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Cathe Fans Part 5



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    Hi Ladies :bigsmile:
    Last night's Insanity workout was great, as planned I did Max Plyo Circuit! I was a sweaty mess when I was done :laugh: This a.m. was Cathe's Lower Body Blast w/ leg cond drills! Tonight I went to Spinning . . . it was hills! :wink: So the late check in again for me ..... my computer was all good to go and this afternoon when I signed back in returning from lunch, BOOM :noway: there was the same virus again :explode: What in the world! So I had to find an empty computer in our office to finish out my afternoon. Our IT guy isn't on site so he won't be in until tomorrow :ohwell:

    Erika: I am so sorry to hear about your co-workers being not such great "team" players to say the least. I think it's great that you are just moving forward and staying true to your decision in your new position. Dealing with the stress of it all with your workouts .. perfect plan I say! :wink: We are going through a similar situation at our office. We now have had two full time people leave (quit) and they are not going to hire for those positions ... so that leaves other staff filling in the void. So I hear complaining daily from them, I don't understand, just team up and do what you can do. Hang in there, when the dust settles all will be good or at least the focus won't be on you anymore I hope :smile: So Cross Fire :bigsmile: Yes, it is definitely a doable, great workout and lots of fun. The DVD is made up with 12 premixes!!! So you can choose anywhere from 20 - 75 min workouts. The step is not used in this one at all, the firewalker bands are used for a couple Tabata segments (jumping jacks and plyo jacks). The ab section on this one was great I thought too. The plates are used only for push-ups in this one so you would be good to go there as well :wink: I felt like it was not too intense at all, but a good calorie burn! There is a Low Impact Tabata, Firewalker Tabata, Plyo Tabata. Hope this helps! I think you would like it and all the pre-mixes on one DVD make for some great options/intensity! :bigsmile:

    Laurel: Great triple threat you had this a.m.! Nice job :wink: I am really glad you are liking her LIS workouts more and more! I think they are so much fun. Glad to hear I could help with the purchase :laugh: I really think you will be happy with them. As I did both of them last weekend I thought how great it was that Cathe just continues to be so innovative in her workouts. :smile: That's pretty funny about the background in LBB :laugh: I bet you were finding your mind drift ... just slightly! :wink:

    MsPerkey3: So happy to help and a great question. So, I ended up investing in the SelectTech weights by Bowflex so when I did STS that's what I had ... they go up in 2 LB increments so it was perfect. Not the answer you were hoping for I'm sure :ohwell: :wink: but no worries, there are definitely ways around it. The 2LB wrist weights, you can also invest in 2LB gloves as well. Not sure how many different sets of hand weights you have but a few increments and the 2LB wrist/gloves will be perfect! Especially through Meso 1 you will be just fine because yes, it's the endurance round, you don't have to worry about going heavy in Meso 1. Hope this helps! Ask away, we are here to help and encourage! :flowerforyou:

    Hi Michelle ~ Hope all is well:smile:
    Hi Laurie ~ I saw that you did an Insanity workout! I was wondering if you were outside? Great job :wink:

    Talk to you all tomorrow, Tami
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    Good Morning!!

    Rockin' workout for me this morning! KCM Body Training Legs followed by TF Hiit 15. I killed that Hiit workout!!! :bigsmile: On the road today, but the end is in sight. Only 5 more months of traveling, and then I am done!!!

    Tami--Sounds like you had an awesome workout Tuesday night! Love those sweaty mess workouts! :laugh: I bet that LB workout followed up by spinning was burnin' those legs! :bigsmile: I sure hope that work computer starts cooperating for you! With being down 2 people, and I'm sure having lots of extra work to do, having a computer out of commission can not be fun! Isn't it amazing how many people complain and are debbie downers when there is change/extra work at the workplace? I definitely have my days where I complain, but 99% of the time, I just roll with it and do my job. Can't say the same about most of my team members! :grumble: Thanks for the info on Crossfire, sounds right up my alley!

