9-day progression with pics-need feedback please!

Hey Guys! I need some feedback!

when i started logging again my measurements were:
Pant line-43
Bellybutton line-43

pant line-40.5
Bellybutton line-40.5

I know it's kind of soon to see progress but I just want to see if anyone sees any?!



  • TexasRaised89
    TexasRaised89 Posts: 204 Member
  • fordguy74
    fordguy74 Posts: 108 Member
    big difference!
  • TexasRaised89
    TexasRaised89 Posts: 204 Member
    I resposted your picture because you couldnt see it
    And YES you can see AMAZING progress. I see a big difference!
    Keep it up!
  • you can tell the difference, especially around ur belly! keep it up :D
  • nikkiprickett
    nikkiprickett Posts: 412 Member
    I'll remember this for motivation at the gym:)
  • devon0324
    devon0324 Posts: 57 Member
    I can definitely tell the difference. What exercise are u doing??
  • I can definitely tell.
  • atjays
    atjays Posts: 803 Member
    You can tell your tummy has changed, the tattoo there is in a different place, also the two inches off your chest is noticeable, keep it up!!
  • djonez76
    djonez76 Posts: 1
    Keep doin what cha doin... their is a difference. Results is the biggest motivator.
  • BobbieLee1959
    BobbieLee1959 Posts: 605 Member
    Well, yeah!! You have done great for only 9 days! Way to go!! You are melting~~mellllllttttttinnnngggggg!! haha
  • Hourglass25
    Hourglass25 Posts: 345 Member
    Big difference. Hard work pays off .
  • Lolli1986
    Lolli1986 Posts: 500 Member
    wow, that's in only 9 days!? good on you.
  • deff big difference
  • ALW65
    ALW65 Posts: 656 Member
    In 9 days??? That's great progress....I see it in your arms most of all (too bad you didn't measure there - might want to think about it for the future), you belly, and your back. You go girl!
  • wow! keep up the great work! your efforts are definitely paying off :)
  • bizgirl26
    bizgirl26 Posts: 1,808 Member
    You can definitely see a difference
  • tawni45
    tawni45 Posts: 2
    I can definitely see a difference, you are doing great, I'm proud of you. I'll bet I notice when you get here today and I promise we will eat healthy tonight.
  • I can see a difference too
  • mizjohnston
    mizjohnston Posts: 196 Member
    Amazing difference! Keep it up. :smile:
  • HelloSweetie4
    HelloSweetie4 Posts: 1,240 Member
    Definately see a difference. You tummy is tightening up!