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    Hi Ladies ~ TGIF :drinker: :drinker:

    I made my workout appt with myself last night and I was so glad! As I’ve mentioned before it bugs me all day if I miss in the a.m. so I was able to get in Cardio Kicks, which was good. :bigsmile: It actually felt kind of easy .. I guess that’s a good thing. The time flew by and then DH got home from his meeting and we BBQ’d some fresh Sockeye salmon that he recently caught … No workouts this eve. After my hair appt we are headed to a friends “50th” B-Day party. My DH is next …. October. :noway:

    Laurie: I’m leaving early today too! :happy: I had to reschedule my hair appt and 3:00 today was the only one she had. So I skipped lunch breaks a couple times this week so I can leave early! Can’t wait … to leave early and of course for the hair to be prettied up! Sounds like you had a great workout today. It is amazing how fast I can move right into my own routine with sleeping, etc. when DH is gone. His Fall fishing (because he guides as his other job) will begin in about 5 weeks. That is when he is gone the longest so it will be back to just me again.

    Laurel: Welcome Back!!! :bigsmile: So great to hear from you and it sounds like you had a great time. Watching the golf sounds amazing and I’m sure a gorgeous course. I am not surprised at all that you were able to get your workouts in just after a few days of being there. That’s so awesome….. you’re inspiring me to figure something out while I’m in LA next Wed-Sun. If I can find a space to do some Insanity or HiiT workouts I have saved on my Ipod. We’ll see. With her little guys in the house & my mom there it makes it tough to find an empty space. Maybe outside like Laurie did! How did you like To The Max? :wink:

    Our weather is scheduled to be in the 90’s – 100 tomorrow. I guess since our summer started so late we are having hotter temps for a little while longer. NOT complaining though! I love it. :bigsmile: I will be sad to see it end.

    Erika ~ Hope you are feeling better today! :flowerforyou:

    Hope you all have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday.
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    Hi Ladies!

    Just a quick check-in as it's a busy day at work already! :ohwell: I am feeling better (at least no fever), but now the congestion is settling in. I did skip workouts all week last week, and started up yesterday with 4DS bi's/tri's. I have plans to get some cardio in tonight, if my legs will allow it. I've had a horribly sore quad and calf for over a week, and found out it's a running injury off of a running website. The cure is to run downhill, as it has something to do with releasing the muscle? I'll see if I can attempt that tonight. I'm thinking I need to move back to evening workouts again, as the AM tireds are horrible. I'll try it out this week and see how it goes.

    Tami--Ugh, that hot weather, we are officially done with it here, I think! :bigsmile: It has been absolutely perfect sleeping weather (down into the upper 40's) and into the mid 70's during the day. Can't get any better than that. Sorry your sleep was disrupted from Mr. Snory Pants :laugh: , I have the same problem. My hubby has a CPAP and it comes loose during the night if he rolls over, and it is louder than his snoring. I've been losing lots of sleep because of it. Might be time to move back into the spare bedroom for awhile! :ohwell: Great job on the workouts too!!

    Laurel--Welcome Back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time away with DH! :bigsmile: I hope you have an easier time getting back into your workouts than I did when I came back! I am still struggling! Sounds like you're on par to be back to normal after To the Max though! I hope that water is all fixed for you!

    Laurie--Great job on the Skogg workout, that's a good feeling to have some sore muscles! :bigsmile: I hope you had some time to relax this weekend.


    Have a good one!

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    Hi Ladies! Slowly but surely getting back into the routine of things. I did end up getting my workout finished on Friday after the water guy left (everything is better there, thankfully!) by doing High Reps. I enjoyed it, and it felt good to be lifting some weights again. Saturday was a day off, but DH and I golfed, and that walk felt good!

    I started P90X2 yesterday with the first workout....X2 Core. I really am going to have to grow to like the warm-up he does for these workouts because it seems to go on forever.....but the core (no pun intended) of the workout was really good. It was much tougher than I thought it would be based on the preview, which is good. It really is an all-over body workout that focuses on core. No cardio and no weights, but I felt challenged. I followed it with Cathe's High Step Challenge which felt good.

    Today was P90X2 Plyocide. Again, the warm-up takes some getting used to because it is so long (12 minutes for this workout). But I really enjoyed the structure of this workout. He does five groups of four exercises, the first exercise in each group being non-plyo. Like X2 Core, there is alot (and I mean ALOT) of focus on balance in the workout, which I enjoy but also find challenging. I am not sure I like this as much as Plyo X, but it is different, and that appeals to me. I followed it up with Cathe's Lower Body Blast which is, of course, a fave of mine.

    Tami, I am so sorry to hear about the hot temperatures. We returned home to autumn, and I love it! Like Erika, we have lows in the 40s and highs in the low 80s. It is very nearly perfect right now. After a long miserable summer, I am loving every single second of it. I really enjoyed To The Max. It is tougher than I thought it would be and I love the variety (between the Tabata, the HiiT, the lower body focus, etc) in it. It seems to fly by. It felt really challenging on Friday since I was still getting used to the altitude change. Boy, that's a killer! But I seem to be adjusted now! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    Erika, glad you are feeling better. Don't overdo the cardio, especially with a sore leg AND congestion. You could just end up making both worse. So listen to that body! Sorry to hear you are suffering the morning tireds. That may have something to do with the change of seasons. I know as the mornings get darker and cooler, I have a harder time getting going too.

    Laurie and Michelle, hope you are both well!

    Until tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    Good weekend of workouts! I did Intensity on Sat and then yesterday I ended up doing KCM Circuit Burn … Today is BootCamp! I’ll let you know how it goes … running in the hot sun/pavement, :noway: which I have avoided for a couple weeks now. Our weather is at the end for HOT. This weekend thru tomorrow is the last of it I think. This week it gets down to mid 70’s here and has been cool at night already. I’m sad to see it coming to an end but we do have nice Fall weather typically so that should be good, plus it won’t be too hot to take “the kids” for walks in the evening.

    Erika: Sorry to hear you are still hanging on a bit to the sickness and I’m sure the tired’s are because of being sick. Great job getting some rest for your body and I bet it felt good to do 4DS yesterday! Hopefully running down that hill will help your quad & calf. Like Laurel said, be careful. Oh girl, I would be for moving into the spare bdrm too if I was you. Just the snoring drives me crazy when it happens. He always feels bad about it & it is one of those things but OY-yoy-YOY! :huh:

    Laurel: Sounds like you are getting right back into the swing and congrats on starting P90X2!!! :drinker: I love hearing about it so thank you for the informative reviews so far! The High Step Challenge was probably a great follow-up ~ fantastic job. Your weather sounds perfect! That is how our September’s usually are so we are just right behind you I think. I’m so glad you liked To The Max! It does kind of sneak up on you …. I like the variety as well. Cross Fire is the same way with variety and toughness I would say, really enjoy them both.

    Hello Laurie – Hope your weekend was good!

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow!
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    Hey ladies~ I'm hijacking your thread again..
    Have another question about Cathe's workouts....what's a good DVD similar to kick, punch, and crunch? Have any of you done the kick boxing one? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello Ladies!!! :bigsmile:

    Got my workout in last night...a nice LONG walk with my boys. We tried out a new trail by our house that goes around a smaller man made lake. It was really nice, and I had lots of opportunity to walk down hills, so that helped loosen up my quad/calf. They both feel almost back to 100% today! :bigsmile: The congestion appears to be allergies. I've never had them, but my hubby, me and the boys all are suffering the same thing, but it seems to be just in the morning (we sleep with the windows open).

    Tonight is weights...we'll see what I pick! :wink:

    Tami--Great workouts this weekend! I hope you survived BootCamp, that sounds brutal with the heat. But, glad to hear the weather is going to cool off for you. I ended up sleeping in the spare bedroom last night, and I slept like a rock. The only problem, is our spare bed gives me sore muscles, as I'm so used to our new one. But, I feel much more refreshed today, which is a good thing!

