The one thing you want to wear!



  • pixiechk201
    pixiechk201 Posts: 27 Member
    A pair of super cute size 2 white shorts I wore the weekend I got married 4 years ago. They looked awesome and I haven't fit into them since.
  • Ephena
    Ephena Posts: 615 Member
    A LBD (little black dress), okay I don't care about the color I just want to rock a little dress.
  • fififox
    fififox Posts: 403 Member
    The expensive designer dress (first one I have ever had) that my husband bought me for my birthday in April, that is still sitting in the wardrobe with tags on because I bought a size smaller not realising I had hit a solid plateau :noway: ...I am still stuck, having lost motivation and just maintained for the last few months, but I am currently back on track heading fro my lowest weight again I hope and hoping that I will then move down to another dress size. Fingers crossed!
  • xYumzx
    xYumzx Posts: 965 Member
    I wanna rock a little Black dress with some sexy *kitten* heels. and feel Amazing wearing it!
  • Sassy922
    Sassy922 Posts: 399 Member
    jeans & a white button down shirt tucked in
    a bikini
    strapless dresses
  • FeatherBoBeather
    FeatherBoBeather Posts: 255 Member
    I definitely have more than one... But I'd have to say my top three are...

    1. Bikini
    2. 6 inch heels without feeling like I'm going to break them xD
    3. Nothing!
  • a bikini :smile:
  • 1. Crop tops to show my belly button
    2. Leggings (without having a biiiiig bum haha)
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 289
    Mah birthday suit!
  • _the_feniks_
    _the_feniks_ Posts: 3,517 Member
  • HeatherHoskins
    HeatherHoskins Posts: 163 Member
    A pretty little sundress, a pair of Daisy Duke's, and a swimsuit without the skirt on the bottom!
  • TnTHawkins
    TnTHawkins Posts: 285 Member
    Mah birthday suit!

    and to be able to go shirtless without being embarrassed.
  • akaOtherWise
    akaOtherWise Posts: 110 Member
    A mustache...and only a mustache
  • Tribbey143
    Tribbey143 Posts: 387 Member
    Go running in my sports bra! :( one day soon hopefully!
  • akaOtherWise
    akaOtherWise Posts: 110 Member
    Go running in my sports bra! :( one day soon hopefully!

    pretty sure you could definitely do this now. I'd break my neck while driving down the road lol
  • kborton1122
    kborton1122 Posts: 914 Member
    There is a super sexy red dress hanging in my closet that I look forward to getting myself into. :-)
  • Tribbey143
    Tribbey143 Posts: 387 Member
    Go running in my sports bra! :( one day soon hopefully!
  • MsSharie
    MsSharie Posts: 3
    I would love to wear a cute 1 piece with some skin exposed, some blue jeans that i could almost fit into when i lost weight the first time, and a tank top to workout with my stomach showing.
  • HulaHips83
    HulaHips83 Posts: 129
    Sexy undies for my man
    Tiny bikini
    Shirts that don't look like maternity clothes
  • SKINNY JEANS...that show every inch of my new and improved behind :)