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Cathe Fans Part 5

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    Hi Ladies!!! Happy 4th of July Week!!! :bigsmile:

    I had a great weekend, despite the horribly hot/humid weather we're having and will have until the end of this week. Spent some time at the beach yesterday with the boys trying to keep cool, and spent most of our day inside on Saturday trying to stay cool. :ohwell: Sunday morning was a workout fest (Saturday was a rest day). I wanted to get through all of the remaining S90 DVD's that I hadn't tried yet, to see if I wanted to keep the set or trade it. So, I did each DVD, and did the 1st set of each circuit, and the other 2 sets of that circuit were spent cleaning around the house. It took me about 3 hours to get through all of them, but it was a nice way to do it! I was able to determine that all but Cardio Challenge and Tabata are going bye bye. Just too fast for me, and I felt like I wasn't getting a good workout, and didn't like that I had to keep pausing the DVD to catch up. So, that was a very productive morning! This morning was TJ CP3.

    Laurie--How bittersweet that DD has her own place off of campus and a new job...she's growing up! :wink: I can't quite imagine what it will be like when the kids are out of the house (mine will be back to back) after so many years of them being around. I hope you're enjoying the empty room at least! Great job on Pure Cardio! :bigsmile: It makes me want to do that workout, just a bit. But, I need to cool it on buying DVD's, so it will just have to wait. Maybe my SIL can borrow me hers, so I can try it again! I hope your KB workout went well! Sorry about your Uncle, but you're right, the suffering will be over!

    MSPerkey3--Welcome! I would say my favorite Cathe strength DVD is Slow and Heavy. I don't like lifting fast, and that one is perfect for me. I do like Gym Styles and Pyramids as well. STS was awesome, but I had trouble with all the equipment, and I prefer to do pre-mixes or workouts that are 30-45 minutes long, and both Pyramids and Slow and Heavy allow me to do that.

    Michelle--Nice job on the KB workout, good choice! :happy: I'm like you, I have my biggest surge of energy in the afternoon or early evening. Trouble is, I'm at work then, so it doesn't work to do my workouts then. :laugh: My morning strength workouts are ok, but my morning cardio are pretty much worthless...I'm still trying to wake up 1/2 way through the workout. I'm trying to do something short in the morning, and then another one at night to make up for poor performance in the morning. I hope you were able to get some reading in between the lazy day with the girls and hubby taking them to the pool this weekend!

    Laurel--I'm so happy to hear you are back in your home!! How are the fires doing today? Sounds like they made some progress over the weekend! :bigsmile: I hope you were able to get back to your normal workout schedule over the weekend, after you got some rest!

    Good Morning Tami.

    Talk to you all tomorrow!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This weekend was a slow and relaxed weekend. I actually found a beautiful home last friday and was able to contact the Realtor on Saturday to start the process, unfortunately another family was able to submit their application & deposit prior to us that afternoon:brokenheart: Hopefully we will find something better within the next two weeks as the month is moving along.
    On saturday morning I did Callanetics, then saturday evening I took the dog for a run while the girls were at the pool with dad, unfortunately the humidity may of been too much although it was 8pm b/c Mr. C became sick an hour after the run:cry: Sunday was Callanetics and our Big Bang Theory marathon continued and ended with a delicious meal of Indian curry Chicken and shrimp. We also had thunderstorms which reduced the temperatures significantly so it was the perfect family day of games, books, popcorn and rain:bigsmile: This morning it was off to get the youngest to gymnastics camp and now I'm packing the items the movers do not ship. Not sure yet if a workout is on my schedule as I have been feeling a bit off this weekend and the hour long workouts combined with the diet may be the culprit.:grumble:

    Erika- Yes S90 is great but at times pausing those dvds can become annoying:grumble: Weider may be a better option as the first circuit is learning and doing the move and the 2nd half is at an increased pace.

    Laurel- Hopefully things have calmed down and some of the rain has made it to your part of the country. As Laurie said, I don't know how you were able to exercise unless it put you into a truly calm state:wink: Munching on M&M's probably would of been my first choice:laugh:

    Tami- Hopefully spin class was great and the hair is looking cute:bigsmile: I had to push my hair appt to Thursday because unfortunately the workouts and sweat will totally ruin this short style:blushing: I have tried on my dress and my boobies and waist have decreased, so now the top has become a deeper plunge than originally planned:tongue: Overall I'm ready and now that it has been confirmed that the ceremony will be outdoors on a 97 degree forecasted day:noway: it will be an interesting night on saturday.