    Laurel--Good job in finishing up the workout after the water guy left! :wink: I think I would have lost my motivation. P90X2 sounds interesting. I didn't enjoy Weider as much as I had hoped, and sounds like it's similar to that as far as lots of core focus without weights. I am curious to hear what kind of results you see from it. No doubt, a great new way to challenge your body! :bigsmile:

    MsPerkey--I don't have any of Cathe's kickboxing workouts anymore, but I think MMA Boxing was a good one. I never tried the Kickboxing one though.

    Hi Laurie and Michelle!

    Back to work! Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Really tired yesterday, and my computer was acting stupid because it was trying to update. :grumble: Today it seems to be doing ok, no flickering screen today. Saturday I did 30 Day Shred Level 1. Nothing Sunday or yesterday. This morning was Banish Fat, Boost Metaboslim.

    Erika, Allergies are suppose to be really bad this year, and coming in early. So I have heard. :wink: Glad to hear that you are on the mend though. Ya on getting in some downhill walking with the boys, they probably where glad to go exploring also. :laugh:

    Laurel, Glad to have you back. :wink: Dang on the P90X2 warm-ups being so long, but cool that the workout itself was good. Maybe you can just do one of his P90X warm ups instead. :laugh: I'm guessing that you can sub in PlyoX if you really wanted to do something like that one. I had heard that there was a lot of balance work in those workouts, really guess he is focused on the core for this series.

    Tami, I'm hoping that your weather is getting on the better side. We have been blessed with some great weather lately, but the humidity is suppose to be back this weekend. Of course it would show up for the weekend. :huh: I really do love walking Cami when it is nice a cool, and she seems to like it a lot more also. Of course she is a snow loving dog, so I'm sure that really is the case. Hope your bootcamp workout went ok with the weather.

    msperkey, I have both the MMA Boxing and Kickboxing. I actually like both of them, some people have different opinions on them. I would say that it probably isn't as intense as KPC, but you can make the cardio sections more intense. I always put weighted gloved on when I do those workouts, so that helps to increase the intensity.

    Only two more weekends left of the faire, and boy am I looking foward to the end! I'm going to be getting my weekends back. :drinker:

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies. Today was a recovery day from P90X2, but, quite honestly, I don't know yet what I'm recovering from because the workouts aren't that tough! At least not yet. So I started my day with Workout 2 from Cathe's Hardcore Extreme (combining Low Max, IMAX3 and KickMax drills) which felt fantastic!! Then I decided to follow it with P90X2 Mobility and Recovery workout....but I could only stick with that for about 30 minutes. It is pretty much a stretch workout....and do whatever feels good. I don't enjoy stretch workouts as it is, so to have one that is pretty much 'spend four minutes stretching your right leg as you like' just isn't for me. Oh, well. So then I popped in CoreMax and did one of the premixes just to feel like I had done something besides cardio today.

    Tami, great job with the workouts this weekend. Sounds like cooler weather is headed your way. YAY! We're supposed to be near 90 tomorrow, but I'm okay with that this time of year because, like you, I'm not quite sure I'm ready for winter yet either.

    Laurie, sorry to hear you were so tired yesterday. No doubt the faire is taking its toll again on you, like it has the past couple of summers. I so admire you for continuing to do it!! Yeah, the warm-ups in P90X2 are different. Like with the workout I did today, I get the feeling that Tony got sold on the foam roller as a stretching technique, so he uses it for much of the warm-up. I'm not big into my warm-ups being only stretching. I much prefer moving for my warm-ups. So I might have to try something different. Yep, there is ALOT of balance work in these workouts so far, but that's okay because I do love balance work. I kind of miss the hard-hitting of P90X, though. I'm hoping to find a little more of that as I progress through the workouts.

