Do I NEED To Join A Gym?



  • BenderFitness
    I do all of my workouts at home. I have a website with free videos of all of my workouts if you need ideas: or

    I think it depends more on what motivates you. I like working out at home because there isn't any excuse for missing a workout. :)
  • BigGuy47
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    No need for a long term gym contract.
  • johloz
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    You need to do whatever gets you moving. I have found that paying for a gym membership motivates me to go -- don't want to waste my money! But if you are able stay consistent with home workouts, you can get into great shape without a gym membership. Running and body weight exercises (like push-ups, lunges, burpees, etc) can get you in great shape without the need for a gym membership. I also use workout DVD's (esp. Jillian Michaels) for great at-home workouts. That being said, if you are not being consistent with working out at home, it may be helpful to go to a gym. Especially when you become a "regular," you start to learn familiar faces and get to know other gym goers, which to me is a great motivational factor. I met my workout buddy at the gym, and now we exercise together regularly outside of the gym. Like I said, the best kind of exercise is the kind that you DO!
  • stfriend
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    I currently work out at home as I have a fully equipped gym and I have begun "walk-jogging" on a nearby trail. I do not, as a rule, like gyms because they make me feel self-concious (SP?) and claustrophobic. However, I may start using the one where I work (hospital) when the days get shorter. We only have one vehicle and between our 2 schedules running the trail in daylight will be virtually impossible most of the time.

    That said, if you don't want to join a gym, you don't have to. If you're just starting you can pick up a set of adjustable hand weights at Wally-World for about $40 or just start with body weight exercises. I can recommend several cardio DVDs if you'd like. If you do want to join a gym check and see if there is one you can use at a hospital, or if you're near a university check there. Where I am both options are super cheap. At the hospital, for employees, its $3 a year. $10 for nonemployees.
  • 10acity
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    Plenty of people have lost significant amounts of weight and built lots of muscle by working out entirely outside of a gym. I say if you have the motivation, DO IT! I'm sure there are tons of people around here who have great suggestions.

    I'm a gym person. I hate paying for it every month, but over the years I have learned that my personality (or whatever) is just so that I require a gym membership. It's just the only thing that gets me to actually work out consistently. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm paying for it and feel like I need to use it for that reason, or what. But it's what works for me.

    I have quite a few MFPs who've seen incredible results without stepping foot in a gym. I really think the key-- with both exercise and eating-- is to just figure out what motivates you to stick to it. Find whatever that is and get to it! :flowerforyou:
  • Moriarty_697
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    I definitely sympathize with and understand the gym users who keep their memberships as motivation. I've started taking running clinics with the Running Room for exactly the same reason. That sense of obligation sure goes a long way towards getting me up off my butt.
  • lpeterson
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    I workout at home and I like it a lot better. I run around my neighborhood and bike on a nearby bike trail for cardio and I have a bowflex dumbbell set and a bench for strength training. I enjoy at home by far more than a gym as I can lift without anyone around in front of my TV and I enjoy doing cardio outside instead of a treadmill or stationary bike.
  • shortcaketx
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    I workout at home now. I presently am doing Jackie warners 10 by 10 which is free weights and jump rope and running either outside or treadmill. I was at the gym up until I got a treadmill for my house, now I dont go at all. I would rather invest in my own equipment and have the option to workout whenever. when I was at the gym I couldnt get there till 7:30 pm, and childcare was only till 8 plus childcare wasn't that great either. I also do alot of dvds normally . I ride my bicycle in the neighborhood or walk. I will b starting insanity next month where u dont need any equipment. I say if ur not highly motivated yet join a YMCA where u r not stuck in a contract and it is based on ur income, and keep in mind this is a lifestyle so u should invest in home eguipment so there is never an excuse not to workout.

    Gym neg- cost, childcare's normally arent that great, hours r not always convienent, gas cost, other people.
    gym pos- has childcare, fitness classes, I enjoy some of the machines better for certain moves, trainers
  • DanaDark
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    You can do cardio anywhere... you definitely do not need a gym.

    What a gym does bring is many machines and lots of free weights at your disposal.

    For strictly weight loss, I would suggest you do cardio by running around the block a couple of times. As well, go get yourself one or two free weights that are pretty heavy in your opinion (Something you can lift 6 to 10 times). The weight training will just encourage your body to use more fat for energy since it sees muscle being actively used.

    If you decide you eventually want to start full weight training (You'll need a calorie surplus, this should be done AFTER you've lost the fat you want to), then a gym is the way to go.

    On the plus side for a gym, the cost does sort of motivate you to go...
  • to_the_surface
    Short answer: no need for a gym. Key is to find out what would motivate you to workout.

    Gym Pro: Some people find that paying and/or having to drive to it is motivation to workout. Specific machines and other amenities depending on facilities (swimming pool, etc). If beginning, help from a trainer could be a good thing

    Gym Con: Cost, and added extra expense that could be done without. Requires more prep time (driving both ways, etc)

    Home pro: No cost ( if using weights then a one time expense in Craigslist or Wmart). Very little prep time. Convenient. Plenty of material to use as guidelines widely available (online, smartphone apps, etc)

    Home con: Need discipline. There are more distractions that could easily veer you off working out.
  • Mayor_West
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    I've always used a gym and probably always will, but that's just me. Having literally TONS of weight at my disposal, without having to buy myself and find room for at home, is definitely a perk.