    Laurie- At least you can make up the workout later as your long weekend in this humidity can be completely draining. We have scheduled thunderstorms all week so hopefully I will pick up some energy and get back in the groove with these cooler temps.

    Ok off to clean some shelves and pack a few boxes before it is time to pick up both girls.

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    Hi Ladies! Not a bad weekend here considering everything that happened last week. The fire is pretty much under control, and even though we are still being blasted by smoke at times, all is safe. It is actually pretty scary to be able to see where the fire did burn. If Wednesday last week had been like Tuesday in terms of weather/winds, no doubt we would gave lost everything. We are lucky, but my heart bleeds for those not as fortunate.

    I got in a couple good workouts over the weekend. Saturday was Shock Cardio Circuit Bkast. Yesterday was the cardio and leg premix from Drill Max. We also golfed yesterday, and that four hours of walking felt great. Today I started with STS Disk 19/Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and followed it with Cathe's IMAX. Love that oldie! I ended it with STS Weights and Plates abs.

    Laurie, I saw your post in the other thread. There are options for pull-ups in Asylum. And they are tough options so you won't feel like you have missed anything. I would say only about 1/2 of the background exercisers do pull-ups. The only exception is in Overtime, but since that is a bonus workout, I feel like you can do anything you want in it! Sorry to hear the rehearsal was so hot!

    Michelle, sorry to hear about the house. Hopefully you will be able to find something soon. It is so hard to do that from a distance. Great job with the workouts. Your heat must be brutal right now. Thankfully we are cooling off a bit here.

    Erika, thanks for the new thread. Sorry to hear about the heat there too! What a crazy hot weekend it was for the entire country. Silly. I love the sound of your Sunday workout. Glad it was time well spent.

    Tami, hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    See you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile: Found my family! Thanks for starting a new thread Erika :drinker: So Friday was such a crazy day for me. I am taking this Wed – Fri off from work so because I don’t have a “back-up” person I am doing all the ads, plus a couple of publications in last week and just today/tomorrow! :noway: So it’s been nuts, but I’m going to make it and it will be so worth it! Friday a.m. was STS Total Body, Spinning on Friday was great! The Wed. night instructor was the “fill-in” for that evening. Sat. was 4DS KB + Heavy Legs and then yesterday was S90 Chest/Back followed by X-Factor #6. All great workouts. We have a house guest last night and tonight so no early a.m. workouts ……. Don’t want to be jumping around or clanging the weights and wake him up. So tonight will be BootCamp which is perfect for Cardio day! If I can sneak it in tomorrow a.m. I might. We’ll see. :wink:

    Laurie: I bet it is a weird feeling getting your DD all moved into her first apt and her starting a job. The extra space at home probably feels kind of nice though! I understand the fussing on the HRM I have been through that a bunch (as you know) Great job in Pure Cardio Friday and the Skogg Roots workout. Are you liking them so far? Great job getting in your workouts this weekend too, despite the foot pain. Sorry to hear about your sore feet. That is never a fun feeling at all. I have been watching it off & on but I did see the 200’s. Yowsa those ladies are fast! I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics. I’m with you on the 3 days off from work! WooHoo, cannot wait! I’m so sorry to hear about your Uncle & not that it eases the loss, but him being out of pain I’m sure gives you all some comfort. I know Laurel answered your question already on Asylum but yes, the options for pull-ups are great! You won’t feel like you’re missing a thing.

    Erika: Great job getting in a FULL preview/workout on the S90 DVD’s. I love it that you just get them out of your collection and move on, you’re really good at that. I still have some that I need to take a peak and see if I will ever have them in any rotation again. We are just this week getting some really beautiful "consistent" summer weather and temps to match. We don’t have the humidity though. I will be glad to be at my Uncles lake home for the weekend. Worries me leaving our sweet “kids” at home though because Emma is scared whitless of the fireworks. Luckily we will be home the night of the 4th.

