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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did Skogg Roots Level 2, and Insanity Fit Test. Will be leaving after work to head up north, so that will start the no technology. :laugh: Going to try doing my Insanity/kettlebell workouts outside when I'm up there, will see how that goes. I just can't imagine someone seeing me jumping around. :laugh:

    Erika, I get up at that time also, and it doesn't matter what day it is. I am getting up at that time on the weekends also. :wink: Glad that you enjoyed your workouts yesterday, but didn't have as much fun with a repeat of an Asylum workout. I can tell I'm getting that way with these Insanity workout, so the next month should be a little better with a change of pace. I have been looking at the reviews of The Beast workouts, and they really do sound get so far! These instructors need to STOP making all these workouts that make my brain go I Need, I Need..... :bigsmile:

    Laurel, Glad to hear that you are getting this cooler weather also. I am hoping for some rain for us though. :wink: Doing a little Undulating with you rotation before vacation. :wink: I love it! It sure does sound like a great plan, but now you have to decide on something besides STS! :noway: :laugh: I'm sure that you will find something fun to try out.

    Tami, Major bummer on your fav. class being X'd. :frown: At least they have other options for you, and of course you have those Shaun T. workouts at home too. From what I have heard, they are offering the set without the cycling DVD. Now I just am waiting to find out how much of the step is used. Since this is suppose to be an updated version of CTX, she might have a step workout thrown in there somewhere. :laugh: I read the descriptions of the workouts, but it really didn't say anything about equipment.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I started Meso 1 today with Disk 3/Legs. It felt great despite the fact I worked my legs pretty good yesterday with Afterburn. I kind of am enjoying doing STS backwards because I have lighter weights to look forward to. Of course, by the 15th rep, they don't feel so light! :laugh: I finished my workout with Athletic Step and Core Max 1.

    I won't be checking in again until next week as DH is off the next couple of days. Unfortunately we both have meetings to attend on Friday but are hoping to enjoy a nice day together tomorrow. Of course I will try to get my workout in first though!

    Tami, I am so sorry to hear about your class being canceled. What a shame! But I hope he heals up well to be able to start a class this fall. Injuries are no fun, and I bet he isn't too happy about it either. I am still hoping to do P90X2 when we get back from Florida, but it looks I might be doing a bit of traveling this fall. I am wondering how that will work with the rotation, but I think I am just going to have to make it work right now! I am ready to do this new program! In fact, I will probably finally preview the DVDs next week to get all geared up for it!

    Laurie, enjoy your time without technology. I have my fingers in my ears with you talking about The Beast! I don't need another program, especially with Cathe's new one. But I might just have to look at that one too! Sigh. :tongue:

    Erika, I can say with all honesty that Speed and Agility is my least favorite Asylum far. It was the first Asylum workout I did and it made me really question my purchase of the program. While I don't hate it, I still don't love it. So you aren't alone in your impression of it. What I didn't like is I felt he put moves in that just weren't fun and did them too many times (like the bear crawls). No doubt it is a good workout, but there is absolutely no fun factor in it for me.

    Michelle, hope you are well.

    I'll see you all next week!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :flowerforyou:

    As I promised myself I went home last night and did Insanity’s Max Cardio Circuit so I didn’t feel that I missed out. :wink: It was great! This a.m. was S90 Chest/Shoulders/Tris & tonight will be Spinning for my cardio.

    Erika: You’re getting up with me in the a.m.! :happy: But I usually don’t wake up before my alarm. I bet it feels good and your body is just not needing as much sleep right now! Yes, he hurt his knee. :frown: He actually has mentioned an old injury in his knee from time-to-time and winces when it hurts again but this time was a doozy apparently. You ordered The Beast right? Has it arrived yet? Im looking forward to hearing about it.

    Laurie: Great job on the workouts this a.m. I am very glad I have ST at home …. But yes, a bummer since it has worked so well for Tues pm on my way home. Oh well, it’s temporary & I am sure he is way more bummed than just me missing my class. This is his job/career. I hope you have a nice trip and are able to get in some workouts while you are up there! Enjoy your time! Didn’t you do Yoga out on the dock last year?