    Laurel--I also love that you are re-visiting the low impact workouts! I only have 1 of them (and tried another), but I like it for days when I don't need to kill myself in a workout, but still get a great workout. :bigsmile: Glad to hear you were feeling good and strong in your STS workout, that is just the best feeling!

    msperkey3--I did 1 STS rotation, and had awesome strength gains and definition, that never went away (even after I finished STS). I don't have the series anymore, only because I struggle with strength workouts longer than about 45 minutes, so had to try something different, but absolutely LOVED that series. I used my 2 pound wrist weights to add extra weight when going up 5 pounds in dumbbells was too much. HTH!

    Hi Michelle and Laurie--I hope everything is going well!

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    Hi Ladies! Another good workout day. I started with Cathe's Intensity, followed by Paul Katami's Ab Lab (which I love!) and the standing portion of Cathe's Turbo Barre workout. A great combo for sure.

    msperkey, I used 1 and 2 lb wrist weights when I needed to go up small increments. I hope that helps. Cathe is right that in some exercises, 1 lb is enough.

    Tami, great workouts! You have definitely sold me Cathe's new workouts. That is one of the reasons I have been revisitig see if I might want them. I do! I hope your computer virus clears up. What a pain!

    Erika, great job with the workouts! I need to get back to those TF workouts because they are so much fun. Ope your travels are safe, and glad you are counting down the days.

    Until tomorrow!

  • linder4866linder4866 Member Posts: 8,933 Member Member Posts: 8,933 Member
    Hello - many, many years ago in a land far far away, I use to do some of the Cathe TAPES! Yep, it's been a long time. I'm not only older but lots lots heavier right now. This morning, I mined out a Cathe DVD of low impact step. It was great!! My question if anyone would care to provide some info, does anyone use the downloaded versions?? I travel fairly regularly and it sounded like a lovely idea to have one beginner workout on my iPod. Any info greatly appreciated.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~

    Today's workout was AfterBurn! :bigsmile: Lots of fun forsure .... I guess with all the chatting about her newer workouts it just sounded like a good one this a.m. :wink: No workout this evening, I'm headed out tomorrow late afternoon or after work to meet my DH and do a little fishing where he is at for the weekend. He guided a couple trips between today & tomorrow. Should be fun & I know he is happy I'm coming for a visit. It is right by where we were a couple weekends ago so Aunt & Uncle are going to fish with us as well. So wanted to get home a little earlier to get packed vs racing around late tonight.

    Erika: You are so correct about the work situation. I am getting a little behind but all worked out (so far) with my computer. The IT guy came in and fixed it again .... I had to work in our other office bldg all afternoon so didn't ever get back on mine for the whole day. :noway: At any rate, I did get some things done and fingers crossed for tomorrow. Your combo today sounds like it was lots of fun and a great workout as well! Nice job. Safe travels and it's so great to know you won't be having to do that too much longer.

    Laurel: Definitely another great combo today, great job!!! Sounds like you are having all kinds of energy lately, that's awesome! I'm sure getting ready for your vacation coming up is great motivation as well. Have you had any word on your next move? If so, I hope it's good news :smile:

    Lin: First let me say that i think it is fantastic that you dug into your TAPES :wink: and pulled out Cathe's Low Impact Step :smile: I bet it felt great and kudos to you :drinker: I have a few of her HiiT workouts and also her cycling workout downloaded to my Ipod for when I am out of town visiting my mom or just want a cycling workout maybe at the gym. I don't use them that often but I think for someone who travels a lot like yourself this is the perfect alternative! If I had to travel a lot, I would definitely go that route. Depending on what kind of equipment you can bring or no equipment at all (flying or driving) you might make your decisions based on that of course as well.

    Hi Laurie & Michelle ~ Hope you are both well :flowerforyou:

    I'll try and check in tomorrow ... fingers crossed on the computer and depends what time I leave for the day too. If I don't, hope you all have a great Friday and I will talk to you Monday :bigsmile:

  • msperkey3msperkey3 Member Posts: 93 Member Member Posts: 93 Member
    I would really love to have some SELECT TECHS....the db weights i have now are 2,3,5,8,10,12,15,20;25..and 2lb wrist weights.

