Runng inside SUCKS any suggestions??

so i have been running for a little over 5 months now, and have found it to be very enjoyable.. i started inside at the gym on the tredmill i would run 4 miles 2-3 times a week... then about 2 months ago i started to train for my first 5k so i was told it is much harder to run outside. so i decided to start running outside as much as possible... ive come to find it WAY easier im much faster and the time flys!! The weather is getting much warmer here and im not a big fan of running outside in the heat, so i have tried to do a few runs back at the gym, and i have found it to be EXTREAMLY difficult. (after about 1 mile i start checking the time constantly and actually feel way more exhasted then normal) i dont know if its boredom or what... and im much slower, then i am outside.. however im not willing to let running out of my life through the summer months and was looking for anyone who had any suggestions to make running inside less boring:ohwell:

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  • BrianSharpe
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    Once I made the move outdoors I was hooked too.

    My solution is to run early in the morning before it heats up (I'm not a big fan of running in really hot weather either....)
  • SaraTN
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    I do a lot of interval training on the treadmill. I like doing 400 meter "sprints" with a 2 - 3 minute recovery always trying to increase my speed. Sometimes I do a 400 meter run 2-3 minute walk then 800 meter run 2-3 minute walk then 1200 meter run 2-3 minute walk and finally 1600 meters. It helps the time go by a little faster.

    I also do some cardio circuits - ie. run 20 min on treadmill, 20 min on elliptical, and then 20 min. on a bike. I am with you running outside is much easier and I am generally faster as well.
  • CarsonRuns
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    It takes about 3 weeks to become fully acclimated to the heat. Manage your expectations when it's hot by slowing down 10 to 20 seconds per mile and just realize that is what is going to be possible under those conditions. Stick it out, you won't be sorry. I've done runs on 100°F plus days. You just have to slow down. You are getting the work in.
  • DawnMarieMomofTwo
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    thanks so much for the tips.. i do wish i could run early AM but my little one is up bright and early with me :) thanks for the tip on doing time intervals i might try that tonight
  • DawnMarieMomofTwo
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    It takes about 3 weeks to become fully acclimated to the heat. Manage your expectations when it's hot by slowing down 10 to 20 seconds per mile and just realize that is what is going to be possible under those conditions. Stick it out, you won't be sorry. I've done runs on 100°F plus days. You just have to slow down. You are getting the work in.

    wow thats amazing!
  • ines25
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    Well I love running inside here in jersey is cold for about 9 months I love to do interval in my treadmill listen to good music and watching tv at the same time. I like to run outside but only in summer months
  • iplayoutside19
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    If you don't like heat, go in the morning.
  • verbalriot
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    I agree with you, I find it way harder to run on the treadmill! I get SO BORED and actually feel more tired.

    You can also run in the evenings, avoid running between 12-4 pm when it's hottest...It cools down a bit and since it stays lighter longer, it's doable.
  • lizard053
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    The only thing that gets me through a runn on the treadmill anymore is TV. If I can get focused on a TV, I can run. If I don't find anything interesting the time drags... Otherwise, try to run when it's not as hot. Morning (not necessarily early, but earlier than say 10AM or so.) or evenings are probably your best bet. Make sure to wear bright colors so people can see you!
  • thetrishwarp
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    Morning, closer to sunset (I'll go maybe an hour after dinner) or I run the indoor track instead of running on the treadmill, mostly because I don't like having to manually adjust my speed and such, I prefer to just speed up/slow down with no hasse.
  • dmf80
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    Heat = no fun. I run in the mornings at 4:15am (5am for long runs Saturday.) A bit earler for most but I have been on this schedule for a couple years now and I'm used to it. Even walking up and getting out before 7am should still be much cooler.
  • wolfchild59
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    I had the same exact thing happen. Transitioned from treadmill to outside and fell in love with running outside and now hate running on the treadmill. I stream movies on my phone to help the time pass. I choose movies that I've seen before, so I don't have to concentrate on them and they're more like a background noise kind of thing and I also find that movies that I faster paced or that I really, really love (even if they are a slower paced movie) make the time pass faster. I'll also watch TV shows in place of movies as well. I actually watched the entire series of Phineas and Ferb on my gym nights (cross cardio nights in addition to when I had to use the treadmill instead of the trail) while training for my half marathon. :)
  • TidoWyla
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    I run early mornings or closer to sunset as well when it cools off. The only time I run on the treadmill is if my hubby's busy and can't watch our girls, other than that, I'd rather be outside!
  • meg7399
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    I have to run outside, mainly for sanity...but I do not belong to a gym so I have no treadmill access. GO EARLY! I am talking 5:30 am early. The time stinks...but it it worth it. ALWAYS carry water. I have a handheld water bottle from CamalBak that I love. Hydration and early morning are key. People say go late evening but even if the sun is down, the sidewalks and street still radiate that heat from the day.
  • Huskeryogi
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    Same Here! I agree with whoever suggested intervals. I can do intervals on my dreadmill without wanting to kill myself.

    I don't know if you could find this option where you live, but i found a gym with a track (half of it is windows so I can at least see outside). I don't belong to the gym, but they sell day passes for about $5 so once a week during bad weather (super cold or hot) I'll hit the indoor track.
  • kelseyhere
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    You might also check to see if a local high school or community college has an indoor track you can use- many of them have public hours. It still not as good as running outside, but at least your not in the exact same place like on a treadmill.

    Only other suggestion is to shift your schedule slightly, get up and hour earlier and go to be earlier so you can be up and running when it's cool in the morning.
  • cctc21np
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    Running outside is way better! You'll get used to the heat! I love to run at sunrise or sunset. Running at night is fun too!
  • omma_to_3
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    My treadmill (at home) has iFit Live. I draw a map on the website using Google Maps, and then it sends the workout to my treadmill wirelessly, and automatically adjusts the incline (I choose to set the speed myself) to match the terrain. Then, it displays actual satellite images of my route, at street level when available. I find that much more interesting when I'm on the treadmill. But, I agree with you - once I ran outside, running inside just isn't as interesting.
  • kazza2cats
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    I just use my treadmill when I can't get out and run. Dark evenings or weather too bad out. I use the treadmill for shorter faster runs and find the time goes much faster doing speed work. 800 metre sprints then cool downs or sometimes I start a comfortable speed then increase the speed every 5 mins. Get some good music to keep you motivated too it really helps.
    Good luck with it :bigsmile:
  • drdenise
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    I run inside mostly to reduce the impact on my knee (injured in high school). I try to switch it up, with intervals of running at different speeds and different lengths of time, and will also do intervals at really high inclines. Listen to great music while watching TV. I also do intervals between the bike and the treadmill. :)