    Laurel: Sounds like you have a perfect plan worked out for finishing up STS forsure!:bigsmile: I’m with you on fingers in my ears with the mention of another program. :noway: All this talk about new rotations, new programs, etc. makes me want to change mine up already! :laugh: I was actually starting to think about P90X2 until I saw Cathe’s e-mail the other day. I hope you have a fabulous day with your hubby tomorrow and your Friday meetings go well. Talk to you next week.

    Hi Michelle :bigsmile:

    I’ll check in tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Ladies--For those of you that have Cathe's sliding discs, can you use them on those rubber workout mats? I bought a different brand of them, and they do not work on those, so I was wondering if you know if they work on rubber mats. That is going to be my decision maker on a few Cathe workouts as well as her new XTrain.

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    Morning Ladies,

    Today I was able to get up and get started before the contracto arrived early. After torrential downpours this morning the skies cleared and it seems as if sunshine is headed my way:bigsmile: We were able to get the eldest off to camp and after some disappointment over a few homes the realtor sent this week, I went to bed early with a headache. Of course then hubby comes in and decides now he wants to give 110% to the house search so I'm constantly lifting my head up to view this one or that one, mind yu those were the same ones that were too expensive last week:mad: :grumble: Finally he left me to my sleep so I woke up this morning needing to burn off some frustration which I did on the treadmill for a nice run and then it was Bis, Tris and Shoulders. I do feel better and my contractor is running behind so I need to hit the shower as the water wiil be shut down today while they re-route our pipes. Apparently during the building of our home the contractors took the easy way out with the pipes and ran them in front of the wood versus behind, so today they have to cut, solder and re-route and then start remodeling the shower. We found the leak source and tons of mold so I'm happy that I paid the money and had everything ripped out versus patching the one spot.

    Erika- I have been on an early wagon lately, although I hit the bed between 12am and 1am, my body is up and willing at 5 or 6 in the morning:huh: Now 4am not so much as that reminds me of my work days and my long days:laugh:

    Laurie- Yeah to the No technology zone! Summer means games, computers etc. for the girls and I have to always eventually just shut down all systems and say No to the constant electronics. Oh the horror Mom!:bigsmile: Enjoy!

    Laurel- Yes, household picks up next wednesday and ships on Friday. I hope to get some of the appliances cleaned and whittle down on the food items. Thank goodness the appliances stay so I can at least continue to cook a few meals. I also have to set up carpet cleanins, etc. the time is just about here indeed.

    Tami- Bummer on your favorite class and the instructor's injury:noway: . Thank goodness for dvd collections to fall back on!:laugh:

    Ok off to hit the showers.

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    Hi Girls!!!

    I'm off today (hubby had to have a colonoscopy, so I got to be the designated drive), but got my workouts in early before we left. Cathe Trisets back, bi's and core followed by Michelle Olson's Perfect Legs, Glutes and Abs. That one is gonna hurt tomorrow, esp after my impromtu 2mi run last night at dark! :bigsmile:

    Michelle--Glad to hear you were able to get your workout in prior to the contractor arriving! :bigsmile: Sounds like a big 'ol mess with the bathroom pipes, good thing you found that and got fixed though! Hopefully the house search will get better, I'll send some good house vibes your way! :wink:

    Tami--Yeah on getting your Insanity workout in! :drinker: I did order Body Beast, and it's sitting in my workout room telling me to try it. I think I'm going to scrap my strength workouts for next week and try a few. I was reading a thread on VF where someone asked members to tell her something bad about the set, so she wouldn't feel she wanted it, and no one could think of anything, so I think it will be a good one! I'll have some reviews next week.

    Laurie--Enjoy your time away being totally disconnected! :wink: I think you totally should go for it on the workouts, who cares what others think. Heck, I went running last night and completely peed my pants (thanks to having two 9 pound babies, I have the wonderful bladder control issue) and just kept running past a million cars and all my neighbors!:bigsmile:

    Lauriel--Have fun with the hubby and keep rockin the workouts!! :bigsmile:

    Talk to you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:
    No workout for me this a.m. but will be getting in my workout after work today! Thinking about the Group Strength class. I’m really considering changing up my rotation a bit on the strength training … I’m just not clicking with Tom Holland this month. We’ll see. I just keep wanting to reach for something else :wink:

    Michelle: Sounds like you are in the midst of all kinds of fun :noway: NOT! OY, I’m sorry the house hunt is not going smoothly either but glad your DH is on board now, minus the waking you up to see what he found! Sounds like you got a nice workout in, which always feels better no matter what’s going on. Probably perfect timing for your girls to be at camp. How’s Mr C handling all the excitement?