    I saw that STS TOTAL BODY WORKOUT is deal of day over at
    would that be something to get..or unnecessary, not sure how i would incorporate it in my routine
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,089 Member Member Posts: 3,089 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today was one of my faves...4DS Total Body. It felt perfect bumped up against those Meso 1 workouts I have been doing. I followed it with Cardio Supersets with the step add-on. Long workout today but the next few weeks are going to be busier so I wanted to get it in while I could.

    msperkey, I think you have a great set of weights for STS! I have a couple more that I have made with dumbbells and plates.... 18 and 22 lbs. But with the 2 lb wrist weights, you don't really need those. I have also progressed up to 30, 35, and 40lbs as well, but I wouldn't start there! As you can guess, I do all my weight work with dumbbells. It has always been a space issue for me. But it looks to me like you have everything you need and maybe down the road you can reward yourself with the Select Techs!

    linder4866, I have been using Cathe since she was on tape too! Power Max was my first workout back in 97 or 98. Long time. Great job pulling out her Low Impact Step. I bet it felt like working out with an old friend again. Anyhow, I have a few of Cathe's workouts downloaded. Like Tami, I don't use them very often, but they sure have come in handy when I needed them. I spent about six weeks taking my iPod to the gym with me and working out to Cathe's voice when doing strength training. It was perfect for me. My only issue is the workouts don't include premixes, and I have discovered that I am a Cathe premix junkie! But that may not matter to you. Hope that helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

    Tami, I couldn't decide whether to do Afterburn or Cardio Supersets today, but opted for the latter. Sounds like we were on the same wavelength......again. I must confess that I have been struggling with my motivation a bit since coming back home from the fire evacuation. I am fine with my strength training, but cardio felt like a chore....which is strange for me. But kicking it up a notch this week is really helping me get out of that poor motivation phase I have been in.. Thanks for asking about the move. It looks like we are staying put. :drinker: Oddly enough, during the week of the fire, DH had some chance to work the issue, and the whole thing is just a mass of miscommunication between some people here. We could still move, but DH has pretty much decided that until people get on the same page, it isn't worth us investing our own money into moving again. Needless to say, I am fine with that. :smile: Enjoy you weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Michelle, I am thinking of you! Hope your week went well.

    Laurie and Erika, enjoy the weekend!

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    Good Morning Ladies!!!

    This week is Slow and Heavy week, yay!! :bigsmile: Yesterday was legs and today was biceps. I've been adding on either an additional leg workout or cardio to each weight workout, which has been working wonders for me! :bigsmile: Great weekend, filled with hockey, and the boys' team took 1st place after a 5 game tournament that took up our whole weekend. The smiles on their faces were so worth it, they had a blast! Good thing it was hot and steamy again this weekend, so being in the cool arena wasn't so bad!

    Laurel--Nice combo on Thursday and Friday! I have 4DS coming to me in a trade (reacquiring it for the 2nd time), and I'm hoping this time around I'll appreciate the weights section more than I did the 1st time around! :wink:

    Tami--I hope you enjoyed your weekend with the hubby and aunt and uncle! Sounds like a nice relaxing time and your computer is back to normal now. Great job on Afterburn!

    Michelle and Laurie--Happy Monday!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,830 Member Member Posts: 2,830 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This will be short, since I have a ton of work to do today. :noway: Guess I was missed though, so that makes me feel good. Got some workouts in, but not outdoors. The bug problem was over the top. I think everything that flew was a biter! :laugh: I did my workouts in one of the bedrooms, but it had limited space so the Weider workouts actually was a better choice than the Insanity. I did try though. Back into the swing of things after work, because I was just to tired to get up this morning. :bigsmile:

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,089 Member Member Posts: 3,089 Member
    Hi Ladies! I am now on Week 3 of Meso 1. I did Disk 7 today, followed by TF60 which felt like all kinds of fun today. And I needed it. We had 15 people to the house yesterday for dinner. That, combined with the heat, has left me feeling pretty tired today. So I needed a fun workout. Yesterday I did Drill Max which also felt fun to me. But always tough!

