How often does everyone weigh in?



  • I weigh myself on sat. mornings, after I get up. Sometimes I check my progress on Wed. am if I'm worried about it.
  • DianneBoo
    DianneBoo Posts: 226 Member
    I weigh on the first of the month ONLY! At the same time...and before I dress, eat, or drink. There are too many fluctuations throughout the month for me to weigh more often. And, it is not about the number for me. It is about how I FEEL! :)
  • xMonroeMisfit
    xMonroeMisfit Posts: 411 Member
    a few times a week, to keep track. But i only record my weight and measurements once a week, the same time and day with 0 clothes on ahahah
  • dreamsofsomeday
    dreamsofsomeday Posts: 62 Member
    I weigh myself a few times a day. I probably weigh myself a little too much, but I'm a little obsessed.
  • kdetmar
    kdetmar Posts: 13
    It use to be everyday, however, it made me feel defeated! After a workout, I would weigh more and I would be soo upset!! Now, I try and weigh once a week or every two weeks! I am very close to my goal weight and I try to stress the small stuff :)

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  • katmariew
    katmariew Posts: 87 Member
    Every day, but Monday is my official day.
  • bulbadoof
    bulbadoof Posts: 1,058 Member
    I weigh in when I visit my doctor. Every two months or so. I don't actually own a scale because I get the urge to hop onto it every time I use the bathroom and the numbers feel so insignificant, even if they ARE going down. I know it's the exact same thing, but I just feel better about losing 8-10 lbs in 2 months than I do about losing 1-1.5 lbs a week.
  • LovleeGirl
    LovleeGirl Posts: 18
    I weight myself every morning as soon as I wake up but I only record my weekly weight on Saturday morning.
  • BryGuy2
    BryGuy2 Posts: 244
    I try not to focus on the scale, but I weigh-in every Monday morning.
  • rhiannonxo
    rhiannonxo Posts: 5 Member
    I actually enjoy weighing twice a day. Once when I wake up to know if I'm gaining or losing, and at the end right before bed, so I'm aware of how much I eat each day.
  • jenoots
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    I weigh in every day with my food diary notes (I weigh myself each morning when I wake up before I eat anything - to be consistent). Seeing how I eat each day affects my weight the next day really makes a difference to me.

    I watch my calories closely and there are days, probably because of salt, that I gain a couple of pounds and lose them a few days later. If I wasn't weighing myself everyday I would go crazy.
  • seamaiden1000
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    I weigh every other day but log in Monday morning, after the bathroom and naked. Monday is good for logging as it means I cannot go off the rails over the weekend, so if I slip on Friday or Saturday night the pressure is on to 'redeem' myself Sunday. The casual weigh ins are more about seeing what effect heavy workouts etc have on my weight short term and morning and evening weigh ins inform me about how much my weight can vary. However what matters is the overall direction in which you are heading and to not to worry about the wavering. Also at some point your measurements are going to speak lower than your weight as lean muscle weighs more than fat.
  • 916lude
    916lude Posts: 305
    I weight every morning. Not for everybody for sure.
  • Senbou
    Senbou Posts: 9
    I weigh myself every day but I post the difference about every other day once I'm certain the number is consistent.
  • utahgirl247
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    :flowerforyou: once a week, only once a week:flowerforyou:
  • happyfeetrebel1
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    My dietician advised me to weigh weekly only, otherwise my food choices would be inconsistent because I'd be reacting to what I saw on the scale each day. After a bit of scoffing, I tried it and it really does work. It keeps me from obsessing, and the one day a week is usually a pretty good day!
  • megleo818
    megleo818 Posts: 595 Member
    Every 5 weeks, on Saturday mornings before I eat or drink anything :)

    Now that I'm losing I'm tempted to weigh in more but I feel like it will make me obsess over every little pound instead of living life and focusing on being healthier, which is the whole point. Plus it's less about the number on the scale, more about inches, how your clothes fit & the way you look/feel.

    That's a big, steaming pile of wisdom right there.
  • sjschewlakow
    sjschewlakow Posts: 120 Member
    I weigh myself a lot each day. I only count weight in mornings and after a couple of days of same weight.
  • megleo818
    megleo818 Posts: 595 Member
    I weigh myself every couple of days, always first thing in the morning, but I don't record it unless I'm down a pound. That's because I tend to retain fluid and I see no reason to record a "failure" when my body is consistently smaller and more fit and my clothes are looser. I actually find it really interesting how much my weight fluctuates from day to day, but I know that would make a lot of other people crazy. :smile:
  • I get on the scale every morning. Whether or not I register mentally what it says is another thing. I really am not functional some days before coffee, but afterwards I am too busy in my day to go weigh myself in.