♥ Tell me your favorite perfume



  • bensmom912
    bensmom912 Posts: 12
    Elizabeth Arden Red Door. It was the perfume I bought with my very first "real" paycheck!!! I love it and get it for Xmas and Birthday!
  • Keegansmum6
    Keegansmum6 Posts: 193 Member
    My favorite is Gap Heaven- which is discontinued but I hunt it down. I also like Gap Dream, New West, and clean scents like Charlie White. :)

    can't go wrong with charlie =)
  • NU2U
    NU2U Posts: 659 Member
    Estee Lauder....'Beyond Paradise' for me

    Ed Hardy..'Love & Luck' and 'Hearts & Daggers' for my Boo :love:
  • lacrimosia
    lacrimosia Posts: 39
    1. Dior - Addict
    2. Michael kors scent
    3. marc jacobs - daisy
    4. Thierry Mugler - alien
    5. Bvlgari scents for women are always nice :)
  • Flugangst
    Flugangst Posts: 98 Member
    Kabuki - Tokyomilk
  • giggles7706
    giggles7706 Posts: 1,491 Member
    I love Fergie's perfumes just haven't broke down and bought them. Also, Heat by Beyonce - love it. On a man, I love Tim McGraw's cologne. :D
  • SuperVegan8
    SuperVegan8 Posts: 78 Member
    Cherry Blossom by the Body Shop - mostly because it isnt tested on animals but it also smells amazing!
  • I wear Clinique Happy Heart. It is the only thing that I will wear now. I have had people stop me in the store to tell me how good I smell. It was kind of weird at first. But now it happens all the time. Even in the dr office waiting room.
  • andrea198721
    andrea198721 Posts: 173 Member
    Clinuque Happy

    Estee Lauder Sensuous

    Versace Bright Crystal

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and The One

    and pretty much anything that smells good that I like.
  • My favorite is a tie between bond girl and japanese cherry blossom.
  • I love chanel#5 and cashmere mist...there both so light and fresh...plan on treating myself when I reach my first 10lbs mark:-)
  • lbmore33
    lbmore33 Posts: 1,013 Member
    my favorite Lagerfeld...but this is funny a while back I got some cologne called Red Door...after it was all gone...I asked a Macy's rep. if they sold it... only to find out it was a women's perfume...wth but when I got it from the store that sold men's clothes...never told me that...got alot of you smell good props...lmao
  • gogojodee
    gogojodee Posts: 1,261 Member
    I love Marc Jacobs signature and Gucci Guilty! My faves.
  • Coach Poppy
    Victoria's Secret's Endless Love Body Spray. I know it's just a body spray, but it's so wonderful I <3 it
  • monicamk1975
    monicamk1975 Posts: 298 Member
    Flowerbomb by viktor and rolf yummm this posting reminded me I need to order some :)
  • rm830
    rm830 Posts: 531 Member
    Lolita limpicka, juicy couture, princess by vera Wang
  • k2charmed4u
    k2charmed4u Posts: 282
    Hi i'm an addict...i'm a perfumaholic! lol :laugh:

    I have about 30 perfumes and wear different ones each day as I love them!!

    Here are my some of my favs:

    L'Elixer by Nina
    Original Jimmy Choo
    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
    Coco Madiomselle by Chanel
    Midnight Poison by Dior
    Lady Millions by Paco Rabanne
    Taj Sunset by Escada (this is gorgeous summer fragrance, very fruity smells)
    Romance by ralph Lauren

    Any I have many many many more....:happy:
  • angelam82
    angelam82 Posts: 61 Member
    Light Blue or J'adore :) Must get hubby to get me a big bottle of Light Blue when he goes OS in a couple of weeks.
  • heagler870
    heagler870 Posts: 280 Member
    Amor Amor
  • mali240
    mali240 Posts: 126
    Reserve by perry Ellis
    Chance by Chanel
    Princess by Vera Wang