Looking for some MFP friends who are getting in shape!

I could definitely use some MFP buddies to keep me company on this journey of getting in the best shape of my life!


  • Jotell
    Jotell Posts: 139 Member
    I am on that same journey! Love working out and found out I'm rather good at it :) You can add me if you'd like! Just got back from a 30mins walk/jog training for my 5Ks coming up!
  • _TastySnoBalls_
    _TastySnoBalls_ Posts: 1,298 Member
    addiing both of you
  • drewols
    drewols Posts: 77
    Sending you request as i am on the same journeyt! Anyone else can add me as well
  • chantalM613
    chantalM613 Posts: 23 Member
    Just joined this week and am excited for my monday morning weigh in... Doing great so far!
  • rugbyphreak
    rugbyphreak Posts: 507 Member
    i'm trying to transform my round shape into something a little more fashionable, maybe a trapezoid or rhombus. :tongue:

    i just started p90x today, so hopefully that'll help soon!
  • khrystyna82
    khrystyna82 Posts: 45 Member
    This is a great place to find fitness minded friends. You can add me too.
  • livestar
    livestar Posts: 140 Member
    me too! I want to be the hottest 36YO around.
  • LinsenNRoses
    LinsenNRoses Posts: 284 Member
    Anyone can feel free to add me!!! :)

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  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    Feel free to add me, I haven't been this active since I was about 12 or 13. My week includes two sessions with a trainer, a yoga class, lots of walking (on the street and on the treadmill) and I'm thinking about starting a Zumba class once a week.
  • randiz66
    randiz66 Posts: 22 Member
    I am on that same journey. Eating healthy and exercising. I feel better now than i did my 20s.
  • sisterofseven
    sisterofseven Posts: 82 Member
    Having lost motivation a few months ago, I'm trying to get back on track. Feel free to add me :-)
  • Mellie289
    Mellie289 Posts: 1,191 Member
    I am on that same journey. Eating healthy and exercising. I feel better now than i did my 20s.
    Me too and I turn 42 next week!
  • ghjklo9
    ghjklo9 Posts: 57
    So cool!
  • chantalM613
    chantalM613 Posts: 23 Member
  • newhabit
    newhabit Posts: 426 Member
    I am one of those! I lost about 20 lb (gained some back i had actually lost close to 30) but the main thing is my body fat is getting less and less. I wear a smaller size despite being heavier than I was a few months ago. My goal is running 3x a week and doing 5k races, working up to 10k... also want to get my eating back on track and avoid sugar and sweets. i can do this!
  • verptwerp
    verptwerp Posts: 3,659 Member
    You all can add me too ...... after years of sitting on my butt, I'm finally taking charge ..... I get to the gym 5-6 days a week, aiming for minimum of 10 miles cardio (bike, TM, elliptical) ...... then weight-circuit (love the leg machines) ..... and then, schedule permitting, a yoga class ......

    I'm trying to discipline myself to do yoga at home each morning ...... but sometimes I'd rather just sit with a cup of coffee & read these posts :drinker:

    Best of luck to everyone !
  • Preacher224
    Preacher224 Posts: 44 Member
    Anyone who wants can add me. I was in pretty good shape in my thirties and early forties. Had to go on a med that had several side effects, 30lbs weight gain avg, raised cholesterol and blood sugar levels to name a few. Kept working out though and became the strongest I ever have been but went from 155 to top out at 198. I am now down to 165 and planning on going down another 5 to 10 lbs. Then will go for a 10 lb increase of muscle mass. I hope to end up at 165 to 170 with 10 to 12 % bodyfat. I have tried in the past to lose weight but failed until I prayed and told the Lord I couldn't do it and that I would need His help. I then started losing. A total of 33 lbs so far.
  • jsigup
    jsigup Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me!

    I started MFP a week ago. It has been fun to keep track my food & exercise so far. But I know myself too well that I would lose motivation soon. It will be great if I have friends who can support each other.

    I live in TX now and planning to go home in Japan in November. I would like to lose 50lb - at least 30 lb by then.

  • vaderandbill
    vaderandbill Posts: 1,063 Member
    I've been on here almost a year. I started out very strong, slipped through the holiday, regained my motiviation and started P90X and broke my hand 4 weeks in. Feeling better and back at it! Wanting to be around and active with my two boys (7 and 3.5) is my inspiration. I started at 206 lbs on my way to 180ish (10 lbs to go)

    I keep my friends list fairly low so I can be active with all of them. I am not here to pump your ego with insincere compliments but I will give you genuine support, encouragement and praise. I do make a few off color comments and jokes because taking life too seriously is not what I am about.

    I camp, hunt, fish, coach youth street hockey and baseball, love fantasy sports and my family.

    That said, send a request if you think we'd be a good match.

    and in case that is not thorough enough for you....I'm a Virgo and live in Massachusetts!
  • sholtz79
    sholtz79 Posts: 48 Member
    Add me as well :) I've been on here regularly since January and am down 14 lbs. I've lost my motivation the last two months and was slacking majorly... I was originally down 22 lbs. but have obviously put some back on. I'm ready to re-commit to myself and get back on track for the long haul. I'm on daily! Looking for some friends to help me along the way too :)