What is your non-food treat to yourself when you reach your



  • amalthea23
    amalthea23 Posts: 44 Member
    I've gotten a really expensive plant, and a kitten. Pets and plants work well for me.
  • badapdos
    badapdos Posts: 132
    New clothes and a bikini, maybe getting my ears pierced. Not too sure about the ears though.
    And every pound I shed I treat myself to a nice bubble bath :)
  • Cesta91
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    Hahaha, love it! The tattoo I'm planning is Star Trek- themed and it is also gonna be down my side. I've heard that the ribcage is the most painful place to tattoo, but I'm gonna do it anyways!

    That's awesome!
    It's supposed to be the most painful, yes, but the top of your foot is also supposed to be a comparable amount of pain as well. I have a tattoo that spans the top of my foot and I did just fine!
    I'm sure you'll do great with your tattoo. :)
  • MsQt
    MsQt Posts: 805 Member
    A full make over! Maybe get short hair cut, lashes, make-up, the works:happy:
  • Everytime i lose 1lb or over - i buy the equivilent in scratchcards - i once won 100 Euro!! And won 20 another time... Nothin' better than losing pounds and acquiring Euro's!!
  • steelefrog
    steelefrog Posts: 10 Member
    My first tattoo was my treat for losing weight almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't keep it off. My treat this time is going to be a spa getaway for myself. I've never been to one--and think I'll deserve it! And hopefully, I'll stick with it for the long haul.
  • Kerri_is_so_very
    Kerri_is_so_very Posts: 1,007 Member
    A bikini to wear in the new hot tub I'm putting in....hopefully by then I'll find someone who'll actually see me in it!!! :laugh:
  • belly button piercing!!!
  • LottieLou13
    LottieLou13 Posts: 574 Member
    My goals are in two stages. When I hit 200 pounds, I want to start martial arts training. When I hit 150, I want to join roller derby.

    No need to put roller derby off till 150, the bigger the better the bashing :happy: I'm 190lbs now and have been doing it since 201+ lbs

    Mine would be...

    A new tattoo
    New undies
    More new clothes
    A bikini (not had one of those for around 10yrs)
  • Jennloella
    Jennloella Posts: 2,287 Member
    I've used tattoos, clothes, electronics, etc. I'm easily bribed haha. This summer I will be putting the girls back up on the shelf (boob lift) as a reward to getting back to pre baby weight, that's right pre baby as in the weight I was when I was 22 and a newly wed!
  • _Bob_
    _Bob_ Posts: 1,488 Member
    I'm going to run the tough mudder. that and I'll have to get some new cloths.
  • Nactasha
    Nactasha Posts: 19 Member
    A trip to Vegas in June with my bestie, no kids, no husbands, just what should be the best vacation ever! It also gives me an end date to work to.
  • ladybarometer
    ladybarometer Posts: 205 Member
    I want to tan!
  • Stacylynn327
    Stacylynn327 Posts: 18 Member
    When I got under 200 I took my son to Disneyland. It was only 17 pounds, but that was a huge deal for me. When I reach my goal I want to go on a real vacation, complete with bikini!
  • artickb22
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    Mine is a tatoo as well, I have 3 already but I want a really sweet full back piece that I've drawn. It is the tree of life with a few personal touches mixed in as well as a cover up included for the gory bunny I have on my right shoulder blade. But this will only be after I have reached my goal weight and maintained it for at least 2 years. In the meantime...When I reach 200lbs...I'm buying a brand new bike!!
  • Stacylynn327
    Stacylynn327 Posts: 18 Member
    I want to tan!

    I tan as an ongoing motivator! I love it. As long as I stick to my diet, I will keep tanning. It's also done some wonders for my skin, like keeping me from randomly breaking out in hives every few days. As long as my skin looks better, I want to show it off a little, so it makes me want to stick to my diet.
  • AliciaStaton
    AliciaStaton Posts: 328 Member
    Hi i got some new clothes when I reached my first target. With the tattoo make sure it means something to you. I have a rose dedicated to my mum who passed away. It hasnt got her name or anything like that, its a black rose with a white line around it. Only reason its black is because it stands out more. Its my picture profile:glasses:
  • 280days_keto
    280days_keto Posts: 90 Member
    For every ten pounds Ive lost Ive treated myself to a brand new outfit
    When I reach my ultimate goal...Im treating myself to a day at the spa....facial and massage
  • MaraDiaz
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    A passport.
  • A nice little black dress! :) I had one before that was awesome! body hugging and stretchy! :)