    Erika, sounds like you had a great weekend! I know I would have loved spending the time this weekend in a cool ice rink. I woke up Saturday morning and said to myself that I have officially had enough of this summer. Everybody is complaining about it right now, which doesn't help the mood! Great job with the workouts. I am glad you are enjoying Slow and Heavy. Be patient with 4DS and don't try to lift as heavy as Carhe on all of her moves. She goes really light on some things (like pullovers) but really heavy on others (some chest and tricep moves) so take the time to figure out what works for you. Once I did that, I really saw the beauty of this program.

    Laurie, welcome back! I am glad you were missed at work, but sorry to hear about all the work. Great job doing the workouts you could while you were away. Hope things settle down for you!

    Tami and Michelle, hope you are well.

    I may be hit-and-miss for the next several days as I have some meetings and DH is going to be taking some time off. But I will check in when I can.

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    Hey gIrls, hope your week was off to great start...I was wondering something about following the STS Program, I usually would do about 1 1/2- 2 hrs for my workouts, should I just do what the sts says or follow the disk with some cardio ? I'll do abs anyway every other day...
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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    Weekend was so great! I didn’t get a chance to check in obviously but I was able to leave slightly early to avoid a little bit of the 5:00 traffic through a portion of my drive. We had lots of fun, caught our limit of Sockeye salmon and off the river by 8:15! My Aunt & Uncle both had lots of fun too and we had a BBQ at their lake home that afternoon, spent the night and I drove home yesterday afternoon.  My DH will be there guiding some trips for a few more days. At any rate, I was pooped from the drive home and 3 a.m. get up for fishing the morning before so I did some laundry, gave the pups lots of love and a nice walk and hit the bed.  This a.m. was 4DS Bootcamp Upper Body & tonight i finished up the Bootcamp portion for some cardio :wink: i decided to get some groceries & workout @ home instead of BootCamp class. 

    MsPerkey::  Sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you Friday while the “Cathe Deal of the Day” was happening for STS Total Body!  I think this is one of the best total body workouts she has done.  Love that one.  If you did get it, good on ya!  I think you will love it.  If you didn’t I would highly recommend it. I agree w/ Laurel, it sounds like you have a perfect variety of weights for STS and with the wrist weights to add on you should be just fine! :wink:
    STS with adding on cardio: if you want to add on some cardio w/ STS, go for it!! :bigsmile: I think it's a great idea and you will benefit from it as well. I started doing that with my rotations, including the last STS rotation and loved doing the program that way. For me, time is an issue in the am so I would do STS in am & cardio pm. Which is what I still try to continue doing. Of course, listen to how your body feels on any given day but doing your program that way won't hurt a thing! I think you'll be happy with your results.

    Laurel: Sounds like you are continuing to get in some great workouts! I love it that we were on the same wavelength with AfterBurn/Supersets the other day! :laugh: That is such great news to hear you get to stay!  :drinker: WooHoo! I know you really like that house and everything, so that is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing about your motivation factor lately.  I’m glad you have found the right combo of workouts to bust yourself out of that!  I would have never known from all the great cardio you have been doing.  Especially DrillMax today! That’s always a good one though for a tough but fun cardio.  Great job. :bigsmile:   I think for me, if I hadn’t changed things up a bit just recently I would have started losing some motivation myself... and it wasn’t cardio necessarily just not clicking.  Yikes on the 15 people over for dinner!:noway:   That must have been a lot of work.  You are a busy lady.

    Erika: Busy and fun weekend for you it sounds like!:smile: Great job with the workouts and including an add-on that is working for you!  That’s excellent. Computer seems to be back to normal… I say that in a whisper with my fingers crossed :huh: still but yes, no freezing FBI warnings happening since the second fix!  Weekend was so great.  Goes down into the memory books with lots of fun laughter and just nice to hang out with good people you care about.

    Laurie: You are a champ for powering through some workouts in the little bedroom during your vacation!  :drinker: Great job   No excuses for me the next time I visit my mom with limited space. Glad to you are back.. good luck at work and the “catching up” period.  We missed you!