    Michelle: Darn it on the house…..I’m sure you will find another and it will be even better! Sometimes the first ones don’t work out for a reason. Sounds like you had a great family weekend along with some good stretching and a run. Hope Mr C is feeling better after that. Maybe taking a little break today will be the best for you if you are feeling off. As we always say “the workouts will be there for you when you are ready” . :drinker: on the dress for the wedding! :noway: on the 97 degrees

    Laurel: Congrats on getting back into your home and everything being ok! :drinker: That’s fantastic news. Also that the fire is pretty much under control! It is so amazing to hear that the community is rallying together and helping out those that have lost so much. You are amazing to get in your workout Friday despite it all and then all the workouts over the weekend too! I understand the coping mechanism forsure! Awesome job on those workouts!

    MSPerkey3: Welcome! Glad you found us too! I would echo Laurel’s comments “word-for-word” I absolutely love STS and have done several rotations. I saw that on her Daily Deal the other day. If you are considering that program, I highly recommend it. STS Total Body is fantastic as well! I’m looking forward to her newest DVDs as well! They should be here anytime now!

    Hope you all have a great day ~ talk to you tomorrow!:flowerforyou:
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    Hi Ladies!!! Today is my Friday, so I am :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: !!

    Last night I got some sprints in on the treadie, which felt great, and then this morning was Cathe's Push/Pull followed by TFHiit 15. LOVED push/ flew by! :bigsmile:

    Tami--Sounds like you have been busy getting ready to have a few days off of work! I hope today is productive for you, so you can completely enjoy your time off. The lake home sounds fabulous! :bigsmile: GREAT workouts, sounds awesome!! I hope you were able to get to Bootcamp last night! :bigsmile:

    Laurel--I'm glad to hear you were able to get out and enjoy some golf this weekend, and things appear to be under control. I can not imagine being one of those people who lost their home. From what I heard, many only had minutes to grab what they could before evacuating...I think there are probably a lot of "what if's" regarding what people forgot to grab. I know I'd be feeling that way in a rush! Please let me know if there are any donations needed that you hear about. My friend in Colorado Springs had posted a donation request for actual physicial items to be brought to a local drug store, but I didn't see anything about monetary donations for those of us not living in CO. Nice workouts, I bet those felt good! :bigsmile:

    Michelle--Bummer on the house, that stinks! :grumble: Sounds like you were able to enjoy some family time while the storms rolled through. Maybe it brought through some temp relief...ours from overnight did...for at least an hour. But, it will be up to 100 by afternoon still. Ugh!


    Have a great weekend everyone! I'll catch up with you all on Monday!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Busy around here this morning, and I decided not to workout so that I can get out of work earlier. :bigsmile: Start my vacation with a workout. I will do Plyo Cardio Circuit and Skogg Roots Level 1 when I get home from work.

    Erika, My Friday is also today, so I'm just as happy as you are. Today is suppose to be a super hot day, but so far the clouds are out so it is saving this building from overheating. :smile: I have slowly gotten used to dd being gone, but still worry about her. :laugh: According to my Mom that doesn't go away, even when your oldest kid is over 50. :laugh: The only problem is she has started to take my casserole dishes. Now I'm thinking that isn't such a problem, now I can go purchase new ones for myself. :laugh: She now can cook, so has been a little suzie homemaker. :noway: This from a girl that NEVER wanted to try cooking dinner on her own. :ohwell:

    Michelle, Sorry to hear about the house, but there will be something that is way better. :wink: What a great day you had with the family. :wink: I'm looking forward to tomorrow, don't know what we are doing yet, but I have a few plans for our meal. Opening weekend is suppose to be better for temps, so I am happy to deal with the hot temps that we are suppose to have until Friday. :wink:

    Laurel, I'm so glad to hear that the fires have gotten under control. I have seen some pictures of ariel shots of the area, not something that I would even want to go through. Crossing my fingers that people around our area are responsible with their 4th celebrations, we are very crispy around here. Great workouts you got in! Thanks for the information on Asylum, I can do the STS pull ups. P90X was just overkill, so that is what I go by. :laugh:

    Tami, Thank you for the Asylum information also, I am going to probably order the set next month. :bigsmile: Glad to hear that you have a 5 day weekend also. Nice workouts that you got in. I love incorporating the Insanity and Weider workouts. The Weiders are easier, but I'm doing the cardio at a quicker pace, so it is making them even tougher. :wink: So far the kb workouts are going really well, have only done one workout in the series so far. It has been easy, but I can see where doing the movements for longer than 30 sec. will really get the HR going. I'm suppose to do a test today, and that will determine if I can move up to the next level. Having fun so far.

