Exercising with small children in the house



  • TXBelle1174
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    When my kids wont let me exercise - I just dance. I put on some good dance music and dance for a little while. Usually the kids (2 and 6) join me or sit there and laugh at me. Either way, I am exercising and they are having fun. When I am serious about using the elliptical in my livingroom, I wait until they are in bed.
  • ladybug1620
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    I do it all the time :) My kids are 4 and 2 but I've been working out at home for a few years. Stick a cartoon on. Send them to their room to play. Wait til nap time. Or have them join you. My kids love watching me workout of trying to do it also.
  • NNAhuja
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    My friend has two toddlers 1 yr and 3 1/2 and they would do zumba. The oldest would really get into it while the baby would be doing her own thing while in her pen.
  • ccckwalk
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    I have. It is not easy but if they see you do it maybe they will do it when they are bigger. My 6 year old knows it is mommas workout time, but he has watched me workout for three years now. He does it with me or gets his school books or watches a show. My 2 year old hates it when I work out she loves to climb on me and stuff. But it is worth it, so you have to pause every once in while it makes your work out a little longer. Or I have once or twice held my little one while doing lunges or jumps. She loves that. It will work out and over time they get used to it! :) ~Corina go for it!
  • mrschappet
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    YUP... It can de done.... its only 30 min.. give them some coloring books and crayons set them at the table or in highchairs give them a snack and tell them they are not to move until mommy is done. I guess it depends on how disciplined they are and how firm you are. but My kids.. ages 12 and 4 both know that mommy's workout time is HER time and they are NOT to interrupt unless it is an emergency :-)
  • Dare2BThin
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    My 5 year old swears she's a taebo expert but I have her stand about 2 feet in front and to the side of me..She gets bored or tired after about 10 minutes...and she needs a "water" break..which usually is a snack I have already set out for her
  • misfit34
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    Definately go for it! My five year old will work out with me for about 10 minutes then she will watch for a while then she will go about her business.
  • jlstaub
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    I have always had bad luck getting a workout in with my 3 yr old. Recently I bought a stability ball and some resistance bands. I let her play with the ones that I am not using and then I switch her throughout the workout. Seems to work for now. She likes the idea of doing the same things that I am with me versus trying to dance around her through other workout videos.
  • kswift85
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    I've done all my exercising with a 3 and a half year old and almost two year old in the house with me. Along with two dogs running around. They will typically try to help me or climb all over me, but eventually get bored with it and move on and play in their rooms. You could always try a tv show, activity or snack that will keep them occupied for a bit of time to help alleviate trying to balance the two. When I head downstairs to use the treadmill I typically wait until the little one is napping and take the older one with me and she'll sit and play for the duration. She is also super encouraging too ;) It can be hard, but it can be done! :)
  • herwitsend
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    I cant get intense enough to do a DVD with the kids around. They are too busy, into stuff and I never get a good workout in.

    Today it was evident thatI wasn't going to make it to they gym, so I stuck the kids (all 70 pounds of them) in the wheelbarrow and jogged my driveway (1/2 mile long each way) while pushing them. I have no clue how much I burned (I guessed), but it was intense. The kids LOVED it!
  • Kitten2629
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    Yes, I do.. Unfortunately there is no containing my son to one room. So I just plug away. Otherwise I wont get it in at all.
  • Bobby_Clerici
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    Crank up the music and let it fly - dance your fat away.
    Seriously, you have a great opportunity.
    Also, feed them and put them down for nap, then slap on some head phones and go at it some more.
    Simple - we had 5 kids, and my wife never missed a workout.
    Good Luck:bigsmile:
  • workoutgirl23
    lol. if i tried doing exercise dvd's in front of my my young toddlers, they would be all over tackling me the whole time. lol it wouldn't work out good. i have a gym membership with day care included for my kids, so i take them there when i want to work out. but you could try doing the DVD's when they are napping or later in the evening when they are sleeping.
  • Teliooo
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    I eat with my son at 5-6pm then exercise straight after he goes to bed. We eat teh same foods anyway so it doesn't matter. Then I eat back my cals after. I do get a lot of free time three days a week so I tend to exercise then but soemtimes i get no free time except for after bed time. i wouldn't even try to exercise when my son is in the room. He climbs on me, even when I bend down to get something. It just seems to dangerous.
  • leikayli
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    I babysit during the day-so I have 4 kids under 4 yrs. i found the easiest way to get my exercise in is to go outside & play with them. We usually jump on the trampoline but sometimes we swing or play duck duck goose/ring around the rosey. Anything you can do that keeps them interested is great!
  • MsNewBooty83
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    this will result in multiple concussions and a good deal of screaming. lol. tried and tested.
  • melruiz5
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    I normally get up early and workout before the kids are up. If i dont get up early, i will workout after work. I come home, make dinner, and while they are eating, i work out. After them seeing you workout for so long, they will want to do it with you, which makes it fun, bc most of the time they dont last past the warm up, so they sit there and tell me if im doing it right or not LOL its funny actually. I have a 4,3, and 2 yr old at home. I dont care if they are there, i just make space and tell them NOT to come over there bc i dont want to kick them or hurt them. They will test those boundaries, but after hitting them on accident somany times, they will stop lol
  • LisaGore1
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    go for it!!!! I have a 16 month old and a 3 and a half year old and the 3 yr tries to do it with me. the 16 month old tries to hang on me the whole time makes the workout harder but so worth it. I try to wait for the little ones nap time. but I want them both to know that exercise is fun and rewarding.
  • aimelee
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    i have done 30DS with my 2.5 year old son in the room when I have no other options ... though i avoid it if i can! As ADORABLE as he is trying to do the same moves as me, i am always afraid i'm going to hit him in the head with the weights or trip over him. Half the time he steals my little 3lb weights and i have to chase him down to get them back, or he turns my yoga mat into a bed while i'm doing standing exercises... or he climbs on me while i'm doing mat exercises LOL. It's definitely tricky while there is nothing else to occupy him, and i don't feel like i can put as much effort into it.

    Sometimes i'll give him his iPad to read books and do puzzles on (since the only other room with a tv is all the way upstairs), that usually keeps him occupied for awhile. I like the snack at the table idea, i'll have to try that one! then he's still in view and feels like part of the action, but he's occupied and strapped to his booster seat where he can't escape or hurt himself! ;)

    Good luck!
  • Kimikaze79
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    I get up at 5 am to exercise before the rest of the house wakes up. It's the only way for me.

    this is what works for me. If I do exercise with my lo around she usually wants to cling on my leg or get a piggy back ride while I am working out ...