Chicks on the Boys side of the Gym....



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    As far as women using free weights and the heavier weight machines ........ I'm all for it. If that is where your program is taking you then go for it.

    It may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will be welcomed as an equal by most.
  • cloveraz
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    I sometimes get the stare, but it's usually the younger kids....I just don't like not knowing what I am doing, half the time...but, i still get in there.....I do a lot of staring, also, but it's me trying to learn how to use the equipment..
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    Thank you for this post! It actually gave me quite a smile, because I've definitely noticed the same sort of "segregation" at my gym. I work out in a very small, family owned gym. I know most of the clientele there, even though we don't normally speak to each other, we still recognize each other. I condition in cardio heavily in the winter months for snowboarding, but do a lot shorter and more weight-lifting focused workouts the rest of the year to keep my tone as a dancer, and a LOT of my strength and free weights lifts and workouts are dance oriented. Sometimes I know the boys stare, and I actually don't mind it. 1) Because I'm one of maybe two other women who actually use the rack weights, which gives me points....and 2) They just got used to seeing me do my dancer stretches and the like. If they don't figure it out from there, I can't help them. I'm extremely competitive, but I try to focus it on myself because I'm not TRYING to lift the amount of weights most of the boys do. I need a certain amount of muscle and tone to do what I can in dance, but not so overdeveloped that I lose my flexibility. I have specific goals that I work to maintain in my body, so I can't really be intimidated or care about what the "guys" think. Besides, I may not be able to lift as much weight in the gym, but there's no way any one of those guys can do the things dance requires of my body, and to me that's the best feeling in the world! :)
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    if you really want to get people staring, do olympic lifts! i've only ever seen 1 other person do anything like a push press or snatch or clean in my weight room and that was some guy i havent seen in months. the other person is me

    so i'd like to think that i can be pretty intimidating as well :laugh:
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    There is no "boys' side". You pay a membership, work out where you want. Don't let them intimidate you.

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    I'd really like to start using the weights at the gym I recently joined, but I'm pretty intimidated as well. But its more an out-of-shape thing than a guy/girl thing. I just have this feeling my fumbling around using the lightest weights would be awkward and embarrassing. But I plan to do it anyway. I'm hoping the staff will show me how to go about using everything. I did it years ago, and for some reason I really enjoyed the weights part (as opposed to the dreaded cardio, LOL). I just have to decide I'm going to face my fears and do it.
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    I have to admit it doesn't phase me in the slightest, but then I am there with my PT (also female 4 out of the 5 days a week) and I think when I go by myself it wouldn't bother me because they're now used to seeing me there.

    Sometimes I like to check out what the guys are doing just to give me some other ideas too. Having said that, however, my PT makes some odd combinations of weights training that I would never have thought of! Must be working :bigsmile:

    Ladies, we should get in there and show these boys just how awesome we are!
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    I agree that us chicks need to represent!! I hope one day that I will!!
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    I pretty much only use the barbells. It doesn't bother me that most of the people in the area happen to have a penis.
  • aproc
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    It is most certainly not 'their' side. :tongue: I felt intimidated for a while but just kept going. Been working out at my gym for a year and am still the only girl there who will ever touch weights.
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    Do not worry about what they may do or say, guys can be jerks. It could also be the gym if you are having real problems. The gym I go to there is none of that segregation.
    I do not know if you are still using free weights, I would just like to make sure you know that free weights can be dangerous and if done improperly can cause bad muscle tears. I only do machines because your form is correct and there is no risk of getting hurt. Just my thoughts but if you are ok with your work out and have no problems then there should be nothing to worry about.
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    At my gym, women can come into the weight section AFTER they have asked permission from each male member currently working in the area.

    This is standard practice at my gym as well.
  • Wpbarr
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    Just be serious about your workout and you will be more than welcome. Here's a bit of inspiration for you ..

    At my gym, there is a woman who comes in 3 times a week, after work. She's in her 50s. She squats 400 lbs for a warm-up! There is a trio of army nurses who do a free-weight circuit and they are so intense, they kick our *kitten*.

    We really do try to be civil gentlemen at the gym. I think you will find that if you to spend most of your time on the "men's" side of the gym, a bench or a station that you need will magically become available. Ladies first.
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    I was sort of intimidated at first because it was all guys or just the really "hot" girls using the weight and cable equipment. LOL And, everyone pretty much knew what they were doing or it seemed that way. I was neither "hot" nor knew what I was doing. One slow Sunday afternoon I just jumped in and played around and got over it. Now, I care a whole lot less :)

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    I am intimidated, I admit it! So when I go I am low-key..I wear workout pants and a t shirt, so I am covered. I know my routine and get to it. Honestly, I think men really do not mind...I am polite and mind my business. Not to convey unfriendliness, but to not be distracting. I like to workout around others, and like it when the atmosphere is people are enjoying the challenge of their work-out. And really, women should be is so transforming to your physique and fitness and health. Weight-lifting makes you feel awesome...
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    Um... Women have no reason to feel intimidated. The second you gals walk into "their area," they're so busy flexing to impress you and pissing in the corners to mark their territory, they've likely forgotten that you're actually there.

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    if you really want to get people staring, do olympic lifts! i've only ever seen 1 other person do anything like a push press or snatch or clean in my weight room and that was some guy i havent seen in months. the other person is me

    so i'd like to think that i can be pretty intimidating as well :laugh:
    My gym isn't big on the boy/ girl segregation thing, but you're right, people stare. I started the Starting Strength program a couple months ago, which utilizes power cleans and overhead presses. Deadlifts and power cleans make noise, and most people don't know what they are, so they watch. I love the weights, it's hard to scare me off.
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    I am usually in the 'boys' side - it keeps me motivated and I often learn a new move by (secretly) watching the boys. NEVER feel intimiated to venture into the weights area - you have as much right as anyone else to be there!
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    Girls are under the impression that they will get bulky if they lift so they stay away from the strength training area. Not all girls, but alot of them and it's so sad, bc strength training is awesome!!