    Erika, allergies here are a problem as well. I've been sneezing alot since we've been back and poor DH is taking sinus medication like it is candy. Not fun. So I'm not surprised you are finding the same thing up there. Hope it clears up soon! Glad to hear your legs are feeling better.

    msperkey, if I'm being honest, I will say that Cathe doesn't really have another workout like KPC. It is, without a doubt, my favorite of her kickboxing workouts. If you like the cardio aspect of it, I would suggest Cardio Kicks which is more cardio without as much kickboxing. If you like the kickboxing, her STS Shock Cardio workouts might do the trick.....but they aren't very intense so if you are looking for intensity, don't go there. Her other best kickboxing, unfortunately, comes in 4Day Split (30 minutes of kickboxing in one of the workouts) or CTX (again, 30 minutes of kickboxing in one of her workouts). KickMax is more like her MMA/Shock Cardio workouts with 15 minutes of cardio drills added to the end. It has never been a favorite of mine if I'm being honest, but it is a thorough workout. So....I don't know what I suggest!! :blushing:

    Until tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~

    Last night’s BootCamp was good. We did do a lot of running outside again, but luckily it wasn’t distance ….. sprints 16 times down & back w/ lunge jumps in between.  Then we did our circuits inside which were good and then back out once more for sprints and high skips back …. 8 times down and back. Then circuits again. I was surprised I didn’t burn more calories as much as I was sweating from being outside.   I had several people in the class ask me where I have been, including the instructor …. I guess it’s nice to be missed!  :laugh:   “Last Chance Workout” today before I leave for LA tomorrow a.m.!  Decided to go with a Total Body/cardio workout... I went with Cross Fire Xtreme! :bigsmile: Felt great, definitely a good workout! I did print out some ideas on one of Cathe’s “add-ons” which is a butt blaster along with some Tabata style moves. Hoping to just go outside in the a.m.’s before everyone is up and about and get something like that in. 

    MsPerkey:  To go along with the what the other ladies have already mentioned.  MMA Boxing & MMA Kickboxing are good but I ditto what they said, the intensity is not that high.  Cardio Kicks is a good one and I do love KickMax as well, you might take a peak at that one! If you are looking for more of a true-to-form KB workout then go with one of her MMA workouts.  Hope this helps!

    Erika: Sounds great that you worked out those sore legs!  :drinker: Yay, that’s great news. Sorry to hear that it is allergies but at least you know what you’re dealing with.  Glad to hear you got in a good sleep last night, I bet it felt great waking up refreshed.

    Laurie:  Great job getting in some JM workouts!  :smile: Our weather today is rain, it seems so odd.  Everyone is loving it. 70;s & low 80’s from here through for a while.  I bet you are really looking forward to having your weekends back, only two more to go, that’s great and I commend you for your dedication, that’s awesome! :flowerforyou:

    Laurel: Sounds like you made the workout your own so to speak and made it work for you today :wink: The stretching DVD does sound a bit like :huh: I would have probably moved on as well, that’s a long time to just be kind of doing your own thing.  The balance work does sound like it is good & hopefully the intensity increases. I have a feeling it will.  It’s good that you have the time & you can add on some other workouts in the meantime though.

    I'll check in with you all at some point tomorrow :flowerforyou:


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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Skogg Roots Level 2 and Ladders Level 1. Then I followed that up with Jillian's Yoga Meltdown Level 2. Hope to have enough energy to get in something else after work. Usually by Wednesday I have more energy than at the beginning of the week. :wink:

    Laurel, Interesting about that stretch workout, I don't think that one would fly with me either. I'm not that imaganitive with doing some stretching for that length of time. :laugh: Good job on finding something that you wanted to do though. I was wondering how he was incorporating the foam roller, it seemed like an odd addition to a Tony type workout. I always associated him with the hard hitting workout, just like you said. Hope those workouts start getting to something that you like alot. :wink:

    Tami, :laugh: I love your "Last Chance Workout", that is great. Have a wonderful time with your sister in LA. Sounds like an interesting am workout that you have planned. My oldest dd has been getting exercise ideas from Pintrest. I don't do the pintrest thing, so really don't know what it is all about. One of the workouts she pinned had squats, walking lunges etc... I will have to find it and post it for you to see. I was actually interested in trying it out. :laugh: It sounded like a good workout to do outdoors in the early morning.

