PCOS and Losing weight



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    For everyone here, I would like to say that it is important to treat your PCOS regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or get pregnant. Over the long term, PCOS puts you at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

    "Treating" it does not necessarily mean you have to take medicine. It can also mean exercise and/or diet changes.

    If a doctor (usually an OB/GYN) just wants to put you on the pill, please go to an endocrinologist. Going on the pill and doing nothing else just treats the symptoms, not the underlying causes.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance and she wanted to put me on the metformin, did for a couple months. I went to an endocrinologist and was told he didn't see any evidence I had IR. I have adjusted my diet and exercise...
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    I also have PCOS but have been successful losing weight by following a low GI healthy eating plan. It is harder for us but not impossible :)

    This. :) Avoid fast carbs if you're struggling (especially sugar) and make sure you read up on exactly what actually counts as a form of sugar (starch for example i.e potatoes = sugar) and stay low when it comes to carbs in general and the weight should come off. I have PCOS and I've been eating low GI for 7 months and I've lost 56lbs which is right on target for a consistent loss of 2lbs a week so it is definitely possible!
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    I also have PCOS and would love to have some extra motivation! That always seems to be my biggest battle! Feel free to add me!!
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    Bump to reply later.
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    I see many of you on here who have lost 30-40lbs since January! I started my journey in January, and haven't lost half of that. Please help me. Can some of you post helpful sites that might have food menu's, or if you have an open diary can you add me, so I can peek and get some ideas??

    I'm not sure about the others but I haven't lost all my weight since January. Since joining MFP in Feb I have lost about 15lbs but the rest of mine was before MFP - I started about this time last year (on and off) so don't be disheartened. It's a slow process.

    Good luck! x
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    I also have PCOS and have been trying for years to lose weight. I have had good success using this program as well as using Metformin (medication). I would be more then happy to help support you. Feel free to add me.

    Does the Metaformin make your stomach hurt? My doctor put me on that twice and it makes my stomach hurt so bad with cramps that I just couldn't take it anymore. I have another friend who has PCOS as well and the Metaformin does the same thing to her.
    What has been your expierence with it?

    I also have PCOS and have been on Metformin off and on. It does cause stomach issues when I first start using it but the issues ease up after have been on it for a while. The key for me has been to ease into the full dosage. I take the Metformin Extended Release which is suppose to be a bit easier on your stomach.
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    I have many of the symptoms but haven't had an ultrasound to be formally diagnosed. (need to make an appt. with my OBGYN). Anyway, I am having a heck of a time losing weight. I have been trying and on MFP for 10 weeks and have only lost 9 pounds. Would love for any of you to add me and help me figure out how to conquer this beast!

    I'm in the same boat. I have several signs of it, but never formally diagnosed. I'm currently doing some progesterone therapies to help my periods stabilize, but I dont see the doc again until early May. I just want some answers as to why worked so hard only to maintain my weight. And no, its not muscle!!!! LOL
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    Bump.... One neat trick I have learned is to take a cinnamon supplement or sprinkle it on your food when you eat carbs or sugar... it helps your body use the sugar properly. Research it on google.

    I've heard this about Cinnamon and have recently started taking a supplement too. Hoping that helps a little~
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    I also have PCOS. I have probably had it since I was a teenager but didn't get formally diagnosed until a couple of years ago.
    I just started MFP and also plan to eat a more low carb/low GI diet. (It is the sugar that our PCOS bodies love and the more or less sugar you eat, the more or less visible symptoms of PCOS we will see.)

    I'm going on a cruise with a bunch of friends and NKOTB so I'd love to lose about 30-40 pounds before that time. That might not be doable or healthy in such a short time period, so I'd just shoot for 15 pounds by June 5th the day I leave for the cruise.

    Happy to find others and hope to share recipes/tips!
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    Here's another PCOS group on MFP. Please join us!

    it won't let me 'jump' there... keeps taking me to the main page :( I did a PCOS search, but there are pages and pages of actual posts, not just Forum names.

    hmmm, try this link.

    It still takes you to the main group search page... Is it the Power Cysters group?
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    Its hard but definitely do-able, as everyone has mentioned. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and have undergone an endometrial ablation - as well as 12 biopsies thanks to PCOS. In the last two years I lost 130 lbs, but it was slow and took lots of work - feel free to add me! I still have about 70 lbs to go, and hope to acheive my goal by the fall! I would say good luck but there is no luck involved, its' work and dedication - so if you're ever looking for support or a cheerleader, I am more than happy to fulfill the role of either one!
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    Yes, that is my problem as well ಠ_ಠ
    But I must point out something. Glycemic Index numbers are not what you should be following. The number you want to look at is the Glycemic Load. THAT is the number that gauges carb impact. 0-10 is considered low, 11-19 is mid range, and anything 20+ is high impact.
  • Oh, just wanted to add-

    I often turn to Kalyn's Kitchen for great-tasting healthy recipes. I think most are either South Beach Diet friendly and/or low-GI. The one's I've tried so far are delicious!

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    I was diagnosed at age 18 and it's been a wild ride!
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    I have PCOS, but honestly didn't know that it can make it more difficult to loose weight. My 'doctor', if you want to call him that really didn't explain what it is or what it does to your body. Please feel free to add me...would love to learn more!
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    I also Have Pcos and hypothyrodism , I never seemed to be able to lose the weight it just kept creeping on more and more over the years so since joining mfp and changing my diet to eating clean taking the proper vitamins and exercise I have actually been able to lose ten punds so far
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    The group is is PCOS Cysters Losing together. That really bums me out that I can't seem to link it. Please do join!
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    I have PCOS too. Lots of people on here with this and it really surprises me. Anyone feel free to add me. I have been fighting the weight loss battle for years and hoping that this time I will finally lose the weight. It's definitely hard. My advice would be to not focus on the scale because with our hormones being the way they are, the scale doesn't always move. I don't weigh every week because of this. I weigh about every two weeks. Just focus on how good you feel and watch how much your body transforms even though the scale doesn't show it. Keep doing what you're doing and the weight WILL come off eventually.
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    I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 16 and am insulin resistant. Even at a healthy weight or under weight, my PCOS symptoms did not go away; I was not overweight until my late thirties. Once I hit my mid-thirties the weight started coming on and now at 47 I am very overweight. To make the situation worse, I have exercised very little the past ten years.

    For others with PCOS...what is your daily carb goal?
    When I was pregnant with twins at age 40, I really controlled my carb intake because of gest. diabetes. As a result I lost 25 pounds throughout the pregnancy. Then gained back the 25 and 35 more after having the babies :frown: