365 Days on MFP - 71 lbs = 1 Very Happy Kyli!



  • les104
    les104 Posts: 22 Member
    You look amazing!!!!!
  • lolamwest
    lolamwest Posts: 40
    This is Phenomenal! You rock :)
  • wifeyy
    wifeyy Posts: 488 Member
    WOOOOOW Well done!!!
  • horrorghoul
    horrorghoul Posts: 59 Member
    You are who I hope to be in a year!
  • Reneefit135
    Reneefit135 Posts: 170
    Happy Anniversary! So inspiring and i am sooo jealous :)
  • smsip7510
    smsip7510 Posts: 3 Member
    This is easily the most inspirational weight loss story i've seen in a very long time! It's people like you that motivate people, pull people from the depths of depression from obesity, and give them hope that with some patience, and effort anything is possible :)
  • KyliAnnHobson
    KyliAnnHobson Posts: 551 Member
    Thank you all so much!!! I have this thread bookmarked so anytime I'm having a bad day I can read through it! :smile:
    HILLIO1 Posts: 12
    WOW!!! You look AMAZING!!! I hope to be able to say the same in a year!!! I've fallen off track and gotten discouraged, but reading posts like this, SEEING the results of DOING it, makes me feel like I can DO IT!!! Thank you!
  • jenslife82
    jenslife82 Posts: 229
    Great job!! You were beautiful before and after!! I bet u feel amazing and healthier :) Ty for the inspiration!!
  • your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look fab, god bless gillian!!!!!
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    wow you look amazing!!!! such an inspiration! I myself have starte to love jogging so gradually i will get to the running!!
  • Gerald_King
    Gerald_King Posts: 2,031 Member
    Awesome way to go
  • KyliAnnHobson
    KyliAnnHobson Posts: 551 Member
    Thank you!!!! :happy:
  • Lissette_Brooks
    Lissette_Brooks Posts: 173 Member
    Congrats on your success. You look amazing. :)
  • KyliAnnHobson
    KyliAnnHobson Posts: 551 Member
    Thank you!!!:smile:
  • mrsbiscuit
    mrsbiscuit Posts: 19
    A very inspirational post!! I have a very similar situation to yours, so that gives me hope. My very active job is helping me on the road, too! :)
  • Healthy_4_Life2
    Healthy_4_Life2 Posts: 595 Member
    Wow!!!! You look amazing. You hard work paid off!!!
  • veryoutspoken
    veryoutspoken Posts: 8 Member
    wow , good job keep up the great work... you are an inspiration
  • You look like two totally different gorgeous women! Amazing job. You deserve every bit of all the heart-felt congratulations you're getting. What you have achieved is fantastic. Doesn't it rock to know you have it in you to transform yourself?
  • alliwithaneye
    alliwithaneye Posts: 163 Member
    Holy crap you don't even look the same!! I am in awe. Your journey is so inspiring and you look amazing! I hope one day I can have a post like this :)
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