedicure.

    I was going to recommend Gianni Bini - GORGEOUS!!!
  • rml_16
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    LOVE those! But I can only get them at one place here. :-(
  • k1ngfl1pper
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    Workouts - Nike has always done right by me. Work - I've grown to appreciate Clark's (Axl's in particular).
  • Faeriegirl74
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    Depends on the need... my favorite running shoes - are Brooks Glycerine and Brooks Trance.

    My favorite go to shoe is nothing more than my speedo flip flops (bad for the feet, I know)...but I'm a flip flop kinda gal :)
  • Bookers23
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    La sportiva are so comfortable and built to take a beating. I have a pair that I use to run tough mudders in and wash when done. They still look and perform like new. The footbed provides a really custom fit. I love shoes and go through any other brand at the rate of a pair per month! I still have the first pair of la sportivas I ever purchased.
  • LisaJ2904
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    U wern't specific in your title and I am a magpie for shoes, therefore My faves are 'Schuh' I aim for a new pair of heels every two months xxx lol lol lol xxx
  • ccb1030
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    I'm not a runner, but I work 12+ hrs on my feet. I wear Asics or Saucony to work, and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day. LOVE them!

    ETA: I have about 3 pair at any given time that I rotate through during the week. They last me over a year, but I suspect it's because I don't wear them every single day.
  • mickyjd
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    Aasics are my favorites!

    This :)
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  • blv0267
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    I was all excited to write Christian Louboutin.

    I like my saucony's. but like another poster wrote...it's well worth the time to be fitted properly for sneakers. It took me several tries and maybe an hour or so to settle on the above.
  • Go to a running store and they will "fit" you for your style. AND listen to them they are right. A good pair of running shoes will last at least 300 miles, but only wear them for running.
  • Silverstar46
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    Sketchers have lasted the longest for me (current pair are 2.5 years old and just bought a new pair for work outs).

    But I also hear Nike lasts for quite awhile.
  • Shayztar
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    Aasics are my favorites!

    Meee too. After an knee injury my physiotherapist suggested them. Great support. Very durable.

  • Snow__White
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    I like K-Swiss