    Have a great day!
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    HI Ladies & :drinker: :bigsmile: :drinker: :bigsmile: for it being my Friday too!

    Last night was BootCamp and it was good. A LOT of running outside and I mean probably half the class was spent doing that. In between we would run back into the gym and do squats with barbell, overhead presses, biceps/triceps and for the finale it was 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups & 100 squats! It was a good workout. This a.m. was no workout due to our house guests. It was fun though. My husband’s fishing buddy and his son stayed because his boy was playing in a golf tourn right near our house. Darling little guy and a good golfer! I guess he scored higher than my husband when they did a practice round yesterday! That’s pretty funny. Tonight will be Insane-X!! :wink:

    Erika: I feel your excitement! WooHoo for a 5-day weekend! :bigsmile: I am all set for my days off thru work, got all the ads submitted! Great job with your sprints and Push/Pull w/ TFHiit 15! Sounds like you have hit your stride again with these Cathe workouts.

    Laurie: Sounds like a great plan, leave work early and get a workout in! We don’t have hot weather today at all. Cloudy and windy but we are supposed to get nice sunny weather starting tomorrow thru the whole weekend! Cannot wait! Although it could be not so nice weathe and I would be thrilled to be OFF for 5 days! The sunshine is a bonus for me. It’s great that you are loving the workouts and getting the KB training in. I bet you pass and can move on! That’s exciting about Asylum … you will be happy with your purchase! Speaking of which, the new Cathe DVDs arrived yesterday! WooHoo! I don’t know that I will get one in this week but hoping to fit them in next week so I can try them!

    Hi Laurel & Michelle :flowerforyou:

    I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! What’s everyone doing for the 4th?

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    Hi Ladies. Today started with STS Disk 20/Legs and I followed it with another oldie (seems to be my trend lately)--Cathe's Max Intensity Cardio. That was a tough combo on the legs, but it felt great. It isn't as warm here, but the humidity has kicked in so I was drenched by the end. I love that feeling! :tongue:

    Erika, I'm glad you like Push/Pull. It isn't a workout I do very often because I don't know how effective it is for me. But it is great for a 40 minute total body workout, that's for sure. I do like the way the exercises are grouped in that workout, no doubt. Regarding the evacuations last Tuesday, for the area that was burned, they announced the evacs at about 4:20pm. I know because I was watching the news briefing where they announced them, and I was also aware that those neighborhoods being evacuated were right next door to us. I could tell the fire was moving quickly by that time, but they came on the TV and told people they had hours to evacuate and to do so in an orderly manner. But anybody with any sense could see there weren't hours. There was a newscaster who lives in the area who was filming the evacs, and within 30 minutes of the order, he fled the area because the fire was getting so close. I know I saw the fire on the hills above that neighborhood at 5:00pm, which is when I started to get panicky. From the time we were given our pre-evac order (5:30pm), to the time I got to Denver (8:45pm), the neighborhood was engulfed. All I keep thinking is about those people on TV saying to 'stay calm' and yet how quickly it moved. I am glad people didn't listen to them and fled because if they had listened, we would probably have more deaths than we do. But I am not surprised people weren't able to take much with them, and that makes me very sad.

    My husband had the opportunity to meet the Incident Commander yesterday, and he talked about what happened on Tuesday. He said they had three lines of defense set up, and the fire blew through those three lines within minutes. In other words, what happened probably couldn't have been predicted or prevented. I know there is all kinds of second-guessing right now, but when the winds turned towards the city and turned into hurricane force winds (caused by a thunder storm in Denver), there was little anybody could do. It is tragic, without a doubt. But blaming those who stopped the fire from going any further and those who saved what they could (81% of the houses in the area where saved, some with burned decks and such) isn't going to change the fact that this was, quite simply, an act of God.