    Michelle – Hope all is well with you~

    Talk to you all tomorrow,
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    Morning Ladies,

    If you will check out the workouts I did, I am moving on from Insanity. I have been looking at the rotation that Tami did, and it was just reaching out to me saying you need to try this one out. :laugh: NOT that I'm not going to try an Insanity workout when those cardio days show up. :wink: Last night I did S90 Chest & Back, then added on Skogg Roots Level 2. I'm still going to be doing the kettlebells. I think they will compliment the S90 weight workouts. After taking a short walk in the pouring rain, I got in S90 Tabata Inferno and Weider X-Factor ST Week 1 this morning. Plan on an ab and kb workout after work today.

    Still not caught up at work, but hope to get back into the swing of things by the end of the week. :wink:

    Erika, Congrats on the first place win for your boys, that must have been fun for them. :wink: Hope the 4DS works for you this time, it really is a great set.

    Laurel, That heat can really do a number on the body for sure. This morning we woke up to thunderstorms! :noway: It is really needed, so I won't complain. I'm happy that it brought the temps down from the 100's it had been in. Hope the meetings go well, and enjoy that time with your DH. I'm sure that some golfing will be going on during that time. :bigsmile:

    msperkey, I think you will be fine with doing cardio with STS, I did my cardio in the morning and then the weight work in the PM. Totally opposite of what Tami did. :wink:

    Tami, So I started your S90 rotation, just couldn't help myself. I'm going to change a few things, but for the most part following it pretty closely. Feeling the chest with all those push-ups that I did in the last two days. Didn't have time last night to get in the Weider workout, so I did that with tabata this morning. Glad your weekend was fun, and you had a chance to visit with your family. So I'm guessing that you have some great recipies for salmon? For some reason I have not been able to like salmon. I eat it every once in a while, but not often. The Weider workouts are great for those tight places. In the week 3 workout, the only exercise I had to move my body to accomodate the space was the side kicks. And then I was kicking over the dog, because you know when Mom exercises you have to be right there! :laugh:

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Hi Ladies!! Sorry, I am feeling a little Debbie Downer-ish today. We had storms all night, and it kept the dogs and boys up, so very little sleep on my end, not to mention I had to skip my morning workout. Then, the work drama continues, so all around just a yucky day! Hopefully this gloomy weather will clear out and the sun will come out, and make me feel better!

    Laurie--Sounds like you have a good plan in place for your workouts! I have found myself switching up workouts from my original schedule too, but hopefully I'll be able to pull a good 3 month rotation together while I'm on vacation next week, and stick to it.:bigsmile:

    Tami--I'm glad you had a nice weekend, sounds just perfect! :bigsmile: Glad to hear the computer is up and running, that has to be a big relief! Great job getting in the bootcamp workout at home so you could get the grocery shopping done! :wink:

    Laurel--Wow, 15 people sounds like a lot of work! I'm glad you were able to pick a workout that was fun, so you could "wake-up" from your busy weekend! I know all too well how that heat takes a toll on one's body, esp. w/o A/C. We have had just horribly humid weather for I think almost a month now, and it actually makes me feel sick. I'm hoping the upper 70's they are predicting for the weekend really does come true. Thanks for the tips on 4DS. I hope this time around it clicks for me!

    Michelle--I hope you are doing well! :flowerforyou:

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    Hi Ladies ~ :bigsmile:
    This a.m. was Legs so I did Legs & Glutes X-treme from Cathe’s Body Blast series! That’s such a good leg workout & lots of fun ~ tonight will be my at home Insanity workout! Hoping to take the kids for a walk too when it cools down a bit. :wink: I feel bad if it’s too hot for them eventhough they would go whenever at whatever temp!

    Laurie: I love it that you have decided to try out this new rotation! :bigsmile: I recently started alternating in some other strength workouts as well so changed things up a little bit myself but the concept is the same and when I can add on a Weider workout I will! Yes, we have quite a few salmon recipes that we like but often we stay to the same type of recipes over & over. Luckily I do love to eat salmon & these salmon we caught are one of the best tasting … very mild!

