365 Days on MFP - 71 lbs = 1 Very Happy Kyli!



  • Wow Kyli! That's so amazing! Great work girl!
  • KyliAnnHobson
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    Thank you, all! :smile:
  • ValkyrieFD
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    wow, those are some of the best before and after shots I have seen. Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on your dedication!
  • virgogirl916
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    Wow, you look amazing....so pretty :)
  • IDFitz
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    Amazing. Very well done!
  • Mishadijo
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    wow... thank you for sharing. In reading your post i've see so many parallels from a challenge perspective to when I started 70 days ago. So nice of you to take the time and share your wonderful story. And the results are very obvious in both the joy in the words and the amazing story the pictures tell aso.

    Very inspiring.
  • LizHowerton
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    Congratulations! Beautiful.
  • Tat2dDom624
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    Happy Anniversary! You look fantastic!
  • rwwerner
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    Incredible, what an inspiration!!!
  • sweetsobright
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    You have done do good girl!! You are the first profile I have looked at. I joined last year but as of last month just got serious. I have a very long way to go but you have inspired me!!
  • 57silverfox
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  • T_Marie4
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    Congrats - you look fantastic!
  • Congratulations! You are beautiful and an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  • aippolito1
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    Wow, you look fabulous, and I love that you did everything gradually! That's what worked for me in the beginning 'til I got sidetracked. :\
  • wgn4166
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    What an inspiration!! You are beautiful!!!!
  • JEMP65
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    Absolutely amazing! You look fabulous! Be so very proud of yourself.....I'm so happy for you!
  • Orangeamy
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    A lot of your "before" story sounds very familiar. Thank you for sharing!
  • Melissasussasia
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    You look great! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Amazing!
    Your sw is 2 pounds shy of mine.
    You look great, Thanks for the inspiring story.