What's your favourite newly discovered food?



  • AllTehBeers
    AllTehBeers Posts: 5,030 Member
    Almond milk. I've never had it before but its all my SO drinks, no milk because of lactose intolerance. Its not bad at all, especially for only 30 something calories. I eat it in my cereal.
  • bhankiii
    bhankiii Posts: 217 Member
    Wild boar. Low fat, high protein, yummy.
  • icreate
    icreate Posts: 60
    monde nissin butter coconut biscuit :love:
  • allisonmrn
    allisonmrn Posts: 721 Member
    Bob's Red Mill High Fiber Oat Bran....even my mom laughs at me when I tell her what I am eating....lol
  • apriltrainer
    apriltrainer Posts: 734 Member
    Kale chicken salad with red onions,avocado, cashews and hummus in place of dressing. So yummy and filling I had it for almost every lunch and dinner a few weeks ago. Currently still in my lunch rotation!
  • Monkee_Magic
    Monkee_Magic Posts: 32 Member
    bump this for some tasty ideas later. thanks
  • I recently discovered the joys of potato salad. I like mine with salt and pepper on, but it's really delicious!
    MJLPAA Posts: 32 Member
    Sliced Apples and Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter! Yum!
  • alasin1derland
    alasin1derland Posts: 575 Member
    bump for later
  • noreen2012
    noreen2012 Posts: 39
    What is refrigerator oatmeal?
  • Rockmyskinnyjeans
    Rockmyskinnyjeans Posts: 433 Member
    Coconut Water or Dark Chocolate Roasted Almonds
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    coconut oil
    organic steel cut oats
    cod liver oil
  • Skyeburn
    Skyeburn Posts: 10
    Yoomoo Frozen Yoghurts

    had the chocolate one last night, was pleasantly surprised, they are now my alternative to ice cream since the 150ml tub was like 150 kcal and a 150ml tub of Ben and Jerry's is 300 kcal

    also mushrooms since they are so low calorie and can really bulk out a meal
  • shaycat
    shaycat Posts: 997
    Mine is hummus.
    Some are just 35 calories for 2 tbsp. I eat it with celery for a low calorie snack.

    For dessert I do 1/2 cup cottage cheese with berries and a tiny bit of honey.
  • dslindy
    dslindy Posts: 17
    I wouldn't have been able to do this without my I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray!!!! LOVE it; LOVE it!!! I especially love it for either breakfast or lunch on top of instant whole grain cream of wheat (which is so filling and satisfying with lots of fiber and protein stats), maybe a sprinkle of grated cheese on top if you'd like. I actually "pour" it on by opening the bottle; sorry, I'm almost addicted to it. It's great on veggies and cob corn, even on toasted whole grain raisin bread with cinnamon, mmmm! It really has a great buttery taste and hardly any calories (if you had a normal serving, but it's been working anyway).
  • stephyj528
    stephyj528 Posts: 93 Member
    spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti! very good
  • wftiger
    wftiger Posts: 1,286 Member
    Spaghetti squash, kohlrabi, papaya. Probably the 3 best finds I have had. Besides the Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper salsa that is my favorite condiment ever.