    Erika: OMG lady! You are awesome :laugh: :noway: on pee-pants and yet you kept going on your run! Great job getting in your workouts this a.m. Hope everything went well with your husband’s colonoscopy. So I made the mistake of going on VF and reading all those comments you mentioned. Sheesh! I want . . . I want … :bigsmile: It does sound really good. Does the set come with DVD Lucky 7 for $89? The only one missing is the Tempo workout from the set right?

    Talk to you all tomorrow ladies ~
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    Hi Tami :bigsmile: No workout for me this morning, but as soon as hubby gets home, he gets the kiddos and I'm off to workout! :bigsmile:

    Sorry Mr. Holland isn't keeping your attention...mine either! I'm trading the set (keeping Tabata and Cardio Challenge) for the 2nd time. I'm done now for good!

    The Lucky 7 DVD did come with the set for $89. I'll let you know what I think next week. I hope I like it as much as everyone else does!!! :bigsmile:

    I hope you were able to make it to class last night and it rocked. Have a good weekend! :bigsmile:
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    I come on to see all of this talk of new programs, rotations, trades for good due to lack of interest:laugh: It has been touch and go with me and it is pretty wierd but with these 3-4 days workout weeks I'm noticing that my LB is actually changing which most of the time we never do. I went to Dillards on Saturday for a break and there were several sales so I purchased several pretty bras including one for my mom. Later that day I sent her a picture of me in sweats with her bra over my strapless bra and she said, wow you are getting so skinny and if I had a stomach like yours I would show it daily:blushing: :laugh: . So of course I went and looked at the picture again and I could see my lines coming back for my pseudo pack:tongue: We see ourselves everyday and it is only with pictures, measurements or the comments of others do we truly see ourselves.

    On saturday I woke up early to do a 30min workout and get to the bank before the contractors arrived, this morning was Amy Dixon's Breathless Body to the Edge, nice and I think I enjoyed this one more or I'm in better shape due to the intervals so the 54 mins was doable:bigsmile: Tomorrow the contractor is back so I will run on the treadmill and then hit my arms with Squeeze Upper.

    Erika- Thanks for the house vibes, I have gotten so desperate that I have started to email listing with No pets to see if they would accept Mr. C since he is crated. So far I have one home that said they would just charge the 300 pet fee. Although smaller it has a great front porch and a sitting area in the back but then we found out the yard has no fence:huh: So unfortunately we had to stop proceedings. Now I'm working on this other home where the wife wanted to charge 500.00 and increase the rent:huh: Keep sending good vibes my way and I should have something soon:bigsmile:

    Tami- Mr C is currently dealing with an ear infection, so there has been lots of warm compresses, vinegar mixtures and then I found that ear medicine I bought from Amazon. Today his swelling is down and he seems to be doing way better than Friday night...TG. I had planned to get him to the vet tomorrow for a physical and meds.

    Laurie and Laurel- Hello and hopefully all is well:bigsmile: We have more storms heading our way and hopefully you are getting some of this rain too.

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    Good Morning!!! :bigsmile:

    Fabulous weekend for me, filled with lots of R&R! :bigsmile: This morning was Body Beast shoulders (I did Back and Bi's yesterday) and a KCM Circuit Burn premix. Saturday was a treadmill sprint session. Loved it!! :bigsmile:

    So, here's my thoughts on Body Beast...It's a good program as far as the actual exercises. I'd say nothing really that different as far as moves, just that you do supersets, drop sets, etc. The pace is pretty fast, with little to no rest in between exercises (I think 1 minute is the most, but you spend that time recovering from the drop set and trying to go get the next 2-3 sets of weights). But, I think the set is going to trade simply because I can not handle the bodybuilder talk/grunting/comments. "Beast Up" is said a million times, he's always flexing or commenting on his awesome muscles, etc. I really miss having a female in the workout too. So, I don't think it's for me. :cry: There are some exercises to build up the traps too, that I skipped, as I don't need bigger traps!

    Michelle--Awesome on the skinny comment!!! :bigsmile: It is so true, we are so hard on ourselves and don't see the changes happening unless they are major. I had one of those moments this weekend too. I got a nice complement from my hubby, boys and my in-laws on how nice my muscles look while I was strutting around at the cabin in my bikini. Made me feel good! :bigsmile: I'm glad the 3-4 day workout weeks are doing the trick for you. I bet not working out a bunch has made your appetite less too, which all works together nicely! I'm finding that cardio every day is my key to success, but it doesn't need to be long. Just short Hiit or Sprints on the treadmill are better than long cardio for my body. Continued luck on the house search, sounds like it's been a challenge, which stinks! :grumble:

    Hi Tami, Laurel and Laurie!

    Talk to you all tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :bigsmile:

    Sorry I missed you all on Friday ~ I ended up doing STS Total Body and went to Spinning that evening. It was a great combo for the day. Weekend was great for workouts, I had lots of fun with both NEW Cathe workouts. Cross Fire on Sat and To The Max yesterday along with Pure Strength: Back/Bi’s. I decided to substitute my strength training with Pure Strength and/or Slow & Heavy, add in some Weider on the shorter workout days and then cardio as I have been. We will see how I like this, but for now it sounds like a good plan. Today will be Boot Camp class after work for my workout. :wink:

    Erika: Congrats to you on your "nice muscles" comments from your boys, I'm sure that made you feel great! Thanks for checking in Friday. I looked for ya earlier in the day and then the afternoon kind of got away from me. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend and some good workouts. Funny that you have already commented about the grunting, etc.. When I read more on this the other day I saw those comments. Also the part about “packing on 10 lbs of muscle” made me re-think this program! Not sure that I want to hear “bro” and “beast up” constantly! :laugh: :huh: :laugh: I’m sorry it wasn’t what you had hoped for, darn it. I think I’m going to not go for it at this point. But I am forsure pre-ordering X-Train!!!! :bigsmile: Very excited about that one.

    Michelle: That’s fantastic to hear that you are seeing some results and that your mom pointed it out to you! :flowerforyou: The skinny comment had to just make your day! I’m sure through very busy times and looking for a new home that stopping to really look at yourself or even think about it was a very nice observation! Congrats to you. :drinker: Glad to hear you enjoyed your new Amy Dixon workout! Sorry to hear about Mr C and is ear infections. I hope he is getting better …. I know I battle ear issues with my Retriever and it is frustrating. :grumble: The ear wash, etc. is a constant. I seem to just get it cleared up and then if she gets herself around water, boom, it’s back.

    Laurie – Hope you had a fantastic vacation! So as far as the “new” workouts for Cathe. Cross Fire will definitely be a go for you I think if you were debating on it, you don’t use the step in this one. To The Max … the step is used a lot. 2 risers and 3 risers. So just something to think about since you are trying to stay away from the step. Both are really fun workouts.

    Hi Laurel :smile:

    Talk to you all tomorrow!
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    Hi Ladies! Sure feels like forever since I checked in. But I had a nice end of the week last week with DH, and got my workouts in both days. Saturday was my day off, and yesterday I did Lower Body Blast with the step portion of 4DS Higher Intensity Step. Today was on to week two of Meso 1 of STS with disk 4/Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. I followed it with Bob Harber's Cardio Challenge. Boy, are my arms fried! That was a tough combo, but I felt like doing something different for cardio.

    Michelle, this is going to be a crazy week for you! Take care. So much fun seeing improvements to the body! How nice is that! Hope something turns up soon on the house front. It is no fun being without a home.

    Erika, thanks so much for the feedback on The Beast. That doesn't sound like a program I would enjoy either as I have a tendency to get annoyed if instructors are showing off. Whew!! I really am trying to stay away from programs right now, so you've made my decision on this one so much easier. Congrats on the compliment from your family on your muscles! Sounds like the hard work on CLX really paid off!

