Eat, then log, or log, then eat?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone else log part or their whole meal before preparing it to see if the marcos are ideal? Or do you log what you eat after the fact? Or are you on MFP, logging, posting, chatting while eating? heh. I'm getting to the point where I'll throw almost anything together if it fits what I need. Perfect example: Miracle noodles, beef bacon, tuna, cheese. All the goodies I need in a bowl.


  • Sidesteal
    Sidesteal Posts: 5,518 Member
    I usually have a reasonably accurate idea of the macros I'm consuming, or what I need to consume to fill my calories.

    But, generally speaking if I'm not sure what I have remaining or if I have no idea what the macros are of something I'm about to eat, I'll pre-log.
  • wilson1024
    wilson1024 Posts: 127 Member
    I do that alot, I put my food in bf I eat it just to make sure I'm staying within my goals :) Good Luck!
  • runfatmanrun
    runfatmanrun Posts: 1,090 Member
    I usually log then eat at least so I can figure out what dinner will be based on what I have eaten the rest of the day. Not to say I don't/can't change it later.
  • Zichu
    Zichu Posts: 542 Member
    If I know what I am having for Dinner I will log it, sometimes I will change a few things when it comes to making Dinner. I find it easier to adjust the rest of my day if I log other meals.
  • carrie_eggo
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    When I'm really serious about it I pre-log everything to make sure I meet my macro goals.
  • vltaylor35
    vltaylor35 Posts: 72
    at lunch time i put in everything for the day. i have already eaten breakfast and lunch, so at this point i know exctly how many calories etc i have left for dinner. if i ate dinner before logging there is a good chance i would overear most days!
  • cheesy_blasters
    cheesy_blasters Posts: 283 Member
    I usually plan what I'm going to make in advance so if I trying something new or adjusting amounts, I'll log those first. Otherwise I log while or after I eat. Sometimes I can't finish what I've made so I want to make sure what I log is actually what I eat.

    I try to do it right away though because sometimes I forget if I put it off for too long.
  • zellagrrl
    zellagrrl Posts: 439
    I try to log in advance so that I can plan. Helps me with remembering what food to take to work in the AM.
  • ProjectTae
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    log then eat, it helps me make better choices and combinations
  • daffodilsoup
    daffodilsoup Posts: 1,972 Member
    I always log then eat. I don't like surprises, haha.
  • kalyn_QT
    kalyn_QT Posts: 273 Member
    at night i come up with the entire next day to make sure it all fits nicely. also its easier to wake up and know exactly what im going to have to eat.its easier than trying to remember to log the small stuff instead i just go off the snack list in order it appears. but thats just me :)
  • :glasses: I always log before I eat so I know exactly what im eating. Its helping me a lot to do it that way
  • Masharitos
    Masharitos Posts: 106
    Awesome! That's pretty much the way it works for me. Having to go out and eat is a pain though. Good thing my food scale fits nicely in my purse. Stare all you want! hahaha.
  • cindylou617
    cindylou617 Posts: 52 Member
    I usually log while I eat to slow myself down and I know right about what I need as far as macros go.
  • Geeky_Girl
    Geeky_Girl Posts: 239 Member
    Log then eat (usually :tongue: )
  • cookiefluff
    cookiefluff Posts: 115
    I eat, then log! then guilt away to sleep... LOL
  • BrightEyesx3
    BrightEyesx3 Posts: 335
    I try logging everything in first then eat, but sometimes I get lazy and I don't log things in until the end of the day.
  • HeidiMightyRawr
    HeidiMightyRawr Posts: 3,343 Member
    Earlier in the day, I always eat then log. I have a pretty good idea of what's in what, and how the calories and macro's will be, just based on previous experience.

    Later on in the day I'll have an idea of what I want to eat, but will usually have a look at the calories/macros I have left, and work out portion sizes based on that, and whether I can add certain extras or not, if so, how much etc.
  • ClaireSD35
    ClaireSD35 Posts: 38
    I've been known to log an entire day in advance to calculate everything properly!
  • Im_NotPerfect
    Im_NotPerfect Posts: 2,189 Member
    I log everything I can the night before. I feel much more in control of my day when I know what I'm eating. It may not ALWAYS go to plan, but at least I'm not floating out there with no idea!