Eat, then log, or log, then eat?



  • Leimaro
    Leimaro Posts: 149 Member
    I feel like the odd man out. I always eat then log. I guess it's because I read labels and make a mental estimate; never been over. I can only remember one time loggin' in first because I didn't want to go over. And, this is my third week so I kinda stick to similar foods for right now.
  • nmg8
    nmg8 Posts: 74 Member
    I log in the morning for the whole day, or even the night before after making my lunch and planning my next night's dinner. Then I can add or subtract things based on my macro/calorie goals.
  • yuliyax
    yuliyax Posts: 288
    I pre-log always, sometimes even for about 3 days, keeps me in check. When I feel like binging I log my food for the next day instead.
  • SmallMimi
    SmallMimi Posts: 541 Member
    Always log the main meals first thing in the morning, this way I can weigh and prep most of my meal while I am cooking. Makes things easier when we finally set down to eat (I get to eat with the family instead of them watching me weigh and measure everything while they chow down. Snacks are logged as I go, not always sure what I'll be craving.
  • HealthFreak1967
    HealthFreak1967 Posts: 116 Member
    I log everything a day to a week in advance. It keeps things simple, and that way I have a plan and it makes it easier to follow through, that way I won't fall off track! I love planning meals, and I'm a vegan so I make sure to get enough protein and I like to eat relatively low fat.
  • SorchaRavenlock
    SorchaRavenlock Posts: 227 Member
    I log in the morning (or sometimes the day before) to plan my day, and then make adjustments as I go along. I can always change and edit things if I change my mind :) I never complete my entry until after dinnertime though, to make sure it is accurate.
  • jacksonpt
    jacksonpt Posts: 10,413 Member
    On normal days (when I do my own cooking and eat at normal times), I usually have a pretty good feel for where my macros end up, so I'll eat then log it whenever I get around to it.

    If it's an "off" day (traveling, eating out, crazy with kids' schedules, whatever), then I'll sometimes pre-log to try to be more proactive.

    If I'm coming off a slump, I'll pre-log for a couple of days to kick my butt back in gear.
  • torygirl79
    torygirl79 Posts: 307 Member
    Log first to ensure it is actually within my allowances.
  • Arperjen
    Arperjen Posts: 108 Member
    I figure out what I want to eat and do a rough estimate of what the cals will be for my serving. I make it, log it officially, then eat. Over time I've gotten pretty close in my estimates. I haven't gone over my limit yet!
  • hausofnichele
    hausofnichele Posts: 531 Member
    Earlier in the day, I always eat then log. I have a pretty good idea of what's in what, and how the calories and macro's will be, just based on previous experience.

    Later on in the day I'll have an idea of what I want to eat, but will usually have a look at the calories/macros I have left, and work out portion sizes based on that, and whether I can add certain extras or not, if so, how much etc.

    What I do too
  • Masharitos
    Masharitos Posts: 106
    I think logging has become my appetizer. By the time I'm done, I'm ready to dig in. :drinker:
  • sheri02r
    sheri02r Posts: 486 Member
    Since I've been watching my macro's I've been logging before I eat.
  • fatchiick
    fatchiick Posts: 105
    I eat then I log what I ate...I usually cook my own meals... so how much of.any ingredient or condiments or side item I prepare or even eat at a time usually differs, my breakfast and dinner are usually larger meals... so basically I don't know what I'm gonna get till I get in the kitchen and prepare it or how much ill actually end up eating, I wouldn't want to have log twice.
  • shaynak112
    shaynak112 Posts: 751 Member
    I usually log things after I eat them.
    I've only gone over my calorie limit twice in the past month and I knew before I ate it that I was going to go over the calorie limit.
    I have a pretty good idea of what I'm eating (calorie-wise) before I eat it.
  • gumigal82
    gumigal82 Posts: 350
    I try to log, then eat. Just like I try to log my exercise a day before to be motivated. However, my "food mood" tends to change a lot.
  • saraann4
    saraann4 Posts: 1,312 Member
    on the weekends, I eat then log except for dinner. I always log that before I eat it just so I can see how much I need to eat basically haha on the weekdays, I'm super busy so I eat then log.
  • Cat_from_Chicago
    Cat_from_Chicago Posts: 95 Member
    depends on the day.

    most days I log while eating but.... when I plan on eating at a restaurant I pre-log.
  • littlelily613
    littlelily613 Posts: 769 Member
    I do a bit of both usually every day. I try to pre-plan, but it doesn't always work out that way.
  • heatherrose9
    heatherrose9 Posts: 122 Member
    both! but mostly log, then eat!
  • ValerieMartini2Olives
    ValerieMartini2Olives Posts: 3,041 Member
    A little bit of both. For the most part, I eat the same things in the first half of the day 5 days a week so I know what I have to work with (eat, then log). When I get home from work and I'm planning dinner, I log then eat.