    Tami, sorry to hear you aren't meshing with Tom Holland right now. Sounds like you've come up with a good plan to combat that. Glad you enjoyed Cathe's new workouts. Are the super intense? Just curious what you think of their intensity/impact level and whether they are different enough from what she offered with Athletic Training and Afterburn to warrant the purchase. If I do purchase them, I want to do it when I pre-order X-Train!!

    Laurie, hope you are well!

    See you all tomorrow!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Yesterday was one of those days where tons of things were done through phonecalls but it seems as if nothing was truly done:laugh: I was able to set up immunizations, last dental cleanings, turn off cable, internet and phone service and establish dates, departures, etc. I sold the sectional set to a vendor I use to do business with so that will at least stay until the end as the movers start packing tomorrow. As far as exercise, leg lifts while cooking, tucks while standing, floor exercises while watching the girls play video games has led to a sore booty this morning:blushing: I attempted to hit the treadmill early but hubby's work in the garage until 4am led to my treadmill being blocked:grumble: Hoping to find that burst of energy this afternoon and do some kind of circuit workout.

    Tami- I like your plan...sounds really good and mentally it is obviously what you need to have fun and make changes. As far as that ear infection, on day 3 his earflap had decreased, his scratching was less and he could lift his head correctly. That Zymox product is amazing:love: and I'm happy that I had purchased the 2nd bottle after the infection a year ago. It seems that when my daughter was in the backyard last week playing with him, she turned on the water to refresh him and unfortunately he enjoyed it soo much that with him running back and forth to drink and splash it entered his ears, etc

    Erika- Awesome..strutting your stuff in a bikini, so not ready for that yet. I'm extremely hard on myself but with the stretchmarks, etc, a bikini will probably only happen when I'm in the Carribbean where the body is admired for its curves and definition:laugh: I can't wait to get settled so that I can start back my HIIT sprints, do some Barre and Upper body/Circuits twice a week, I think that is my perfect cocktail:bigsmile: I'm currently in negotiations for a No Pet home so keep those vibes coming this way:wink:

    Laurel- Glad to hear that you had an awesome week with hubby. The movers start packing tomorrow and the contract has them delivering on the 30th, which has now moved up an entire two weeks earlier:grumble: The end is in sight and we should be outbound next weekend for sure. I'm definitely ready to get this over with already.:laugh:

    Laurie- Good morning:flowerforyou:

    Have a great day!

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    Hi Ladies! I had a great workout today. I started with STS Disk 6/Legs. Those Meso 1 leg workouts are go great. I followed it with Cathe's Hardcore Extreme Workout #3, which is a combination of IMAX 3 and Kickmax. It was alot of fun, and those leg conditioning drills from Kickmax sure were felt today after doing Disk 6! I finished it off with STS Stability Ball abs. Too much fun today. I've been struggling with motivation, and days like today remind me why I love working out.

    Michelle, boy things are moving fast!! You are going to get your stuff delivered on the 30th? No wonder you are a tad concerned about finding a house right now. That is crazy!! I have my fingers crossed that you find something soon. I will certainly be thinking about you as you go through this transition. It is never easy. :flowerforyou: Great job fitting some activity in in between everything else. It isn't easy. About bikinis....sigh. I haven't worn one since I was 12! :noway: :blushing: But DH is spoiling me and taking me to Hawaii at the end of September. :drinker: And he wants me to wear a bikini. So I bought one. :huh: We'll see how brave I am. I'm not sure a 47yo woman should EVER wear a bikini, but, at 47, I'm not sure I care anymore about what is 'appropriate'. :laugh: Ah, the joys of aging.

    Erika, I forgot to address your questions about Cathe's sliding disks yesterday. I had trouble with them sliding on our carpet in DC. It was short, more industrial/office carpet than you find in most houses (it was our basement), and they really stuck to that. It wasn't until we moved here that I realized how well they work on household carpeting. So, based on that experience, I can't imagine they would be great on mats. In fact, I wouldn't recommend them for rubber mats at all. I'm sorry! But that's just my thought on the matter.

    Tami and Laurie, hope you are well.