    Erika: Sorry you are having one of those days:flowerforyou: I’m sure not getting a very good night’s sleep has a lot to do with it . . things seem a lot “heavier” on my mind when I am tired forsure & with cloudy weather on top of it .. OY! Not a good combo. But hopefully you can get in your workout this evening if you have time! Yes, a huge relief to be up & running on the work computer, the IT guy stopped in this a.m. to check on me.

    Hi Laurel & Michelle:smile:

    Talk to you all tomorrow
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well plans changed after work, I was actually busy baking something for lunch today. :huh: All the guys in the department chipped in for lunch, so I made something for desert. This morning was S90 Legs, and Skogg Intervals Level 1. Will do week 2, and the abs workout from the Weider set after work.

    Erika, Sorry to hear that the work drama is still an ongoing saga, that really can get someone to be a Debbie-Downer. Hopefully it will pass. :flowerforyou: Sometimes you start a rotation, and it just doesn't click. I was having fun doing the first 30 days of Insanity workouts, but it was getting hard doing the same ones over and over. I knew when I didn't want to do a workout that I had to change something. Have fun getting a new rotation together.\

    Tami, Glad to hear that you are adjusting your rotation to fit also. Doing the same workouts over and over can sometimes get boring. I have not done L&G in a long time, and I remember the that premix being a tough one. That one is a lot like S90D Legs, because it gets that HR high. Guess that is why I really like S90 Legs so much. :laugh: Glad to hear that the new catch of salmon is tasty.

    Have a great day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies! :bigsmile:

    Today is much better, although I have 2 sick kiddos at home now, and hubby wasn't too happy staying home when he's behind at work! :ohwell: But, I'm travelling today, and those are meetings I generally can not get out of, as I'm the star of the show! :ohwell: I didn't get a "workout" in last night, but I did mow the lawn for an hour on full speed, so I was just short of jogging behind it the whole time. I was sweaty after that one for sure! This morning was playing catchup, so I did both Chest and Back of the Slow and Heavy variety! :bigsmile: My poor arms were shaking so badly at the end of the chest section, that holding 8's was even hard! :laugh: I'm hoping to get in some cardio tonight, but not counting on it, as I'm sure hubby will want a break from the kids when I get home (late, might I add).

    Laurie--Yummy, what did you bake for the lunch today? How are are you liking the KB workouts? I like your combo of S90/Weider and Skogg! :bigsmile:

    Tami--Oh, that Legs and Glutes one is a workout I do miss. I got rid of that DVD awhile back as I didn't feel I was getting enough use out of it to justify keeping it, but I did like that workout. I think that's the one that I wasn't too fond of the music in though, so maybe that helped contribute to me selling it!:ohwell: I hope your Insanity workout was enjoyable and you were able to get the dogs out for a walk. YEAH on the computer being fixed!

    Hi Laurel and Michelle!

    Off to get ready to head out on the road! Talk to you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies! Sorry I missed yesterday, but my lunch/meeting ended up going for five hours! It was crazy. And I'm a volunteer so I don't even get paid for this stuff. Oh, well. :ohwell: But I got some good workouts in before I left.....STS Disk 9/Legs followed by Rhythmic Step. Today was STS Disk 8/Back and Triceps followed by 4DS Kickbox/Bootcamp cardio premix. Lots of fun on that one. This afternoon, DH and I will fit in a round of golf as well (I hope).

    msperkey, I routinely do both STS and cardio on the same day. I'm just careful to make sure I start with STS because that way you have full strength for those workouts. Hope you are enjoying the rotation.

    Tami, so glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend! Sounds perfect. I'm glad this new rotation is working for you. Yeah, the motivational issues are a tad weird, but, to be honest, everybody around here right now is just feeling a tad run down. I think the fire combined with the heat has really taken a toll on people this summer.....myself included. At least I keep plugging away. Other friends of mine haven't been, so I feel good about that. We're supposed to be a bit cooler the next couple of days, and hopefully that will help. At least I have Hawaii out there as a motivational tool! :drinker: Great job on the workouts!

