Looking for short girls around 5 feet tall.



  • Hi, Im 5 ft even....but can be 5'1 on a good hair day LOL :smile:
  • ldytaz
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    4' 11" here, 142 for now, goal is 120
  • ADD ME ADD ME ADD me!!!!! :laugh: , I am 30yrs old and Im 5ft
  • DG82
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    Turning 30 this year... 5'3"~ish but I like to round up to 5'4"! Lol :-)
  • suavequeen
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    I'm 36 yrs old and stand at a whopping 5 ft 2 in. in the morning but down to 5 ft 1in by the evening.. he he he ... :drinker: I'm fairly motivated on a daily basis.. some days I'm over on my little high and love to share it!! Now lets get burning peeps!!
  • kak2m4
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    I am also 5 ft tall. Weight shows so much more on us short gals! Feel free to add me!
  • claram5415
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    I am 54 and 4'11. I weight 128 now and I'm heading to 125 and then back to 123 if possible! feel free to friend me.
  • momof8munchkins
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    ME..waves.. I'm 40 and 5'1
  • broox80
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    32 5 foot and a half. I am very proud of that half. 214, but will hopefully get to my goal weight of 170 next year after I have this baby. I am due in OCT.
  • marcia724
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    yay! I'm 35 years old... 5'0"
  • I'm 5' and a 1/2 inch. (Gotta mention that 1/2 inch! LOL!) I'm 42. Post-vacation, I'm at about 145 right now. Goal: 135. Stretch goal: 130. Add me! I'd love to chat about short girl challenges. (Is the BMI skewed for us?! How on earth do you adjust the gymn equipment, where do you find work-out wear that fits.....)
  • lmeslie
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    I am 28 years old today and barely 5'0...so glad to see so many other people my height! Almost all of my friends are at least 5 inches taller than me :(
  • Hi there! I'm 40 and 5' 2" trying to keep in shape now I've hit the '40' milestone. I started out doing weight watchers in January, but I'm finding this site much better for me. I'm 141lbs at the moment, but would love to get down to around 133lbs.


    Hi! I started out on Weight Watchers in January as well, and ended up at MFP at the beginning of March. I have noticed that it is much easier to understand the quality of food when you focus on calories, instead of points.

    Anyway, I am 5'1" and currently trying to lose my last 10 pounds. I have been able to lose 14 since January, but it has slowed down here lately. I am 23 and stay at home with my two kids (3yr and 1yr), which doesn't give you as much exercise as one would think! lol
  • krystina_letitia9
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    I'm 5'1'! Feel free to friend me :happy: That goes for anyone else too - I like having other shorties as friends on here :tongue:
  • brendaj39
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    I'm 39 and 5'2...you can add me:smile:
  • ChitownFoodie
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    29 years old and 4'11"
  • mici0427
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    I'm 5'2" and 32 years old, who just noticed last week that my 12 year old son is as tall as I am!! I always knew it would happen one day but wasn't prepared when it really did happen!;-) I would love to share with others who fall in the "fun size" category as my husband says!
  • jax4me
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    5"1" - 44 years old and needing to loose some weight and would love a friend or two on this journey, so please add me. I'm just starting and would like to loose about 30 lbs, so I have some work to do. :sad:
  • im 5 feet :)
  • Turning 30 in less than a month and am 5'1! Feel free to add me!