    There are quite a few funds being set up right now, but I know I am waiting for the dust to settle a bit so it becomes clear what is needed and by whom. I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for thinking about our community here. :flowerforyou: As I watched the smoke engulf the city on my way out of town last Tuesday, I felt immensely sad for this wonderful place I am living in. It still breaks my heart when I see the destruction. So....thank you. I will keep you posted.

    Laurie, no doubt you're worried about your DD. But I like the idea of being able to buy new dishes as a result! I was a little older than her when I had my first apartment, and I felt completely capable of taking care of myself. Of course, now I look back on it and think 'How did I survive?' :laugh: But I did! I'm sure your daughter will be just fine. Regarding Asylum, it isn't even close to P90X when it comes to pull-ups so don't fear that! I'm not sure anything is close to P90X in that category! Enjoy your time off.

    Tami, great job on the workouts. That's funny about that young boy beating your husband's golf score. I bet that would have been fun to see! Enjoy your long weekend!

    Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Slim Series Firm It Up which is a lower body 60 minute routine. This was a great workout and hit those booty spots:bigsmile: Afterwards it was off to the doctor for a 45minute wait:grumble: for my little lady and then I just grabbed the eldest from camp early. Yesterday I was able to clean out some cabinets and throw away expired meds, supplements, etc and today I will focus on packing our 2 week essental bag and some food items that can be packed in the truck.

    Laurie- Glad to hear that you will have a long weekend and hopefully temps will drop for you soon. This Friday is hubby's birthday so we will head to a motorcycle museum, maybe breakfast or dinner out or both:blushing: and Spiderman:bigsmile:

    Erika- I have not done Push/Pull in a while but it is a fun workout. The new workout, not her step workout seems like it will be awesome. Yikes on the 100's although I'm headed that high soon:grumble:

    Tami- Yes the dress is looser, not sure if it is fitting better as it is no longer hitting those curves quite as nicely:tongue: . I will definitely have to get the upper altered under the arms but the overall package should be sexy and elegant:wink:

    Laurel- How are the temps? any rain?

    Ok off to eat lunch and get moving.

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    Hi Ladies :bigsmile:

    Happy 4th of July!!!:drinker: hope you are all enjoying your day.... started off the day with Spinning :wink: it was a full class & lots of fun. Last night @ Insane-X we did the Max Plyo style workout....lots of legs so this a.m. felt good.

    We head out in the a.m. Going to get a workout in early! All packed & made a couple things to bring! Should be fun & our weather is scheduled to be only sunshine.....Sun is going to be 97 :huh: :bigsmile: drastic change in our area, not complaining though. We've had so much rain this year. We will have to actually turn on the sprinkler system for the first time.

    Talk to you all soon :flowerforyou: enjoy the rest of your week & weekend!

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    Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a great 4th! Ours was quiet, which was nice. Started yesterday with STS Disk 21/Back and Biceps, and followed it with KIck, Punch and Crunch. Good stuff. Today was Cardio Fusion followed by Cathe's Turbo Barre from her Low Impact Series. I really enjoy that barre workout. My legs were shaking at the end.

    Tami, I hope you enjoy the warm weather. We are headed in the opposite direction with highs in the 70s this weekend. I cant't wait! Great job with the workouts yesterday!

    Michelle, we actually got rain night before last! It was the most rain I have seen since we got here. But, sadly, the ground still looks parched. But we have our fingers crossed for more moisture over the next few days. It has been a tough summer here, and I think the entire state could use a break right now!

    I probably won't be able to check in again until Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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    Hey Ladies,

    It has been a fun long weekend here with high temps, storms, etc. The wedding is finally over and it was a hot day without any covering during the ceremony. It was a simple wedding coordinated by the young couple and although it was held in a golf club house it was very simplistic with self service, laid back attendees..i.e. white jeans pants:noway: , etc. The bride attempted to read her vows in spanish and then english and the groom used his Iphone:huh: to recite his vows , so needless to say it was very interesting and full of chuckles. We made it home by 8pm and actually crashed by 10pm:laugh:

    Last week I was able to do Bar Method on Wednesday, Breathless Body on Thursday, Core Fusion & Wii Dance on Friday which has my quads with severe DOMS. It actually feels as if my femor was hit with a blunt object:noway: Hubby has started his 30 days vacation which will definitely affect my schedule plus we have contractors here all week remodeling our Master bath shower and regrouting our first floor tile which has cracked with the severe dry weather and shifting grounds:mad:

    I have a schedule laid out but the contractor who is ex-military has early hours so I will see how that works out for me. Overall now that hubby is here we will be organizing the storage units that were moved into the garage and trying to reduce our poundage and sell, donate or throw away unused items that were hidden away these past 5 years:blushing: I will definitely try to get on at least once or twice this week.

