5am workout, how do you do it??



  • Tay617
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    I struggle with it too , I dont know if its a good thing but what i do is set my alarm for 15-20 min before i really want to get up and work out, that way if i snooze i have time for that, also have time to yell at my self and force myself to get up. i try to work out around 430 or 5 and get a 30 to 45 min workout in maybe an hr depends, but I allow myself at least 20 min to relax even lay down for that time or nap , that way i dont feel like i'm giving up some of my sleep time .

    but yea thats how i cope =0 its still hard though but you get used to it

  • ninakale
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    You get used to it. I'll be honest, it takes me two different alarm clocks plus a sunrise simulator to wake my butt up, but I have my workout gear all set out so I just blast motivating music and crawl my butt out of bed.
    It took me about two weeks to start getting used to the schedule change, and I'm in bed by 8:30 most nights so I can be asleep by 9!

    I have been thinking about a dawn simulator for so long, I just ordered one. I will be one of the AM crew before long!
  • aba160
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    You get used to it. I'll be honest, it takes me two different alarm clocks plus a sunrise simulator to wake my butt up, but I have my workout gear all set out so I just blast motivating music and crawl my butt out of bed.
    It took me about two weeks to start getting used to the schedule change, and I'm in bed by 8:30 most nights so I can be asleep by 9!

    Peachy- does the sunrise simulator really make a difference in you being able to get up?? Worth the investment??

    I started out with one of those Sunrise alarm clocks, and it was for crap. It never got bright enough to really wake me up. I switched to a dawn simulator that you can plug a regular lamp into and then got the brightest light bulb I could get (you can't use a CFL though) for the lamp. It always wakes me up, nice and gently. But it takes alarm noises to actually get my butt out of the bed once I'm awake.
    The dawn simulator was pricey, but SO worth it. Especially in the dark of winter!

    Thanks Peachy!! I just need to bite the bullet and do it :)
  • rbn_held
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    I just force myself to do it. I set my clothes out before I go to bed and decide what workout I am going to do. That way I am ready to go in the morning
  • HauteP1nk
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    I am actually starting a new exercise routine tomorrow that involves working out before work.... I'll let you know if I survive! haha
  • rowerdc
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    Make a committment to work with a buddy -- knowing that they are relying on you will get you out of bed.... I row with a team, and if I'm not there, they have to find a replacemnet or not go out... pretty big incentive to be there!
  • sweetsarahj
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    One word: Espresso
  • Tori_356
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    Go to bed by 9. Set the alarm and get up. Been doing this over a year its just part of life now though some days I dont wanna get up. I don't go at 5 though I go at 5:45 (get there a little before 6) and one day I do it at 5:30 but still. Just gotta get into the habit.
  • Angie_1MR
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    I get up at 4 a.m., get to the gym by 4:45 a.m. - it's hard, but it's awesome knowing that my workout is done for the day! It starts my day off right! Caffeine pills help too! Good luck!
  • takingnameskickingbutt
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    How I wake up early:
    - Go to bed early
    - Drink espresso
    - Get right out of bed - no SNOOZE!
  • NewMeTomG
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    I just started 5AM workouts this week. Well, the alarm goes off at 5AM and it is just enough to wake me up and fight it for 15 minutes before getting out of bed and going to the gym. Three days doesn't mean much, but for me it is a milestone.

    Tomorrow, I'll fight it again, but perhaps that 15 minutes will become 10 and then 5 and eventually 0.

    For now, I'm just happy I did it. Always feel better afterward.

    The key is going to bed early.

    Good luck!
  • vim_n_vigor
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    When I first started in the mornings - I wore my workout clothes to bed. I really felt guilty if I couldn't be bothered to get up and do it when I was already dressed - plus the sports bra started to get pretty uncomfortable right about the time I needed to get up anyway!
  • MystiqueASAP
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    My smart alarm starts five minutes before my actual alarm goes off. Also, my cat usually starts waking me up around 4:30 am, so I just get up and get started otherwise he will torture me until I do. He is usually very helpful during yoga and other mat workouts as he will lay under me while in plank, downward dog, and etc to make sure I hold the pose/position. :laugh:
  • leahnoelle31
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    5 am is the only time I have to get a workout in. And life is ALWAYS better after a good workout. and coffee tastes better too. Except on saturdays, running is better after coffee and food.
  • TKHappy
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    Here's my advice....in case you neede more :)

    *Set more than one alarm, you say your husband is up early have him wake you and have a real alarm as a backup or in case you nod off after he leaves.
    *Wear you workout clothes to bed or even lay them out ready!
    *If you drink coffee see if your pot has a alarm, so if you need that to wake you up its ready!
    *Wash your face right after you get out of bed...strong sents like mint help!
    *Go to bed early....I tend to put my kids to bed and fall asleep shortly after!

    I find it so much easier to just get it done and over with...if I wait til after work I have excuses, random errands, needy kids and hubby, and exhaustion that jus leave for no motivation or stress!! :)
  • bmiller211
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    I am very lucky in that I have a wife who gets up with me at 4:15 and we run together with our dog who needs exercise anyway so it is kinda easy...also the fact is we have been getting up early forever and just added the workout in. It is as others have said a drive thing but having a helper and a good reason are big too!!
  • I set my phone alarm for 4:45 and I am at the gym at 5:00 or maybe 5:05. I dress, run a brush through my hair, take any morning meds I need to take (with a cup of coffee, of course) and hit the door. I have always been a morning person but I've never worked out in the morning until about a month ago. I LOVE it. I can't find the plethora of excuses that come up when I put my workout off until the evening and then can't get it in. My only obstacle is me. I do it because it has to be done if I want to lose weight...it's obvious by now that this *kitten* simply will not shrink itself. ;)
  • Awkward30
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    I don't! Well, I'm going to do a once a week 6:00 spin because I did it this week and like that instructor particularly... but I can't do self workouts that early because I just don't have the energy to push myself like I can in later workouts.
  • jkrod81
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    You just get up when the alarm goes off. Get ready and workout. I made the switch from late evening to early morning workouts a few weeks ago and I am never looking back. Sure... you need to go to bed earlier, but when you workout in the morning, you have the rest of the day ahead of you. I have found I am more likely to skip evening workouts than morning workouts. I love how I feel in the morning post workout. I could seriously go without any coffee at all in the mornings (I love the stuff too much to actually stop drinking coffee). I agree with everyone who has told you to lay out your workout gear ahead of time. That makes working out a lot easier, not having to find your clothes and shoes.. Ignore the snooze button. If you keep at it, your body will get used to waking up and moving. It will be like second nature.
  • MariaLivingFit
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    I get up at 5:15 most mornings to workout. What has worked for me:
    - sleep in a sports bra under my PJs - this is especially helpful on cold mornings
    - once i turn off the alarm I need a minute or two to wake up before getting out of bed, but I prop myself up on my elbow so that my head is not touching the pillow and I don't fall back asleep
    - set up anything you need from the night before to just "grab and go" - food, clothes etc.
    - I go to bed around 9:30 and read until around 10 pm - if I am up later than 10:30 I'll never get up that early
    - I have learned to love the "me" time in the early hours before the kids get up

    Good Luck!