Naked housework



  • LooseWheel
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    Indeed, you go girl! I used to say my mantra with forced effort. Looking at the reflection in the mirror and reciting the words, "I am a strong, Independent and Beautiful woman". My insides were saying and my outsides weren't seeing or believing it. The power of thought works wonders. Now I can wink and wolf whistle at the sexy beautiful woman looking back at me every morning. Regardless of the outside, the inside is screaming out Sexified Woman!! Awesome to love yourself before all others. How can we say we love someone else if we dont first love ourselves. Get self centred y'all. Its fricken awesome for self esteem ;)
  • britlocs
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    lol yeh nakedness is awesome and more comfortable.
  • Newf77
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    If you are running around naked and lonely I can come over and keep you company.
  • lauragoat
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    Had to laugh at this...for a minute i thought my friend had joined...last year she got caught by someone pulling in their driveway...ran to get something to put on and slipped and broke her foot!!! Be careful and for goodness sakes dont be naked with fuzzy socks on!!! :laugh:
  • LooseWheel
    LooseWheel Posts: 211 Member
    I do chores and sleep naked and have been trying to get my husband to do the same but the silly man did it once while he was frying bacon. he vows to never do it again. there are some chores done better with clothes on to avoid injury

    Bugger bugger. There is still a way to be a naked chef at home for other lovely in your life. Be naked and wear an apron! What a nice treat though, hope you get that again!
  • karenjoy
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    time to put that feather duster down and get myself some lunch...:blushing:

    Shout out to all my naked friends, yay....

    PARTY....:laugh: :drinker: :bigsmile:
  • ivan1964
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    I dont see anything wrong with it I enjoy it too when I can but with kids thats not very often
  • jfinnivan
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    As seen on Seinfeld: There's good naked and bad naked.
    Good naked: Brushing hair, stretching, etc.
    Bad naked: belt sanding the floor, having a hacking cough, etc.
  • rachgolds
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    Naked at home...always ok!
  • briebear77
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    No pics? SMH :( lol
  • trojanbb
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    always. I prefer boxer briefs though.
  • _Triple_S_
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    I'm alway naked around the house in the morning and at night...and even had to exercise naked becuz of some bi***
  • MireyGal76
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    now that I am separated and have my own place.. when the kids arent home.. the clothes come off! I keep a few on til bed time (have lots of windows and neighbors close by) but at night I've become addicted to sleeping buff.

    I think housework may indeed be next (just gotta get curtains for the two patio doors!!
  • _the_feniks_
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    Any lady who would like to come over and clean my house naked... I'll repay you buy washing your car naked.
  • cdngirl71
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    When I am at home, I wear little clothing if any at all!! Ha ha.
  • 7funnygirl7
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    Any lady who would like to come over and clean my house naked... I'll repay you buy washing your car naked.
    Would you travel to Ontario?? :bigsmile:
  • _Triple_S_
    _Triple_S_ Posts: 258 Member
    Any lady who would like to come over and clean my house naked... I'll repay you buy washing your car naked.

    I'm on way...I will even hand mop the floor
  • gwduker
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    This morning I am mostly wandering about my house naked, now that is a huge change, I am alone :cry: but I used to not feel comfortable enough to do this, but now I feel so much better about myself, I don't even have to hide from me! :drinker:

    Anyone else feel like this?
    I'm a HUGE fan of this....BTW, what's your addy?? :tongue:
  • bikermike5094
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    i tried it once when everybody was away. think I traumitized my little papillion though... she wouldnt sit on my lap for a week.
  • gloryofthis
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    Pics or it didn't happen...


    this guy, is a legend =]