This is what 70 lbs loss looks like on a 6' me :) (pics)



  • Eupho
    Eupho Posts: 201 Member
    Absolutely Brilliant! well done!
  • ccsick
    ccsick Posts: 91 Member
    Go get 'em! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • geekista
    geekista Posts: 1
    YOU, only better! Congrats and what a motivation you arel :)
  • Yaya28
    Yaya28 Posts: 12 Member
    You look awesome and so happy!
  • BCsurvivor1962
    BCsurvivor1962 Posts: 78 Member
    Totally awesome!
  • lorigreg
    lorigreg Posts: 61
    WOW! I am so impressed!:flowerforyou:
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    Yay you go girl! You look fantastic! Keep up the great work.
  • Allison714
    Allison714 Posts: 77 Member
    You look like a totally different person.....congrats on all that hard work!
  • thatTOPSlady
    thatTOPSlady Posts: 199
    again, thank you all! The comments are making my head swell with pride LOL...and it makes me want to continue on my healthy journey.

    If **********I************ can do this, I KNOW that anyone can. I was so bound/addicted and couldn't get free for so long. But I did. And so can you!
  • natalia32
    natalia32 Posts: 11 Member
    Well done you!! I'm inspired...any tips?
  • thatTOPSlady
    thatTOPSlady Posts: 199
    Well done you!! I'm inspired...any tips?

    It sounds like a lie, but it's not >>>> I count calories, write down everything I eat, exercise, drink water, quit soda, decided to be happy every day no matter what was going on, asked God to teach me about nutrition (and He did! and still is!), and had a weight loss mentor that I'm accountable to every day. I also go to TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) which is a weight loss support group. ( to find a chapter in your area)

    I've had several people ask me about my weight loss and they want me to "let them in on my little secret because they won't tell anyone, etc". Some think I had surgery or am taking a pill of some sort or drinking some product or SOMETHING! LOL
    When I've told some of those people what I REALLY am doing, they seem disappointed LOL

    For MANY years I prayed earnestly that God would cause me to lose weight (I also added "In a healthy manner!" I didn't want to end up with an illness or something that made me lose weight! LOL) But for all those years, what I was doing wrong was expecting God to do all the work. He won't. It was when I put the work behind my prayers, that's when it happened. Also, I believe one of the ways God has been helping me with this is by helping my THINKING to change about nutrition and health. I WANT to be healthy now (not just thin, but healthy)....I don't want chemicals and artificial stuff in my body from food and drink. Used to, I didn't care in the least bit about that. Thank you, Jesus, for doing a work in my MIND!

    This is my weight loss facebook page if anyone wants to send me a request.

    And thanks again for the compliments everyone! You can do it too!
  • Way to go!!
    question...I have about the same amount to long did it take you?
  • Behavior_Modification
    Behavior_Modification Posts: 24,482 Member
    Wow, what an amazing transformation. Be proud! You look great.
  • KimL122
    KimL122 Posts: 148 Member

    Keep it up
  • amazondakini
    amazondakini Posts: 69 Member
    You are beautiful!! You look so much happier and freer, I am 6 ft 1.5, I understand!! You are an inspiration - I am just shy of my halfway point! I'll send a friend request! I could use more inspiration!
  • CynthiaCollin
    CynthiaCollin Posts: 406 Member
    Way to go !!! You look great ! Yopur hard work is paying off!!!!
  • joy5877
    joy5877 Posts: 179 Member
    Like a different you - amazing pics. Great motivation for others. thanks for sharing!!!
  • Congrats
    You look amazing. So much difference.
    Life must be so much easier? I myself can´t wait to lose more weight so it will be easier to do things.
    Keep up the good work you have been doing.
  • thatTOPSlady
    thatTOPSlady Posts: 199
    Way to go!!
    question...I have about the same amount to long did it take you?

    My highest weight (331) was in 2008. Then I lost 20 pounds and spent the next several years yo-yo'ing with 5 pounds. I've lost the last 51 pounds since September.
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