    Have a great week my friends and hopefully those of you who had 3 days off had a blast!

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    Hello Ladies!!!! :bigsmile: I am feeling so relaxed and refreshed, it's great!!! :wink:

    Lots of fun workouts this week (too many to name, that kinda week!), with rest day falling on Saturday. Today was cardio, so I popped in TJ Fat Blaster! :bigsmile:

    Michelle--Sounds like you had a fun time at the wedding, but my, what a different set up than the typical. I have never been to an outdoor wedding, but from what others have told me (and from the weddings I was in charge of when I was a wedding planner), they are much more casual than typical. Hey, if it fits the couple, then I say go for it! :happy: I hope the legs are feeling better after all the torture you put them through last week! :laugh: Good luck with the packing, remodeling, and squeezing in workouts too!

    Laurel--I'm glad you had a nice 4th of July! Sounds like you celebrated with some awesome workouts!! :bigsmile: Are all the fires in CO contained now? Any rain lately?? We have gone so many days with 90+ degree temps and no rain, that our lawn is starting to look like hay, despite our watering efforts. We definitely need rain here, but surprisingly, the fire danger is posted as low still. Maybe not by the end of this week of 90's again!

    Tami--I hope you enjoyed your time off, and had safe travels! :bigsmile:

    Laurie-I hope our time off was great too! :bigsmile:

    Off to get ready for the day. Have a great day!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I was MIA all the while I had off. I managed to get in workouts, and feeling good with the endurance improvements. I will be on until about Wednesday, have to head up north for my Uncles funeral on Thursday. I am on vacation starting next Monday, so will be without to much computer service while up at the cabin. I will only have my oldests phone, so I don't think I will be posting to the message boards. :laugh:

    Faire started this weekend, and I woke up this morning feeling like two trucks ran over me. :noway: I will get in the Insanity Fit Test and Skogg Roots workout after work. I think that is about all that my body can take today. :wink: I don't know what I will be doing while on vacation for workouts, I'm going to have my computer, but I will have to do my workouts outside. :huh: No room in the cabin for comfort. I will attempt it, but it may or may not happen. :laugh:

    We had a very quiet, but nice 4th. :wink:

    Michelle, No rain so far, but we where blessed with some temps in the 80's yesterday. That was way way better than the 90's the day before. Had a front come through that day, and the temps drom into the 70's. Boy was that nice. :laugh: Hope all goes well with the packing and contractors. Sounds like you are headed into a very stressful timeframe.

    Tami, I hope that you had a wonderful time off. :drinker:

    Laurel, WTG on those workouts! I managed to get my Insanity and kb workouts in, but not everyday. Sure was being lazy. :frown: Apparently we had some stupid person in our area burn about 20 acres until it got under control. Very lucky that it hasn't been windy around here. Glad that you got some rain, but understand about the rain situation. I have to water our plants outside everyday. :frown: Some of them may not make it during the winter. Farmers are 10 days away from cutting the corn stalks for feed, if we don't get rain.

    Erika, I did have a great time off, it was nice to be with my DH and the youngest. Right now my youngest is home watching my two nieces. When I left for work they where all laying on the couch, watching TV.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile: My days OFF were amazing! It was so fun to be with my mom and my Uncle. We spent time at both Uncles’ houses on the lake and it was just a nice little time away. No workouts while I was gone …. :ohwell: and by the time we got home, unpacked, etc. etc. Then this a.m. I was wiped out. We didn’t sleep very good each night and were up before 6 am. Which isn’t that early for me compared to my “norm” but when I’m on vacation mode it felt early. All that sunshine & heat (which I am not used to at all) not complaining though …… maybe tired me out a bit too! :ohwell: At any rate, back on the wagon tonight at BootCamp & I cannot wait! I feel a bit OFF when I don’t workout for more than 2 days.

