Better to run in shorts or leggings/running tights?



  • Elzecat
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    in cooler weather, I wear running tights or athletic pants, although one of my running buddies made fun of my athletic pants because of the "swish swish" sound when I ran lol. Now that the weather is warmer, I have been wearing running shorts with spandex shorts underneath and compression calf sleeves...
  • Elzecat
    Elzecat Posts: 2,917 Member
    I feel like my legs are restricted in leggings. even when it's cold I always wear shorts, just chuck on a running jacket and my body temp is back to normal
    Leggings always seem to fall down on me anyway so it's much better to not deal with that, just get some shorts the right size and length and there's no problem

    thats what i think too but was wondering if the legging specifically for running where different somehow?

    there are plain old running tights, some with "wicking" or "quick dry' capabilities, that you can get fairly cheap at Target or wherever, and then there are compression running tights, which are way more expensive but reportedly help with muscle recovery so you're not so sore afterward. I have only ever used the compression "sleeves" that go on your legs like leg warmers, not a full compression pant or sock, but my friend wears compression tights and swears by them.
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    I wear mens basketball shorts from Footlocker. An elastic waistband with a string makes life easy since I won't have to buy a new pair of pants every time I drop a size.

    Yep, I'm the same - Basketball shorts. Get's me some funny looks, running in basketball shorts and a under armour top but there we go - I'm exercising and couldn't really care what I looked like! As for the tights/shorts, I have been toying with some under armour shorts as after 10Km cotton trunks begin to make their presence known ಠ_ಠ
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    Does anyone own a pair of karrimor capris? Are they big or small made?
  • khloee1
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    I would love to start running.... I just don't know where to begin. But, I would def. wear Yoga Capris or Capri Leggings...I too "eat" my shorts.. :D
  • sallywilson06
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    Put a pair of spandex shorts on first then layer a regular pair over if you don't like the spandex look but want to save yourself from chaffing. Also if you do get friction burns, put a little deodorant on the insides of your thighs, sounds silly but it really does work and keep you from agony in the long run..
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    I have the same issue. I never wear shorts and always stick to the leggings.
  • Miss♥Ivi
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    I have Nike shorts that have dri-fit tights attached on the inside and the tights part goes down to right above my knee. The shorts are a little shorter but it doesn't look weird. I love them!
  • runfatmanrun
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    Shorts, even in the cold.
  • KariQuiteContrary
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    If you tend to jiggle (which I still do sadly) compression gear (either shorts or capris) make it easier and more comfy. I swear by my old navy workout gear and it wasn't all that spendy. :)
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    I run in shorts in the winter and summer (I live in Southern California, so I don't have to battle snow or anything.) I like having the air on my skin to help cool me down.
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    You're ignoring the bigger issue here. What COLOR should your shorts or leggings be? And should your top be short sleeve or sleeveless.
    no need to be such a prick
    Why are you being a jerk? The points made are valid.

    Color has a lot to do with the amount of heat absorbed from the sun when outdoors. White will keep one cooler.

    What you have on top is of great import as well. While running, your legs stay warm. The real issue is keeping your upper body warm.
  • k2quiere
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    Well, I've got ginormous thighs that love to "eat" my shorts, so I prefer cropped leggings/tights. Try both and wear what's going to be comfortable for YOU!!! Nothing sucks more than wearing shorts while running and having to tug them down because your thighs are chafing (for me). :)

    Same for me. When I wear shorts, I am constantly having to tug at them. Wear whatever you prefer.

    Ditto... though I am going to try actual running shorts instead of "sport" shorts. You know the nylon feeling ones that sometimes have the underware liner in them. I don't know if that will make a difference but I also have a pair of running shorts that are like spandex that I can wear under shorts for the really hot weather and my thighs don't chaf but they still ride up :blushing:

    I remember these type of shorts fondly...or fondling, as it were. You see, there was a neighbor...he was 18 and I was 15...he jogged in the morning. I would go outside to say was like a peep show.
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    I live in England..prefer shorts, but have to wear leggings as it's so freaking cold..even in May.
  • 1FitMom326
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    Everyone's different but I also hate having to pull down my shorts so I prefer capri workout pants all year round for all exercises.

    I prefer the capris as well, shorts riding up while I am running annoys me.
  • I have the same problem with shorts so I just stick with capris or leggins. I hate being at the gym and I have to stop or pull my shorts down in the middle of all the treadmills.
  • Lift_This_
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    When its cold out I prefer my capri running tights...when the weather is nice I wear my spandex running shorts....never liked the shorts they ride up as everyone has stated.
  • beccci91
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    I live in England..prefer shorts, but have to wear leggings as it's so freaking cold..even in May.

    I live in
  • Kilter
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    I wear shorts all year long, but I live in Canada and have guid Scottish hair on my legs (until tri racing season, sigh).

    I find that shorts that have built in compression shorts under the main fabric don't ride up the legs and offer the stability control of compression gear without showing off the package as it were.

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    Shorts, I get too warm in anything else. I'd prefer briefs (like on the olympics) but I think even more people would honk, shout and wave.

    yeah this is true!