my mini C25K victory!

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I just had to post this :) I just started week four of C25K, and I REALLY didn't think I'd be able to go from the week 3 to week 4 sessions, the thought of jogging for a total of 16 minutes as opposed to 9 - well I thought I wasn't ready. I was still feeling that week 3 was a struggle!

But, here's victory #1 - I DID IT! I'm so elated with myself right now!

Victory #2 - I got "the smile" from other runners, yes, people who actually LOOKED like runners, lovely, fit, athletic looking people! Could it be, I am on my way to becoming one of them?! Haha I am actually giddy with victory glee, hurray!

Thankyou for reading my crazy. If this is anything to go by, there will only be more as I keep finding these victories along my journey :)


  • JGT2004
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    Congrats! I started C25K today. Week 1 wasn't too bad but I was afraid to push myself too much on the speed. Have you kept your running and walking speeds fairly consistent week to week? I'm always open to pointers!
  • NicoletheFaye
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    Congratulations! I remember that feeling VERY well! I thought they were crazy!

    I just finished up week 5. Each time it was like "You want me to jog 90 SECONDS???", and then "3 MINUTES???" and then "5 MINUTES??????". And each time, I got through it. The last session of week 5, it's 20 minutes solid. Non stop. And I thought there was no way, but I did it! And you can do it, too! You're not alone!
  • mmsilvia
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    Congrats!!! You deserve to pat yourself on the back a few times!! Be proud of yourself!!!
  • jerren
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    I did c25k a couple of years ago and made it to week 8 before stopping. I start again today from week 1 day 1. I'm excited to do it again. Congrats to you and good luck on your remaining weeks.
  • Reckabek
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    YAY!!! U go girl! Keep working hard! Im doing my five min jog when my hubby gets home! Nervous! Glad to here it went well for u!
  • bcattoes
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    That's awesome!!

    I'm just starting week 2. It is miserably hot and humid here today and I am dreading my walk/run after work. At least today maybe I won't be tempted to keep going after the 20 min is up (which everyone keeps telling me not to do even if I feel like it).
  • Eaglesfanintn
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    Congrats! Keep up the good work!
  • JennedyJLD
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    When I started C25K last summer, I would look to the weeks ahead and just shake my head, groaning. I'd never been a runner, and while the first couple of weeks were fine, I have to say that by the third and fourth week, it was feeling like a challenge. Now, seven months and 52 pounds later (!!!) I am running about 20-25 miles a week, with a 7.5 mile run being my current distance best. I never in a million years would have thought I was capable of doing anything like this; now I can't imagine running not being a part of my life. STICK WITH IT. If you encounter a difficult week, please don't give up. Just keep doing the workout that is giving you trouble over and over until you are able to complete it, and move on. If week four takes a couple of weeks to master, just give it your best every time you try and you WILL get there. If I can do it, anyone can!
  • I start C25K today. I ran/walked my first 5k on Saturday and was ashamed I walked for a large portion of it vs. running. I am hoping the C25k will push my limits and make me into the runner I want to be!! congrats on your victory!!
  • Congrats! Those running milestones give you that high that keep you going!
  • Squidgeypaws007
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    Hehe, gz! I felt EXACTLY the same last Friday about stepping up to week 4 (and I'd messed up week 3) so good going you! :)
  • ajalcazar
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    WOW! Congrats on that achievement. I decided the other day that I was gonna start C25K next Monday after my 3 day weekend training. I hope to make it through it.
  • AnaVerasGettingFit
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    Oh my gosh. This might just be the push I needed to start it up, thanks! Not a runner. Don't think I ever will be.... but I'll give the program my best shot. *eeeek*
  • love22step
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    Congratulations! Just be confident and keep moving! I did my 25 min. jog to begin week 7 yesterday. Piece of cake! I'm not breaking any speed records, but I'm running up and down rolling hills, enjoying the wildflowers, and it feels good. You'll do just fine!
  • sarah32lee
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    Congrats! I'm on week 4 as well and I thought I wouldn't be able to do it either but i did! I was super excited too!! YAY US!!! :happy:
  • MelissaGraham7
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    Total Awesomeness! Great job! I still remember how great that feels. I finished C25K January of 2011 and have since been in 5 races. Yay for running! :smile:
  • kimr41
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    I tried to start this last week. Embarrassed to say, I couldn't even run for 60 sec. I'm thinking I need to get in better shape before trying.
  • Miarenee3
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    I started C25K today and it felt awesome!
    I thought I would always hate running...but today, I found myself disappointed wen the little voice in my headphones would tell me to stop jogging and start walking. I wanted more! lol
  • ssweet1020
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    Just started today. I am NOT a runner lol. My hubby joked about how red my face was. I said that the worse I look when I'm done the better I'm doing. That made him quiet
  • getfitnfab
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    Thank you for posting, I am not a runner, never thought I could be

    just started and am on day 5

    your post hit the spot