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  • I'm doing Cathe FRIEDRICH's STS program....I Love it, you do a 1 rep max calculation before beginning the program...3 meso cycles: ENDURANCE, HYPERTROPHY, and STRENGTH....I'm about to start meso 3...I just wish I had you in my corner to cheer me on!!!!
  • Chalean is awesome! Did 2 rounds of it...Go heavy or go home!.... (she says that a lot, lol)
  • I do ab ripper every other day...
  • I wear mine...always. Strength training can have a big cardio affect! My heart rate is almost as high working my legs as it is when I do cardio
  • A little FIRE 60 is what I did today~ I think that's my favorite of them all...ya will love her energy and the music!
  • hey Debbie~..I've been using shakeology for over a year now...I've tried many different protein shakes in hopes of finding one that is even close to the taste of it. I do feel that its expensive when compared to many other ones, but those "cheaper" ones that i have bought are awful and im actually mixing half shakeology…
  • I eat pure protein bars....they are good, 180 cal..4.5gm of fat..20g of protein.. 17 carbs
  • Yummy sounding chicken recipe!
  • congrats on those 6 pounds you have lost. I think that its sooo hard to try to eat right, esp if you have people in your life that don't really care about what they put in their mouth. It makes it hard to stay focused and keep your willpower. I TRY to follow a plan from a book i recently read. Jackie Warner is a fitness…
  • you cant beat CATHE FRIEDRICH.. she has awesome workouts, I'm doing her STS right now and love it. I also love Turbofire and Chalean Extreme. you can watch clips on utube or collage video. Cathe, in my opinion, cant be beat as far as strength training goes.
  • I have the same polar as you and dont exercise without it.. i HAD 2 fitbits, one that i lost while working in the yard so i bought a replacement and washed it!.. I wish i had another one, I wore it from the time i got up til i went to bed. I'm a nurse on a busy med/surg floor and loved seeing how many miles walked/…
  • I like to use protein shakes because I am very busy throughout the day and its something i can make quickly and go... I've tried: SHAKEOLOGY Jay Robb Lean 25 (gnc) Myofusion My very FAVORITE is shakeology, but its sooo expensive. So i mix it with the ones listed above. I've just been trying to find one that is decent that…
  • Jackie Warner, she is a celebrity trainer has a book "This is Why your Fat".. great book with great concept. Eat clean all week and have 2 cheat meals on the weekends. That's what i do so that I dont feel deprived. She says you must eat clean during the week for this to work.
  • just started using it yesterday... great!.. i'm using it in my protein shakes
  • I Have a POLAR that I use with my workouts~love it!
  • @smokinjackd....I LOVED my fitbit...lost it doing yard I ordered another one. Forgot about it and washed didn't survive. I would order another one if I found a sure fire way to remember to take it off before tossing clothes in washer, I had post-it notes on washer, in bathroom and closet~ just kept…
  • I have A question about the omron hj-112 just got it last night and took it with me to's so different from the fitbit that I had. It had good ratings and for 20 bucks, I had to try it but the calorie part is confusing. My fitbit would display calories burned throughout the day...not this one. Called the support…
  • mine just came in the mail this afternoon, you got a much better than i did on amazon~ anxious to try it!
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  • My knees ache like during the night after I've done a lot of Cardio or ran ..I've also have worked as a nurse for 16 years on a med/surg floor so those years of pounding pavement hasn't helped...i did take glucosamine from the NOW brand, didn't find it helpful...have taken TRIFLEX (i think thats the name from gnc…
  • I'm a snacked also! Love me some hot tamales, mike &ikes, peanut butter m&m' I need to go on?? I try to give those things up during the week and use weekends for those guilty pleasures :) I also love to snack on fiber one bars, sf jello with lite cool whip, and a low carb yogurt I recently found...
  • Hey ladies~ I'm hijacking your thread again.. Have another question about Cathe's workouts....what's a good DVD similar to kick, punch, and crunch? Have any of you done the kick boxing one? Thanks in advance!
  • hey! I LOVE Cathe and am also doing STS...just started phase 2 today...hope things are going well for you!
  • I've been working out at home since last was a chore to drive 20 min to the gym and rush through a workout..thankfully, a friend pointed me in the direction of Chalene johnson and I started doing CHALEAN EXTREME, then TURBOFIRE and now I'm doing CATHE FRIEDRICH's STS... I love to workout at home.. So convenient…
  • Arkansas~
  • Hey and welcome...I've not been a mfp user until recently either...I really like how it has helped me see what all I consume, especially breaking it down into percentages of fats, carbs, and protein...I too hope that your health/heart issues are resolved. Maybe I can be of some support to u if u need it!
  • Hey Rochelle! Im somewhat new to mfp and really like this community..I could use some friends also :) I started my weightloss journey a few years ago and love to workout..I just need help with my eating!!! Ugh... I've been eating very badly this summer with kids out of school, bbq's, camping, vacation, game nights... But…
  • What about .... Great site!
  • I've been reading about it all weekend... Think it's a good idea..I want to do it!
  • I love CATHE also... 2nd week of STS... It's great!...have done chalean extreme also and p90x...but STS is my favorite!
  • It says 155 fat gm and 442 carbs, i really hope that's not right!