    But, considering that cost is a primary factor for you in terms of whether or not you can join, let me say this- not all gyms are either the same, be it in terms of membership costs or total features. When I was unemployed several years back and money was tight, I was able to work out at my local community center for FREE. The place was kinda small, the equipment was old, but considering that I was able to work out the way I normally do and it didn't cost me a dime, I didn't complain once.

    So, my advice to you is this- explore all the options in your area. You may find a gym where you can get in a good workout and pay little to nothing, or at the very least, a lot less than what you'd think you'd have to pay. If not, then like a lot of people have said, you can still get in a workout at home without a gym.
  • Ely82010
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    I love the gym!! I can modify and change my workouts, work with all kind of free weights, get in the treadmill and row machine, and use all the equipment that I don't have at home. Being in a "fitness" environment really motivates me and gets me out of the house. I could never have at home all the equipment available at the gym.

    I did JM DVDs at home and I found it really difficult to get motivated; I had to push myself to push “play. But we need to do what is best for us, and what keep us motivated to keep exercising. For my it is the gym, working out at home is not fun for me.

    Have you try to local YMCA or a community center in your area? My girlfriend works out at the YMCA because since she is not too "consistent" with her routines she didn't want to join and pay a gym membership.
  • cue_chik
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    Thank you everyone for your responses! I think at this point I am motivated all by myself, I dont need the gym for motivation... just wasnt sure that an 'at home program' was going to be as beneficial. BUT, now I have decided, yes- it is! Ive seen some pretty amazing success stories on MFP... and alot of them were people who did it all on their own, without a gym membership!

    I think thats exactly what I am going to do. I've seen several people remark on how successful they were with P90X... so I think I will give that a try!

    Thanks again to you all... it was a great help in making my decision!
  • JNick77
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    I really want to get back into my fitness program (have 60 LBs to lose) but I'm very hesitant to join a gym, mostly because of the cost. Is it possible to get the same types of workouts/results by working out at home?

    I'd like to hear both the pro's and con's. Do you workout at a gym or at home? if at home, what types of exercises do you do? If at a gym, whats the benefit versus working out at home in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond :)

    Nobody NEEDS to join a gym but if you want to get the best results possible you should join a gym. Unless you can get a fairly equipped weight set with a half rack and whatever cardio videos you want to get (Insanity, PX90, etc) then yeah you can do it at home.
  • SPNLuver83
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    No you don't I didn't!!!

    check out my you tube video! :)
  • islandmonkey
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    Personally, I find that a gym helps when it comes to group fitness classes - I get more motivated, I work harder, I work out for longer.

    However, I am also very lazy. :) So if I'm tired or rushed it's easy to let the gym slide.

    I've been having great success with circuit-style workouts at home, using small free weights and body-weight bearing activities. I found the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred a great starting place and motivator - you can find it for free on youtube (I watch on my ipad).

    As others have said it's really about what works for you!
  • halejr23
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    I used to go to the gym but had a few issues with it.
    1. Was not going enough because had to get home from work, change and get motivated to leave again
    2. I found too many people go to socialize instead of workout and are not considerate about those waiting for the machines they are "sitting" on
    3. Too many people do not clean off the station when done - nobody wants to sit in someone else s sweat

    A couple years ago I started working out form home. It is convenient and since I do it at 5am I have no distractions. I get my workouts done in an hour or less - these same workouts used to take me 2 hours at a gym.

    Of course the only reason it worked for me is I found workout DVDs I liked. If you do not find something you lie to do chances are you will not stick to it.
  • ellie319
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    I love going to the gym and I dont mind paying the monthly dues and I will not work out at home Im just not motivated to do it at all!!! I need some accountability.But to each his own,for some it may not work that way.
  • deannaborunda
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    I love the gym! I go 5 days a week and not only does it help me lose weight and get healthy but it's time for myself. Sometimes us moms get caught up with the day to day stuff that we forget to do something for us. The gym is the only me time that I have, so I love it!
  • WarriorCupcakeBlydnsr
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    Thank you everyone for your responses! I think at this point I am motivated all by myself, I dont need the gym for motivation... just wasnt sure that an 'at home program' was going to be as beneficial. BUT, now I have decided, yes- it is! Ive seen some pretty amazing success stories on MFP... and alot of them were people who did it all on their own, without a gym membership!

    I think thats exactly what I am going to do. I've seen several people remark on how successful they were with P90X... so I think I will give that a try!

    Thanks again to you all... it was a great help in making my decision!
    If I can make one other suggestion, if you want to be in a "group" setting and in some cases get classes at little or no cost, check out for fitness groups. One of my groups has trained instructors that give the Insanity classes for free (unless you're a trainer taking the class), if I want to do Zumba, I'm in a group that it's $8 a class so I can go as I please, and I'm in a walk/jog/bike group that meets once a week to walk/jog/bike at local parks. Some of the groups will make arrangements with certain studio for an introductory class for a low cost too, I took a kickboxing class for $10, the studio that I dance out of hosted a meetup group for bellydancing for $10, one group even did a pole dance class. One group I'm in does volleyball once a week ($2) and about once a month we have a kickball game (also $2) There's no commitment, you just rsvp to your group that you're going and you go, if you don't want to, can't, or can't afford to, then you just don't rsvp or rsvp no. I will caution that some of the groups do charge an annual fee to be in the group (the most that I've seen is $10/year) so check that out.