35-45 yr olds?



  • FunandFitMom
    FunandFitMom Posts: 148 Member
    Coming up on 42....totally comfortable with who I am inside - the outside is a work in progress!
  • jaric01
    jaric01 Posts: 132 Member
    almost 37 :sad:
  • iam_thatdude
    iam_thatdude Posts: 1,280
    42 this yr
  • Allie_71
    Allie_71 Posts: 1,067 Member
    Turning 41 this year. Not as scary as I thought it would be. :)
  • rcates2424
    rcates2424 Posts: 208
  • rmartin72
    rmartin72 Posts: 1,094 Member
    40 March 02
  • Tonya509
    Tonya509 Posts: 19
    37 in five days...

    I mean seven... geesh! Got that old timer brain already :P
  • merinefer1972
    merinefer1972 Posts: 10 Member
    Haven't felt this good in a g time! 40 & Fabulous! =D
  • moejo3
    moejo3 Posts: 224 Member
    42 and content with my life and my body just want to get on a better eating path and hopefully the weight I want to lose will come off in time
  • LemonBurns
    LemonBurns Posts: 539 Member
    I am just about to enter into this category - but not for another 17 days (but who's counting?) :drinker:
  • skendrick0601
    skendrick0601 Posts: 58 Member
    Will turn 44 on June 1st! I Feel better than I did at 24 and I'm far more active!
  • Tybalt71
    Tybalt71 Posts: 1,081 Member
    41 going on 16-Ty
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    Just turned 40!
  • sophjakesmom
    sophjakesmom Posts: 904 Member
    42 and in the best shape of my life. :drinker:
  • kandyjo
    kandyjo Posts: 4,648 Member
    35 here :bigsmile: I have LOVED the 30's!!!! And I hear 40 is even better!!! I don't mind aging at all... as long as it's like fine wine and not old milk :laugh:
  • Elizabeth_M
    Elizabeth_M Posts: 562 Member
    Just turned 38 last week!! :) I love being in my 30s, wouldn't trade it for being 20, to be honest!
  • BurkeshireFarms
    BurkeshireFarms Posts: 45 Member
  • Pet03
    Pet03 Posts: 38 Member
    Soon to be 38 (June) and hoping to lose a good chunk of weight before then as I have my brothers wedding, class reunion, and my birthday all in that month. I would ultimately like to get to the weight I was before my 3 kids were born. In due time of course.
  • hcoburn37
    hcoburn37 Posts: 446 Member
    38 and loving it :laugh:
  • TeaRexParty
    TeaRexParty Posts: 125 Member
    I'll be 38 in 8 days. But this is the second year I've been 37, lol. Silly I know but somewhere going through one of life's rough patches, I got it in my head I was 37 for a good portion of the year that I was 36. When I figured it out I was pretty ticked at mentally aging myself a year, lol.