    I found one of the workouts she pinned:

    Do these exercises three times.
    10 Push-Ups
    20 Sit Ups
    25 Squats
    20 Lunges (10 per leg)
    80 Jumping Jacks
    60 Sec. Wall Sits

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today was P90X2 Total Body followed by X2 Ab Ripper. They were both really good workouts. The ab workout didn't seem as hard as P90X, but it had some very different moves in it which I liked. And, believe me, it was tough enough! A very nice core routine there. X2 Total Body was my first try at weights in this system, but, again, there was alot of focus on balance. I didn't think I'd like this workout very much when I previewed it because of Dreya (who annoys me) and because I like traditional weight work. But, to my surprise, the workout flew by and while I don't feel pumped because the weights used were light (because of the added balance challenges), I felt it was a really complete total body workout. I'm thinking I will do these first workouts for 4 to 5 weeks because, while I don't necessarily love them, I do think the concept of them (functional fitness) is terrific, and I can see where they will benefit me in the long run. I just have to change my method of thinking when approaching the workouts is all.....because they really are good. I followed those workouts up with TF 55 EZ, which was just too much fun today!

    Tami, glad you enjoyed your Bootcamp class. It must have felt nice to know you were missed. I hope you can do some workouts while you are away. I think your idea of working out outside might be great! Last week, I ended up working out in our hotel room....while DH lay in bed and watched me! Awkward! But I wanted to get it done, so I did. So, hopefully, you can find time and space to do something you enjoy. I'm going to have to try that Cross Fire Xtreme workout. I've done the low impact premix (when we were in Florida) and the regular routine with the core work. I really enjoyed both of them. I love all of the premixes in these new workouts. It makes them very flexible. Enjoy your trip!!

    Laurie, great job on the workouts. Yeah, I'm surprised to see Tony using the foam roller and stability ball so much in these routines, but I kind of like that he does (even though I don't own a foam roller yet). I just think he goes over board with the foam roller, but maybe I feel that way since I don't have one! :laugh: Tony always gives me the impression he just kind of throws together his workouts, but I'm thinking these workouts may have been well thought out and I just need to give them a chance. They are just so different, but I think that may be the best thing about them. He is definintely challenging my body to move in different ways, and I'm surprised how my body is responding. At my age, that's a good thing. And Tony is 52, so he is definitely an inspiration!!

    Erika and Michelle, hope you are well!

    all the best,
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was a good workout with combining 30 Day Shred Level 2 & 3. :bigsmile:

    Laurel, Glad to hear that you enjoyed those two new workouts. Is the Total Body a lot like Core Syn.? Just trying to get a feel for what the workout is like. :wink: Is Tony doing the foam roller at the beginning of the workout? I can see using that at the end for sure. :wink: I have some of his one on one workouts, now those where ones that I felt he threw together. :laugh: I would have had a hard time working out with my DH in the room also, it just isn't a feeling that I am comfortable with. Guess that is why I use DVD's, and whole up in my basement. :laugh:

    Tami, Hope you are enjoying the time with your sister and Mom.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies. I am only half way through my workout today. I had an early meeting and am now waiting for people to come test the house for lead-based paint. :huh: So I am hoping to get more in this afternoon after they leave. But I started the day great with Intensity. I'm hoping to be able to do the P90X2 Yoga later.

