Am I destined to a life without chips? :(



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    air popped popcorn or the snack packs with 100 calories.
  • llahairdna
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    do you have a google?

    Did your google not tell you that it would take a huge amount of soy in order to upset hormone balance?

    funny, you should tell that to all the womeon who developed breast cancer from drinking soy milk.

    also, whats a "huge amount" of soy?

    also, do you know the whole "isoflavones are heart healthy" has never been scientifically correlated?

    Everything causes cancer nowadays. Don't you know that?
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    Pretzels, wheat thins [they're good with hummus!], baked chips, baked crackers, chex mix, or you can have chips occasionally...They aren't going to kill you.
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    Pretzels, Baked Chips, Fat Free Pringles or Flavored Rice Cakes are all lower calorie options that take care of the salty-crunchy craving. And you don't ever need to "give something up", it's all about moderation. Just don't eat a whole bag every day!
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    Microwave popcorn! Love it low in calories and tastes great!
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    special k cracker chips are yummy!!
  • baked chips and pringles .. i can limit my portions with those (either buy single serving bags or buy the big bag and ziplock bags and preportion
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    So don't cut them out.

    Exchange them for things like baked chips/kettle chips. Watch the fat content, and portions, if you are just in the chip business
    for the crunch, take half a serving instead of a whole serving. If you want something crunchy I have heard baked kale makes
    good chip substitutes, but I haven't been brace enough to give that a try yet :S
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    funny, i found several articles in google showing that soy stopped breast cancer treatments from working. im gonna go with doctors recommending women with breast cancer not consume soy over someone who isnt a dr saying "yeah eat that, its great for you!"

    You're right. I'm sure doesn't have any real medical experts contributing to the most researched form of cancer, as opposed to this one doctor who wrote a letter to the editor.

    I wonder if you realize that there is always controversy in the medical community, just because one doctor believes something doesn't make it a fact.

    so i only need one more doctor and youll yield to me?

    If soy inhibiting breast cancer treatments *causes* breast cancer, as you say, that's like saying that antibiotics cause pregnancy since they reduce the effectiveness of birth control.
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    OK So I am new to this and have done pretty well for my first day. I eat fairly healthy overall, but portion control was an issue.
    I am putting together a small grocery list to last me the rest of the week. I work in an office and pack my lunch.
    Turkey sandwiches are my favorite, but I LOVE chips. I don;t know how to eat a sandwich without chips.
    Do you guys have any suggestions for a replacement? (other than lets say, carrots. A carrot is NOTHING like a chip!) -_-
    List of snacks to buy today: yogurt, almonds, tuna, veggies, also whats a good snack with protein??? I am not a big meat eater and always struggled to eat enough protein.

    Sorry for all the questions! and thank you in advance for all the help!

    I have the exact same problem. trying to up my protein, and down my chip intake! Luckily, I was armed with what I thought was a guilty pleasure growing up that I recently discovered was not so guilty at all, two birds with one stone: air popped popcorn, with olive oil drizzled over it, seasoned with Nutritional Yeast, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, cumin and a bit of sea salt. OMG, it is delicious!! I've been eating it for years and years... by using oil, the popcorn doesn't get soggy, like butter makes it, it stays light and crunchy, and you only need enough to make the nutritional yeast stick, which is actually fairly high in protein, and a great source of vitamin B! I pop about 2/3 cup popcorn, drizzle or spray 1/8c. olive oil, and add about 5-6 tablespoons of yeast, and season to taste!!

    when I found out how healthy it was, I realized that my nightly habit of eating it through my teens and early twenties and not so much chips, may have been contributing to staying skinny... I've gotten back to making it again, and take it to work in small baggies as a snack with lunch, minimizing my chip intake (I have made other changes as well,) but I think its helping me! I hope it helps you!
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    There's nothing wrong with having some chips- they catch a bum rap, but many potato chips are among the least processed and destroyed snack foods, certainly closer to a real food than many of the substitutes being suggested. I mean, you can actually identify a potato chip as a fried potato!

    If you buy anything bigger than a single serving package, weigh them out. Weighing food in general really helps you re-learn portion control. Finally read the labels. One of the big local companies where I live fries their chips in lard, and I wouldnt choose them as part of a healthy diet.

    PS- on soy- There is a huge difference between soy being dangerous for women with breast cancer and the whole of the population. Its like saying everyone should avoid wheat because it's not safe for people with celiac disease. It's just not true. You can avoid soymilk all you want, but there's soy products in TONS of processed food. good luck avoiding it.
  • asalikin
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    Oh, and another go to protein snack, low sodium natural/organic turkey or chicken deli meat slices, rolled up with a low fat cheese string, inside, or on the side, and mustard. I'm not a big meat fan, but this is a pretty tasty afternoon work snack! :)
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    Oh my goodness ! So many great options. You guys are awesome.
    My boss LOVES the kale chips. I think I need to try that.
    I have been counting my portions out and labeling them into baggies, but I think for my chip fix, I will try to find some that are already bagged into serving sizes to fend off temptation.
    I LOVE HUMMUS! So thats great option for protein.
    Man. You guys are really super helpful and supportive. I needed that today. I could eat a horse :( I AM STARVING!
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    Move to the uk, we have loads of low fat/ calorie crisps ( chips) available. I'm a crisp (sorry, chip) addict and my favourites are 83 cals and 3grams fat :-)
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    irrelevant to fitness. go to

    It's perfectly relevant. The position of the planets is essential to timing your nutrient intake so the body can efficiently absorb them, I saw it on an episode of Oprah when they had this medical astrologist on the show


    that would require there being a period where the metabolisms slows, and phytoestrogens are real.
  • Testosterone
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    Move to the uk, we have loads of low fat/ calorie crisps ( chips) available. I'm a crisp (sorry, chip) addict and my favourites are 83 cals and 3grams fat :-)

    if only there were more fat in them, so they could be healthful.
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    I eat chips almost every single day with my lunch sandwich. Hasn't hurt my weight loss one bit. I refuse to give up my chips. I do weigh them out on my food scale to make sure I'm having only one serving. And I generally have the baked chips as well. I say if it fits in your calories and it makes you satisfied, go for some chips!
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    You might try filberts or other nuts as a chip replacement for say 4 out of 5 days and as a reward you get to eat chips on the 5th day.
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    I eat popcorn instead. I don't eat "diet" popcorn, just the regular stuff. It's 25 cals a cup, and satisfies my craving for something salty/crunchy. Good luck hon!! :flowerforyou:
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    just count out a serving. eat them. make it fit in your daily limits. enjoy.