Honest Opinion on my body? Pics.



  • robin52077
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    I personally hate the 3 inches just below my belly button...pudgy and stretch marks.
    What do I do? Buy a bikini that comes almost to the belly button! Problem solved!
    You look good, but only supermodels can truly rock those itty bitty bottoms without feeling self conscious.
    Go with a more full coverage bottom and you'll feel more confident in public, especially with such a rocking top half for everyone to stare at. (I'm jealous, I have no boobs)
  • I don't even SEE any love handles, I see sexy hips. You look amazing. SOmetimes we are our own worst critic and see what's not there.
  • elsaboyd
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    Just bit of work on your abs, if you had to build on that frame @ the gym you would look even better
  • strunkm4
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    would smash if single.

    Lol. I just wanted to quote this post.

    Girl, you are rocking that bikini. There is no way you should feel anything but hott in that thing. It's an awesome color BTW too. Strut your stuff girl and keep doing what you're doing!
  • LadyIntrepid
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    Oh, sweetie. You look great. Keep doing what you're doing.
  • Rae6503
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    Thanks everyone! I'm mostly unhappy with my belly pudge and love handles. I can deal with the thighs, but they don't make me happy.


    You're not perfect and that's okay. Non-perfect is beautiful too.
  • polly_lops
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    I'd kill starving children and puppies with ribbons on their collars to look like you do.
    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Hilarious!

    You look beautiful lovely and you have a fantastic smile too (you ought to show it more) You have a fab figure and you're doing really well. Keep up the positive posts - you motivate me in the morning!! :smile:
  • Smuterella
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    another belly twin here. :-)

    You look damn good honey,
  • turningstar
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    You look great in that bikini. Seriously, you DO. Figure out what part you are unhappy with, and work on it. If you feel pudgy or jiggly, try strength training with heavy weights. You look better than I do in a bikini, so rock it out! I hope to look like you in a couple months. Of course, summer will be OVER by then!
  • MikeM53082
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    would smash if single.

    Agreed. You're a very pretty girl.
  • Trade you straight accross right NOW!!! YOu are smokin!!!
  • Begood03
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    You look great, just keep doing what you are doing.
  • Pedal_Pusher
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    You look really great :-)
  • DixiedoesMFP
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    You're hot! Smile and know that you are rockin that bikini!
  • Pepsi_addict
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    You look great and you should show it off because you earned that body! If I had your exact shape, I'd be sporting a bikini everyday!
  • megmay2591
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    I'd kill starving children and puppies with ribbons on their collars to look like you do.
    Lol! Thank you for this! :flowerforyou:
  • frillypantz
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    ...I would ;)
  • Pepsi_addict
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    Also your shape is PERFECT for belly dancing. And it's super fun and you feel sexy doing it. And I assure you that that would put some muscle in the places you want!
  • YummyTpn
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    Girl, you look great!

    You have a beautiful figure...wonderful curves!

    No reason to feel insecure, in my opinion!
  • JennieAL
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    You have a great figure! Be proud :)