141 pounds gone and counting (PICS)



  • erintheinspiration
    erintheinspiration Posts: 229 Member
    Wow, you both look amazing! Great job!! :)
  • rxgyrl55a
    rxgyrl55a Posts: 5 Member
    Congratulations! what an awesome story and example for your children
  • misspatrice562
    misspatrice562 Posts: 192 Member
    Both of you look amazing! Good job! Beautiful picture. :)
  • Jking826
    Jking826 Posts: 131 Member
    You BOTH look amazing and VERY inspiring...Off to the gym I go...Thanks!
  • misskatibear
    misskatibear Posts: 158 Member
    Congratulations! What an inspiration you both are.

    Also, FYI, when I scrolled down to see the first picture of you I was literally like 'awwh' because you are so beautiful! In both previous and current pictures. You look like a movie star ^^
  • jadamuriel76
    jadamuriel76 Posts: 58 Member
    You both look fantastic!
    CDMAGS Posts: 150 Member
    Great job y'all! Looking GREAT!
  • Very inspiring! You both look great. :flowerforyou:
    Thanks for sharing!
  • nikkiprickett
    nikkiprickett Posts: 412 Member
    absolutely wonderful! congrats to both of you!
  • i_am_losing_it
    i_am_losing_it Posts: 310 Member
    You guys should be very proud of yourselves! You look fantastic! :)
  • castroje
    castroje Posts: 130 Member
    You both lok amazing!!! congratulations!!!

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  • time2shine29
    time2shine29 Posts: 104 Member
    You look great! You should be so proud.
  • melanie_197202
    melanie_197202 Posts: 7 Member
    You guys look GREAT!!!
  • sollyn
    sollyn Posts: 179
    You have and are a beautiful family. You are so clever to do it all together. Inspiring!
  • SuperstarDJ
    SuperstarDJ Posts: 440 Member
    Wow :D
  • CowgirlKimi
    CowgirlKimi Posts: 107 Member
    AWESOME!!!!! I am so inspired!!! I started in April and I am halfway to my goal of 78#... You look GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow very pretty picture. you did a great job one handed
  • What a difference!!! you should both be so proud of your Success ! You look so Beautiful and He looks like he is happy to be standing next to someone who looks like a million bucks!!!!
  • LFiestan
    LFiestan Posts: 179 Member
    you look like a different person, soo younger looking now :D great job!
  • Funsoaps
    Funsoaps Posts: 514 Member
    Amazing, you both look so good!
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