    Laurie, Tony uses the foam roller in the warm-up which I find strange and is why I'm having a hard time warming up to these warm-ups! :tongue: He starts the warm-up doing basic moves with a stability ball like twists, squats, lunges, etc and then moves right into deep stretches with the foam roller. Based on what I've read, stretching before working out isn't really effective. And I'm not big on stretching before I'm properly warm, and I don't feel like I get properly warmed up by doing four moves with a stability ball. So....I'm going to have to think about this some more when it comes to the warm-ups. The Total Body workout isn't like Core Synergistics. I would say the X2 Core workout that I did on Sunday is more like that. The Total Body workout is very different and more like Cathe's LIS Tri-Sets (which I don't think you have) than anything else I've done. It is doing things like one armed chest presses while laying on the stability ball. Or doing tricep extensions while holding warrior three. You do bicep curls while in a 1/2 chair position (one leg resting on the other knee and holding chair). So heavy weights aren't key here, but balance is. I understand the philosophy behind it because it is more functional fitness (using your whole body at once), and I see the benefits of that. But I must admit, I'm old-fashioned and like standard lifting. So I'm going to do these workouts for a long time so I get used to it! :laugh: I actually really want to give them a chance so I can understand the benefits because I think if I only do this section for three weeks, I might not see that. Hope that helps!!

    Hope everybody else is well.

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    Hello it Friday yet?!?!? :grumble: I don't know if it's the anticipation of moving into my new role, or just the busy time of year at work, but I am struggling with getting my mind convinced to work every day! It's like a fight going on each day in my brain saying "go to work" or "naw, just stay home and call in sick!" Ugh! If my boss would hurry up and hire someone, I'd be much happier!

    Last night was a walk on the treadie, while finishing up my book! :blushing: I wanted to finish it up, but also needed to get some cardio in, so I multi-tasked. My son couldn't believe I could walk fast (and uphill) while reading. He thinks I'm superwoman! :happy: Tonight will be Jennifer Nicole Lee's Fusion workout...just bought the set, and can hardly wait to start!

    Laurel--Wow, you've had quite the workout distractions this week, haven't you? First the water, and now the paint?!?! I'm glad to hear you are warming up to the P90X2 workouts...they sound really interesting! :happy:

    Laurie--I hope you're experiencing some middle of the week energy boosts! I have been really lacking energy lately, so switched to evening workouts, which is helping. Hopefully I can go back to morning ones soon though!

    Tami--Great bootcamp class, wowsa!!! I love running sprints (long distance, not so much!) and sounds like there are lots of fun moves in between. Wish I had a class like that near me to attend. Sounds like the class enjoys having you there, thus the missing you when you're gone! :wink: Have a fun trip in LA, I love it there!

    Michelle--Hope you are doing well with the new home and the girls back in school.

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    Morning Ladies,

    This mornings workouts where Ripped in 30 Week 2, Skogg workouts Intervals Level 2 and Flow Level 1.

    Laurel, Thanks for the descriptions, know what you are describing now. Jillian does some of those same type of moves in her workouts. In fact I was doing one of those this morning. :laugh: So if you got in a chance to do the yoga, I would really love to know what you thought about it. I had heard that it was not as long, but is it just as good? :wink: He actually is very good at yoga work.

    Erika, Well at least it is TGIF today! :drinker: I did have a little more energy by Wednesday, it gets worse and worse as the years go by. The body just can't take that much anymore. Guess that means that the body is changing, and I don't know what I will do when menopause hits. Can't imagine being in a big dress and having hot flashes. :wink: Hope things proceed faster for the new job!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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    Hi Ladies! So I finished my first week of P90X2 this morning with X2 Balance and Power. It is kind of a blend of X2 Core (which was my first P90X2 workout) and X2 Total Body. It was a good, solid total body workout that, again, focused on balance and core. Some of the moves were pretty tough for me (sphinx to plank with legs up on a stability ball being one that comes to mind). The weights used, when used, were pretty light because the focus was more on control than strength training. So, for instance, he did a one arm row while in Warrior 3, and after doing the row you stand up (on one leg still) into an overhead press. So, obviously, I wasn't using as heavy weight as normal for a row because my strength for those exercises for exceed my strength for overhead presses. But that was okay since I was really trying to focus on just balancing! :blushing: So it was all good.