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    hey all!...I just started cathe STS yesterday...did the 1rm on some exercises...tell me how the program is going for those doing it, have you seen any improvements in strength and definition of muscles?...
  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile: late check in for me. My computer at work had a virus:noway: so I was down for quite some time. All is good now :wink: so last night's BootCamp was another good one. She set up stations again (which we hadn’t done in a couple weeks) with a lot of paper plate work or towels. We did run outside of course, twice but at least it wasn’t nearly the whole class & 90+ degrees outside. This a.m. was PS: Chest/Shoul/Tri’s, tonight was Insanity Max Plyo Circuit :bigsmile:

    Laurel: So glad to hear you had a fun tim w/ DH & of course glad to hear you got your workouts in both days as well.:wink: Yowsa on your workouts today:bigsmile: that's so awesome.  Doing her workouts over the weekend gave me that feeling as well! I have LBB on the plan for tomorrow!  Really looking forward to it.  Yes, I’m hoping my “new” plan works out for me.   It’s been strange not meshing with the workouts the last couple of weeks; :ohwell: I don’t usually have that feeling. I’ve enjoyed working out, just not "feeling it" as much. If that makes sense. :huh: :wink: So the "new" workouts ~ The intensity levels are good. Definitely not super intense,but a good constant moving type of intensity. I would say it is not necessarily low impact though. Both workouts she doesn’t ever say to leave your feet on the ground (like in her LIS, unless you want to). In To The Max you are using the step pretty much the whole workout (2 or 3 risers) jumping on and off in various moves.  Jump ropes up/down touching the step, wide leg jump, jump down into plyo squat, switch jumps w/ 3 risers.  The format is great though and the Tabata drills are short (20 sec intervals) but sweet. :wink: She throws in a HiiT 30/20 after the step Tabata too, which was a fun addition.   I would say definitely a perfect combo of AfterBurn format meets Athletic Step (the athletic based moves, no choreography to follow though –:blushing: good for me!) along with some “new” and different moves as well.  In CrossFire there is no step – which reminds me more of AfterBurn. Uses the blue band in quite a few exercise (ie: jumping jacks & ply jacks w/ band).  The plates are used for push-ups and I really enjoyed the ab section of CrossFire.   I think if you like AfterBurn and Cardio Supersets you would like both of these. I think I am really going to enjoy them a lot.   Hope this helps give you a feel for it  - Definitely a great option to order now with FREE shipping when you pre-order X-Train. :wink: There goes my enabling again :laugh: I know you still have a move and P90X2 in front of you, but aren’t you excited for X-Train?! So exciting about Hawaii!!!! :bigsmile: I would be jumping out of my skin. And let me just say, as hard as you work and as fit as you are, GO FOR IT on the bikini my friend! :wink:

    Michelle: I will be sending some vibes your way as well ….. sounds like it can’t hurt forsure to double up on those!:smile: What a hectic time right now.  You are getting all the check lists done I’m sure.  All will come together & the perfect home will be found ~ including Mr C being able to live there too.:wink:

    Hi Erika :flowerforyou:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~
  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    hey all!...I just started cathe STS yesterday...did the 1rm on some exercises...tell me how the program is going for those doing it, have you seen any improvements in strength and definition of muscles?...

    Hi MsPerkey3: Congrats on starting STS!:drinker: I just recently finished a 6.5 month rotation & this was my 3rd STS rotation! :bigsmile: I was sad to have it end even :wink: It is truly one of the best for improving strength & definition in my opinion ....Can't say enough about the program, I love it. The various Meso cycles & format that Cathe has in place you can't help but improve strength! :wink: Feel free to ask any questions... We have some STS veterans here & love :heart: Cathe.

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    Hi All! Sorry I went missing for a little while. It has been horrible here at work. Everyone is mad at me for taking the new job, as it is temporarily making more work for them. So, no one wants to talk to me, they all talk about me behind my back, and it's just like walking into a highschool again! :grumble: So, that combined with trying to do both my current job and new job, is getting stressful. But, I'm keeping up with the workouts, and even kicking it up a notch to help relieve stress! This morning I opted for sleeping in, and will probably get in a light workout tonight, as I think I'll do an active rest day.

