ONE YEAR, 80lbs lost! Notes and Pictures



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    Great post, thank you so much for sharing! You have really done an outstanding job and you look fantastic!

    I really liked what you said about pizza. I can totally relate. I love pizza so much. I could literally eat it every day. I am always trying new ways of getting my "pizza fix" in a healthy way. Mostly though I just enjoy having my pizza every two weeks (more than that and it seems to really stop my weight loss significantly).
    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Thanks for the compliments, comments and support everybody — very nice to wake up to today...while eating a crumb cake donut (1 instead of the 5 I'd have eaten a year+ ago).

    It's great seeing how many commenters already achieved their goals or are well on their way. And for the people just starting out it shows that this works. There were a few questions, I'll answer them all here.

    No plateau for you, just constant loss. I'm curious as to your technique. 7 days a week in calorie defecit or do you have a day back in maintenance level or above?
    I was surprised at the consistent loss, though there were a couple weeks where maybe I only lost a pound. And in the last few months I've lost only a few pounds, but I wasn't trying to lose more (and made it through the holidays relatively unscathed). Since I started, I worked a 7-day deficit, no days off. I had very few instances where I went over my calories in the first six months. Most of my weight loss was done eating 2000 calories a day. 6'7" really helps, I advise anyone who wants to lose weight to be tall.

    You are so right about the portion control and eating what you want but not pigging out! I don't think I noticed a plateau either, do you have any theories as to why?
    I have my activity level set to sedentary, and while I do way too much sitting, maybe I'm more active than I think. So it may be that my deficit was greater than I realized. It's crazy to me how this was almost easy — it took me 12 YEARS TO LOSE 50 POUNDS IN 4 MONTHS :p

    What types of excercises did you do?
    I really don't exercise enough, but I love walking. I'm in grad school and walk 20 minutes to get there — so that's 40 minutes each visit. I walk and run on treadmills, sometimes 30 minutes, and for a little while I did an hour (haven't been to the gym yet this year though). I tried doing the 100 push ups regimen, but didn't stick with it long. And that's about it!

    I know the cardio helped me a lot when I started MFP, if for no other reason that I ate the calories back that I burned which was important when I was still craving larger portions.

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    This is awesome it gives me just the inspiration I need to continue I started in January of this year so far I have lost about 20lbs and was feeling like I should have lost more so this certainly is great to hear.
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    You look fantastic, thanks for your inspirational story, I've only been on this journey 3 weeks with slow weight loss but your story and pictures make me more determined to stick with it and keep going.....well done you!
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    Did you ever have a week where you were doing everything right, staying well under your calories and exercising, but still not lose anything?

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    Did you ever have a week where you were doing everything right, staying well under your calories and exercising, but still not lose anything?
    I did, right around week 13. But that could easily be due to water weight (I still consume too much sodium) or loss of fat/gain in muscle. For the most part I was fortunate and lost steadily and consistently. As I said before, my height and gender allow me to eat plenty, so a calorie deficit hasn't required me to starve.

    I did eat a lot of late-night low/no-calorie snacks to stay under my daily calorie budget. 10 cal jello, 60 cal pudding, 30 cal olives, and godsend: 0 calorie dill pickles!
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    Awesome job, you look fantastic!
  • AMAZING! You did a great job meeting your goal in such a short time :-) You are a great inspiration to everyone on MFP. Way to go! Keep up the great work and good luck with reaching your next goal this year!
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    you look great!
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    Congratulations. You look great! Thanks for sharing your story and your techniques (and for writing about both so well).
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    very inspirational are doing an excellent job!
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    great story thanks for sharing.
  • only 6 posts? I thought you were a joke, but guess not. Congrats!
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    Jenny111372 Posts: 87 Member look great!! Be proud of what you've accomplished!
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    Everything you've said is so true! In just the 9 days I've been doing MFP I've already lost 6 lbs. Be mindfull of what you eat and how much, drink plenty of water... AND MOVE!!! For me, cutting down the portions is sometimes kind of hard... Especially cuz I like to cook... and it smells SOOOOO good, that it's hard to have a small portion.

    But yes. Awesome job! :)


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    Congratulations on your success!
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    wow! You look amazing! And I love the necktie ^_^

    Great job and thanks for sharing!
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    How inspirational! Thanks for sharing.
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    Good Job. Some of your weekly weight losses were unbelievable...did you remove appendages? lol
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    Looking great. Congrats on your success!