The time has come



  • nwhitley
    nwhitley Posts: 619
    Wow! You must be sooo proud of yourself! Awesome job!
  • sgoessling
    sgoessling Posts: 119
    WOW!! You look great!! Congratz on all your hard work!
  • aimeeinohio
    aimeeinohio Posts: 301 Member
    WOW you look awesome!!!
    And, it's good that it took you will be easier to maintain!

    YOU ROCK! :drinker:
  • delilah47
    delilah47 Posts: 1,658

    Holy cannolis woman!!!

    You give me hope. What a perfect 'before/after'! Congrats!!!

    (I'm not one to over-use exclamation marks, but you deserve every one of these!)
  • liog
    liog Posts: 347 Member
    Oh my gosh! You look a-freaking-mazing! If I can look half as good as you I will be over the moon. Congratulations!
  • Just_Dot
    Just_Dot Posts: 2,310 Member
    Holy sh! look frelling amazing!!!
  • shannonmch
    shannonmch Posts: 194 Member
    Wow!!!!! Congratulations!
  • ksun10
    ksun10 Posts: 76
    you look absolutely AMAZING!! you should be so proud of yourself!!!
  • anashar
    anashar Posts: 67 Member
    You look hot. Nothing but great things to say about the pics and your journey - congrats :)
  • yelpat
    yelpat Posts: 414 Member
    Amazing transformation. Thanks for sharing !
  • sillygoose1977
    sillygoose1977 Posts: 2,151 Member
    Thanks, everyone! I was shocked when I finally looked at these pictures side by side.
  • shimewazaMan
    shimewazaMan Posts: 413
    WOW!!!!!!!! You look absolutely amazing. (And I LOVE the ink!!!!)
  • congratulations on reaching your goal, you are an inspiration !
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,852 Member
    You look amazing!!! Great job!!!!!
  • Fat_2_Fit_Mommy
    Fat_2_Fit_Mommy Posts: 569 Member
    You look fantastic!!!! You don't look like the same person anymore and you look wayy younger now!!! Great job on your success!!
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