    Laurel: Sounds like you got in some great workouts! :smile: There was a fire nearby where we were at my Uncles and I absolutely thought of you. This was around 200+ acres (so minimal compared to Colorado) but just the smoke lingering. Did you see Cathe has a new workout series coming out?!?!? X-Train :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :drinker: I'm SO excited to see that. Here's a teaser for ya if you haven't read on it yet: The idea for the XTRAIN series was born out of listening to everyone's feedback and suggestions about STS and another older favorite, Cross Train Xpress. XTRAIN takes the best of both STS and Cross Train Xpress and merges the two concepts, but of course with an updated approach and improvements. :bigsmile:

    Michelle: Sounds like you had a nice weekend and the wedding went well! Interesting with the Iphone vows! How times have changed. Great job getting in the workouts. It will be nice having your hubby there to help go through stuff I’m sure.

    Erika: Isn’t it fabulous to have a couple extra days! :bigsmile: I wish I had that waaaaaaay more often. Felt so great. We definitely had safe travels and lots of fun. It’s tough to be back but it’s the way it goes. I’m looking forward (as always after being gone) to my workouts!

    Laurie: Sounds like you had a nice 4th and with Faire starting it sounds busy for you as well! Plus prepping for vacation. Hope you were able to get in your workout tonight.

    Talk to you all tomorrow! Tami
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,854 Member Member Posts: 2,854 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    No workout last night, I got home and went upstairs to change my clothes. The bed looked so tempting, so I guess I passed out for a good hour. :blushing: Guess I needed the rest. This morning I did Pure Cardio and S90D Core Dynamics. Feet where not loving those football drills, but otherwise I made it all the way through those lovely mountain climbers. :wink:

    Tami, I like the back on the wagon! That has been my feeling about my last week too. :laugh: So glad to hear that you had such a great time, despite the heat. I saw the announcement of X-Train also, hope they offer the set without the cycling workout. I don't have that equipment. :laugh: I like the thought of STS workouts, but shorter. :wink: This is one set that I for sure will be getting the boxing workout, and will look at the other offerings. The step is what always makes me hesitate on a workout. But I love that she is doing low impact on these also.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies!

    Cathe Trisets and Supermodel Butt and Legs today! :bigsmile: First time doing both, and loved both!

    Tami--Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you had such a nice time! I hear you on missing workouts, it just makes you feel off. I make myself take 1 rest day per week, and I always feel so weird all day. :ohwell:

    Laurie--Sounds like your body has been craving some extra sleep! I'm glad you're able to get it when you need it, and still get in workouts when you can. :bigsmile:

    Hi Laurel and Michelle!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,122 Member Member Posts: 3,122 Member
    Hi Ladies! Sounds like everybody had a nice weekend. We did here. It has been MUCH cooler and we've had lots and lots of rain. I'm loving every minute of it. Unfortunately we did experience some flooding last night in the burn area which closed one of the major roads in the region for a little while, but that wasn't completely unexpected. I think everybody right now is willing to put up with a little flooding if it means rain. The fire is almost under control now, which is terrific. I haven't woken up to the smell of smoke since last Friday! :drinker: It is amazing how much difference fresher air can make, that's for sure.

    Did some great workouts on Friday and over the weekend. I finished Meso 2 today with STS Disk 24, which I followed with Cathe's LIS Afterburn. That was a great combo. I only have three weeks (starting next week) until we head out on vacation, so I've decided to do the last week of Meso 2 this week and will also complete Week 1 of Meso 1 this week. We'll see how that goes! :tongue: But I'm ready to push through now and move on to something other than STS after we get back from Florida.

    Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope everything goes well while you are away and that you enjoy your time at the cabin. Definitely sounds like you are back on the wagon when it comes to working out, though! Great job pushing through with Insanity workouts!

    Tami, I'm so glad you enjoyed your time off. I'm feeling a need for a break from working out too and am only hoping I can hold off until we head out of town in a few weeks. Both the body and mind are getting tired!! Cathe's new series definitely looks enticing. This one I will order! Sounds like a versatile program! Let me know how you like her new workouts. Doing Afterburn this morning made me think about buying these two new workouts when I pre-order X-TRAIN!

