Goal Reached: 114lbs. Lost for my 32nd Birthday



  • mdebbie1026
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    Awesome! You have done amazing!
  • Dare2Believe
    Dare2Believe Posts: 196 Member
    So inspiring, thanks for sharing. Congratulations to you. :smile:
  • jerren
    jerren Posts: 196
    Wow, I'm so proud of you Amy. This is very inspiring. Thank you so much!
  • Leisa42
    Leisa42 Posts: 56 Member
    Wow! Thanks for sharing! You look geat :)
    LANIECE1 Posts: 78 Member
    Wow ! You inspire me, I'm so proud of you! This brought tears! Thanks for Blessing my day
  • madameduffay
    madameduffay Posts: 166 Member
    You look AMAZING. Great work and thanks for sharing your story.
  • cherrieruns
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    thanks for sharing your story. You look great!!
  • jaeone
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    WOW! Bravo and congratulations on reaching your goal!! Sharing your success will inspire many not to give up!!
  • FitJoani
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    Wow. nothing else can be said. you lost a person!
  • Luv2bagramma
    Luv2bagramma Posts: 24 Member
    What an AWESOME birthday present to yourself and your family!!! You look like you could be your old self's daughter now! You are truly an inspiration ~ with dedication it can be done! You could be on the cover of People Magazines annual "Half Their Size" issue! Go for it!
  • brown0928
    brown0928 Posts: 49
    Great job! I think it's wonderful when your decision to take your body back and live a healthy lifestyle affects the ones you love as well. You look wonderful!
  • RicSnyder
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    Amazing! Congratulations on your incredible achievement.
  • BlueInkDot
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    *jaw drop* Are you sure that's the same person? I think the second picture is someone 5 years younger!

    Congratulations!!! :D
  • ltlhmom
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    Amy you are amazing! Great work girl!
  • peachy_keen
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    Reading your story and seeing your pics made me tear up! Sometimes I feel like it will never happen, but this was an awesome reminder to be patient and persistent. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  • U are awesome!!! Congrats on your wonderful success!!!!
  • joan41
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    AMAZING and very inspirational!! Congratulations!!
  • Excellent job! You can really see all of your hard work paid off! Enjoy the new you:)
  • liftingheavy
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    Why on EARTH would you be nervous about posting this? This SUCCESS is exactly what others need to know that it can be done.

    Even without fancy gym memberships and personal chefs.

    Just Outstanding. Congratulations!!!!!!
  • Vyshness8699
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    A M A Z I N G !!!!! Super motivation for me : )