    But I must admit that I missed my standard strength training this week, so I followed it with Cathe's Push/Pull which actually felt tougher than expected. I'm thinking I'm working my muscles more than I think I am in these P90X2 workouts. Don't know if I'll do that combo again or not. I finished it off with Step Moves which was fun.

    Erika, I'm sorry about the work motivation. It seems like you've been waiting forever for somebody to fill your old job! That's crazy. I hope they find somebody soon. Good job on the treadmill. Hey, multi-tasking works!!

    Laurie, I did get X2 Yoga in yesterday.....and I really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure at first, but the workout really grew on me. Tony still holds some poses longer than I like (I prefer Bob Harper's pace as an example), but the workout really flowed together nicely. It isn't as structured as P90X YogaX, and I like that. And where there are crazy moves (crane into hand stand), there is always a modification, so I didn't find any move completely impossible to do, which is good. It was challenging but felt good at the same time. Tony isn't as serious in this one as in YogaX, and I think that suits him better. All in all, given that this is a completely new form of working out for me, I have to say that P90X2 gets two thumbs up from me right now. It is different, and I don't love everything about it, but I think this week was full of very solid and challenging workouts....but weren't stupidly impossible to do. I have room for improvement, and I like that in a new workout series. But I'm not frustrated saying 'I'm never going to get this!' either. I think that's good for what is, again, a completely new form of working out for me.

    Tami, hope you are enjoying your vacation!

    Michelle, I hope the move is going well.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Morning Ladies,

    No workout for me yet today, we had rain all day yesterday so it added a little weight to the dress. :noway: My feet and legs really are sore today, so I decided to take the morning off at least. Will try to get in something after work, but the tireds just might get to me. I did Yoga Meltdown Level 1 on Saturday morning, and that did feel good. :wink: We are done with the youngests drivers course, so I don't have to go running to drop her off tonight. She did pass her test to get her leaners permit, and on the 19th she will go to the DMV to get her temp liscense.

    DH told the guilde that he will not be director next year, I would say that 98% of the cast stood up and clapped. The few people that didn't can really go right back to high school. :tongue: Can't believe these people are over the age of 40. Anyway one more weekend left, and even though it was raining all day yesterday, I did have a good weekend. :wink:

    Laurel, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying P90X2. Don't know that I will be getting that set, even though it does sound good. I could us more balance. :laugh: Interesting on the muscles being worked that you didn't think. So you do these balance type workouts for the first 4 weeks, then what does the program move on too?

    Have a wonderful day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am starting day #1 with no kids...they are with my in-laws until Thursday night. I thought I'd be really excited to have some time with just my hubby, but I miss my boys terribly! :sad: I haven't been away from them for this long in 3 years...ugh, I think this is going to be a slow week.

    The good side, is that I can workout right when I get home, or an hour after that, or whenever I want. That part, I'll admit, is nice! :bigsmile:

    So, I had 2 really great workouts this weekend, from the JNL Fusion series. I wasn't sure how much I'd like this set, but OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT!!!!! :heart: Sorry Chalene, Cathe, Kelly and others, but this one is now my favorite! Some people are bugged by Jennifer's non stop chatter, but I don't mind it in this set. All workouts are 30 seconds strength, followed by 30 seconds cardio, repeated 3 times. You do 5-6 circuits per DVD, which brings the total workout time to around 30 minutes. You do your own warm up and cool down, which is rather nice, as I can make it as long or short as I want. The DVD's are in splits, so you'll do bi's/chest one day, and back another day, etc. I was soaked at the end of the 2 workouts I did, and felt awesome. So, now it's time to start the official rotation!! :bigsmile:

    Laurie--So sorry about the rain, that had to make for a long day! :ohwell: I hope you're able to get some rest tonight, maybe after your workout? :wink: I bet another round of Yoga would feel good tonight for those sore muscles!

    Laurel--I would be right along with you adding some traditional weight work in after P90X2. I just can't do straight bodyweight workouts, with some good weight workout intermixed. :ohwell: Maybe intermixing the two would be a good rotation!