    Erika, did you do the Cathe Trisets from her Low Impact Series? I'm just curious. I had a really hard time getting through that one, so if it is that one, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I might have to look into it again. It seems that revisiting these Low Impact Series workouts is really making me enjoy them more than I did when I first purchased the series. I hope you get some rain there. It has made so much difference here. I might be able to just about make it through the summer. People keep asking me how my summer is going and I'm like :huh: . Between the moth infestation we had in May/June (the worst I've ever seen....was like something out of a Hitchcock movie), the excessive heat and then the fire on our doorstep, if I had never been to Colorado before, I would have been convinced we'd actually moved into one of Dante's circles of hell. :laugh: But I'm thinking that's not the answer people are looking for when they are asking me about my summer and, thankfully, things have shifted towards the better.

    Michelle, sounds like you are shifting into gear getting ready for the move! I hope everything goes well. It is coming up quickly, isn't it? My husband is going to be off a bit over the next few weeks too which always impacts my workouts schedule, so you have my sympathy with your DH being off now too. Hopefully he can take care of the house while you take care of you!!

    Enjoy the day!

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile: BootCamp was another sweat fest forsure! She did nearly the same as last week …… so again running outside a LOT, sprints, distance, etc. and it was very HOT outside. :noway: :embarassed: My face was so red Come to think of it, everyone had very red faces. Definitely got in a good workout. This a.m. was S90 Back & Bi’s and for my favorite Tues eve. workout I found out it has been CXLD until Fall. :sad: Chris, the instructor has hurt his knee. Actually did it last week in our class. At any rate, I think I will head home tonight and do my own Insanity workout! :wink: Such a bummer …. I might do the Strong class in the future on Tues evenings until it is up & running again. Just works tonight to get my cardio in at home because DH won’t be home.

    Laurie: Great job on the workout this a.m.! :wink: Yes, you must have needed the sleep! I thought of you when I read a little more about X-Train and the boxing workout!! They all sound really good. I know when I ordered the Low Impact Series I ordered it without the Cycling DVD, so I’m sure she will have it that option again.

    Erika: Glad to hear you liked your new workouts this a.m.! That’s awesome. Yes, it feels great to be back and into the workouts.

    Laurel: Glad to hear you enjoyed your Afterburn workout – that is such a good one in my opinion. Great job finishing up Meso 2 – that went fast! :noway: I bet you are definitely looking ahead to a new rotation when you get back. I will let you know and give a good review on the new Cathe workouts I received. Hoping to try at least one of them this week…. or Saturday!

    Hi Michelle :wink:

    Talk to you all tomorrow!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Good Morning Ladies!!! :bigsmile:

    I don't know what's going on with my body, but waiting up by 4:30am to workout has been easy...I mean easier than the 5am alarm. I'm finding myself waking up on my own around 4am most mornings, so weird! That being said, it's been nice to have extra time to workout, so I can do longer workouts, or both strength/cardio in the same day.

    This morning was Asylum's Speed and Agility. I didn't like it this time as much as I did the last 2. I love the speed round at the end, but I kinda was feeling the repetition set in by the end of the workout. Hmmm....keep or trade, that is the question! :laugh:

    Tami--I'm glad class was a killer for you, but bummer on the cancelled class. What did he do that messed up his knee?? I've been taking most of my workouts low impact, as I'm so worried about doing something to my knee. I keep hearing more and more situations where people are hurting their knee during workouts. That's gotta just stink! :grumble:

    Laurel--Yay on the rain! I saw some pictures of the mudslides from the rain near where the fires were, but sounds like it's cleared up already. We are not supposed to get rain anytime soon, so I would anticipate we'll have some fire danger alerts going out very soon. Great job on the workouts, and I like the idea of finishing up Meso 2 and starting Meso 3 this week, to get everything done before vacation. Yes, Trisets are from the low impact series. I did one of the was just chest, bi's and tri's I think? I haven't done the whole workout through to see what I think. It has a slight boring factor to me, but not enough to keep me from finishing the workout, but definitely not up there with my faves.

    Michelle and Laurie--Hi!
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