Really WANTING Supportive friends to add!!



  • fitnsandyfun
    fitnsandyfun Posts: 33 Member
    Hello! I am new to the web page but also looking for buddies to help me stay motivated and I want to do the same.
    Please add me!
  • tinaruby
    tinaruby Posts: 75 Member
    Feel free to add me. I started at 90 and I am down abot 50 lbs...40 more to go. I log faithful and try to comment often although sometimes life and work does get in the way... :-)
  • GiggleFitGriddle
    GiggleFitGriddle Posts: 24 Member
    It's my first day here but I plan logging on every day! Anyone feel free to add!
  • SWorthington
    SWorthington Posts: 4 Member
    I too am looking for friends. I need the encouragement. Please add me. Thank you
  • Butterbean6737
    Butterbean6737 Posts: 34 Member
    Good luck on your journey! I'll send you a friend request and would appreciate your support as well :)
  • donnab83
    donnab83 Posts: 105 Member
    Ive sent a request! Anyone else that wants to be friends, feel free to add me! Oh go on you know you want to! ;)
  • supershineexo
    supershineexo Posts: 12 Member
    Hi! I am 32 yrs old. 5'2 and 130 lbs. this may seem small to some people but I want to reach my goal which is 110lbs-105lbs!

    you can add me!

    let's help each other! =)
  • speediejane
    speediejane Posts: 496 Member
    feel free to add for support
  • Feel free to add me. At some point I try to log on every day
    And check out wveryone's posts. My goal is about 60 more pounds, so there is a long road ahead of me! We can't do it without a little support!
  • xxxalisonxxx
    xxxalisonxxx Posts: 3 Member
    Just joined today and planning on logging in daily, would be glad to be added by anyone looking for mutual support and a friend. I'm late 30's, gone from 240lbs to 205lbs before joining here and hoping to carry on losing weight