    Erika, I'm sorry to hear that the drama continues at work. And two sick kids on top of that!! Great job getting the workouts in throughout this though. Glad you are loving that Slow and Heavy series. It always makes my arms shake something fierce!! I love that! :blushing:

    Laurie, great job changing up your routine. I think it is so much better to change the rotation than force yourself to do workouts that you don't want to do. I'm sure your dessert was well received!!

    Michelle, I hope the move is going well!!

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    Argh I have missed you guys but as you can imagaine life here is crazyyyyyyyy:sad: The packers were awful and at one point I had to unpack 5 boxes as they had packed my Ipad and told their boss that they saw me walk out the door with the item. This team was contracted from Austin, 45 minutes away so when they left and the Ipad was missing, I immediately jumped on the phone and called their boss to see where they had placed it:huh: . Then they actually packed up all of the traveling snacks, opened food items to use during the week, our toiletries that were separated in bathroom 2, and the list goes on:explode: My husband was irate to say the least and eventually the transportation company was the one to correct and finish up the packing as the crew left for another job:noway:

    So our things are already there in storage but unfortunately we may have to extend hubby's leave in order to complete the house here. Needless to say no workouts, poor eating and sleeping as most nights are spent on the chaise lounge. We are selling our big screen tv and sectional so we have been partially roughing it since Friday but at least the girls are comfortable and able to watch tv during the day. Last week I clinched a deal on a house, ons story, 4 bedrms, 3 baths on nearly 3/4 of an acre, yeah Mr C. will enjoy nice chases..I hope:laugh: We are scheduled to move in mid-August and need to get unpacked in time for school on August 20th.

    Erika- Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos and being on the road. This morning I also woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose but those symptoms could be due to dust, painting, etc. Sending get well vibes your way:flowerforyou:

    Laurie- Welcome back, the rotation sounds like a fun mix. Are you settling in with the Skoggs system?

    Tami- Yummy..send me some fresh salmon:bigsmile: Although I'm not a fish eater, baked salmon is one of my only likes and I have not enjoyed a tasty one in a bit.:bigsmile:

    Laurel- Hawaii..sounds like a great motivator:wink: ,not that you need any. It will take some time but Colorado has had a brutal and draining Summer. I hope those cool temps get there and travel down here because it is very hot, although this morning when I was painting the exterior bay window, the dog and I definitely enjoyed the breeze blowing across the yard.

    Ok off to grill some chicken as I need to use up these frozen items by the weekend.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:
    Cardio Day today so started it off with Peak 10 Cardio – after work will be Spinning and then a walk for the dogs. They are starting to eyeball me each evening now after just a few nights of taking them. Pretty funny, last night was cool enough but they were still panting pretty good .

    Laurie: Great job again on the workouts! That sounds fun that you have kind of a potluck lunch at work, nice idea! We only do that at holiday’s it seems but it’s always a good moral booster/feel good thing to do. Definitely sounds like we are all on the same page about “changing things up” to make it work! It’s always comforting to know I’m not the only one. Are you enjoying your KB workouts now that you have done quite a few?

    Erika: Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos at home ….. Great job getting in your workout though and burnin out those arms on S&H! Yes, it has been so long since I did that Leg workout and I always have it in the back of my mind but between my STS rotation and starting the new one it just wasn’t squeezed in. I forgot too just how many great premixes are on that DVD as well. WHOA! Between that one and 4DS I need to write them down so I can visually have them in front of me. Because I need more options …. :laugh: Hope your day of travels was good and all is calm at the homefront when you get home!

    Laurel: That is sure a looooooong lunch/mtg you had forsure! Yowsa. Great job on the workouts though, as usual! That 4DS workout is a great one too! I can only imagine the motivation factor for doing just about anything after the fire/smoke, heat and if we rewind to a cross country drive to move there. I’d feel more than a tad run down. You are doing amazing through it all and truly a motivation!

    Michelle: Good to hear from you! That sounds like it has been an awful experience with those movers! I can imagine how angry you all were. So you did get your Ipad located right? Sheesh. I’m happy to hear your found a house though and it sounds perfect as far as size and accommodations for Mr C. I’m sure you are looking forward to your normal eating, sleeping and workouts forsure! Hang in there lady …. It will be soon!

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~
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