    Hi Tami and Michelle!

    Back to work, and then home to prepare for date night! Can't remember the last time we had one of those!

  • bajangrl29bajangrl29 Member Posts: 691 Member Member Posts: 691 Member
    Yeah I'm Back and I missed you all:heart:

    OMG it has been a rough month and then hubby had to take some additional weeks for 45 days off:huh: It has been truly one of the worst moves of our 20 year journey and then the damage to our high end pieces were unforgiveable. Apparently they recrated the items from the truck here and damaged our full sleigh bed suite and our dining room set from Neiman Marcus.:mad: Then Time warner internet was not working after installation for a full week, so lack of access has been crazy to say the least:noway: So now that we are settled and the home is arranged minus the 50 plus boxes in the garage:sad: School is now in week 2 and the girls are making friends and we even had a full house all weekend.

    Today started back my workouts after too many late nights of coffee, 3-4 hours of sleep, skipped meals, and a definite weight gain in the last 3 weeks of roughing it, never again! So Bar Method for me as this is the only dvd that is working in the dvd player right now and the only one up and running:laugh: . I found my weights this morning and hopefully will have created a space for exercising by this weekend!

    Erika- JNL fusion series..hmnn will look up that one:laugh: No boys that is a hard one, as my days without the girls have been quiet but lonely:blushing:

    Laurie- Rain has been kicking our butts here also and now we are waiting for the storm to arrive from Florida.

    Laurel- it focused more on weight or cardio or a blending of both?

    Tami- What great rotation have you started and how are the "kids"? Mr. C had a rough time during the move and I even had to sleep holding his leash throughout the night to keep him calm at my in-laws place:ohwell:

    Off to get the girls showered and fed.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies :bigsmile: I missed you all!

    I made it back today! I had a great time at my sisters house. We did lots of touristy things & also hit the beach one afternoon. I did the sight seeing Hollywood Blvd, & Rodeo Dr. The Hollywood sign & of course we took a drive on Mullholland Dr. We spent a couple different afternoons in Santa Monica... Rented bikes one day & just beached it the other. Lots of fun & laughter forsure. I was able to get in my little workout a couple am's but that was it :ohwell: (Squats followed by squat jumps, walking lunges followed by power scissors, plié squats, fire walkers) then I did some push ups & sit ups in my room too. Definitely wasn't a usual workout but it was something. :wink: I arrived home early today & started some laundry while I got in After Burn! Felt so good!:bigsmile I then finished up the laundry, a few groceries were needed so did that as well. I'm tired tonight & hope to get into my own bed early! We had to lv for the airport very early this a.m.

    Michelle: So good to hear from you:smile: sounds like you have had quite a loooooong month. I'm so sorry to hear about your damaged furniture:sad: that is so awful:grumble: great job getting back into the workouts & as you get more settled, back into your routine all will be good! No worries about the lb's lady! You'll have them off in no time. For he stressful time you've been through, don't be too hard on yourself!

    Erika: that is so awesome t hear about your new workouts & your excitement! :drinker: Sounds like you have found something perfect for you. I bet it will be so strange not having your boys :ohwell: but having a few date nights with your hubby & some "Erika" time, I'm sure is way overdue. Enjoy :flowerforyou: Fingers crossed that your new position can be put into action very soon! Oy :noway: I bet you are getting anxious waiting on that.

    Laurie: Sounds like you had a long day the other day... Hopefully you can get some rest for your tired body. ONE more weekend, you're going to make it. Sounds like you have been getting in some good workouts, great job with that! Big congrats to your DD:drinker: I bet she is so excited.

    Laurel: Awesome work finishing up your first week of P90X2!!!! Definitely sounds interesting & a very different approach :wink: I would be with you on missing some weight work. Good to hear its a two thumbs up so far though! I'll look forward to your reviews/descriptions as you continue.:wink: great work as always though!

    Again, Good to be back ladies & to check in with you all:bigsmile: I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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