    Tami--Ugh, a work computer virus, no fun! I haven't had a virus, but got a new laptop and have had all kinds of system issues that results in a total reconfiguration and then having to put all my docs/programs, etc back on the computer. It stinks, and ususally I lose access multiple times a week. I'm glad yours is back up and running! The Bootcamp class sounds like it was a good one! :bigsmile: What were your thoughts on Cross Fire? I've been eyeing that one. Hard/not that bad, long/short? I can't tell based on the clips. I feel like some of the moves are repeats of other DVD's, but I can't pinpoint what ones. Nice work on pulling in PS/S&H to get that strength work in! :bigsmile:

    Laurel--Thanks for the info on the gliding discs. I think that means XTrain is out for me. I just don't have a space where I could use those gliding discs, and I feel like I'd be missing out if I didn't use them! Sounds like you had an arm and legs frying session over the last few! Great workout combos, that's for sure!

    Michelle--You are one busy lady! I love how you incorporate exercises while you are hanging with the girls, cooking, on the phone, whatever! :bigsmile: I need to do more of that! I think my true "soulmate" workout is sprints on the treadmill! I have to tell myself not to do them every day or I'll get burnt out, or overtrain, but they are so fun. I can handle a full out sprint for 30-45 seconds if I get some rest time in there! I'm slowly increasing the number of sprints I run and how long I sprint to determine where my ceiling is. I hope you get back to your treadie soon. If not, do you have a grassy field/yard you can run them in? Sounds silly (and looks even sillier), but I do that when it's not too hot in the evenings. I have the boys use a stopwatch and tell me when to start and stop. They think I am the fastest person in the world! :laugh:

    Well, back to work. I'm supposed to go to a baseball game today, but it won't stop raining. Maybe I'll stay inside!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,050 Member Member Posts: 3,050 Member
    Hi Ladies! Another good combo of workouts today. I started with STS Disk 5/Back and Triceps. I felt surprisingly strong this morning, so it was great. Then I did Cathe's Low Impact Series Low Impact Challenge. I've only done that workout once before and remember having a really difficult time with the choreography. But this time....not so bad!! I think once I get it down, I might really enjoy this workout. I'm so glad I'm revisiting Cathe's Low Impact Series because she really does have some good workouts in it. I don't know why I didn't gel with them right away, but I am more and more. Anyhow, I finished the day off with doing Asylum's Back to Core, which was a perfect end to the day.

    msperkey3, like Tami, I have done a few (4!) STS rotations. The first time I did the STS rotation, I was also trying to lose weight. Bottom-line, in the 6.5 months of the rotation (I opted for the longer rotation), I lost nearly 50 pounds. Of course, much of that relied on my eating habits, but nothing has transformed my body like STS. And I get great results every single time I do the program. I am much stronger than I've ever been (wasn't able to do push-ups on my toes when I started STS and now don't even think twice about doing all of the push-ups on my toes, etc). And I have more definition in my legs than I ever have had. I get comments on my arms all of the time. I hope you stick with it because it is, in my opinion, the best strength training program out there. Please ask any questions about the program! We're here to help!

    Tami, thank you so much for the info on the new workouts. I think they are going to be ordered today!! I am definitely looking forward to X-TRAIN and love that I have that to look forward to after I finish P90X2. I am really looking forward to Hawaii! When I did LBB on Sunday, I kept looking at the background scenary in that workout (Diamond Head and Waikiki) and kept thinking 'I am going to be there soon!' At least it didn't distract me (too much!) from my workout.

    Erika, I am so sorry to hear things are crazy at work. I hate that kind of tension-filled environment. But just be confident in the knowledge that you did the best thing for you and your family, and everything will work out at work over time. People just need to stress over something, and it sounds like this is their 'something' for the week. I'm glad to hear you are using your workouts to combat that stress!

    Michelle, I'm thinking about your today! Hope the move is going well.

    Laurie, hope you are well and enjoying your week.

  • msperkey3msperkey3 Member Posts: 93 Member Member Posts: 93 Member
    Thanks Laurel & Tami for the encouragement!!.. I am going to take ya up on your offer to answer questions...:happy:
    When we start increasing our weights, 1rm, how were you able to do such small amounts? I did find some 2lb wrist weights that has helped to add poundage. those plate mates or whatever they are called are expensive (at least to me).. I've decided not to worry about it so much in meso 1 since its endurance.. Just wanna be prepared for meso 2!!!
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