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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,608 Member Member Posts: 1,608 Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Tae Bo, Barre, and LIS Total Body Trisets-Upper Body.
    We had a beautiful day today. It was a little cloudy, warm, and dry.

    Laurie, I'm so glad you had a good vacation week and that you got to visit with your parents! Great job getting workouts in during vacation week!

    Erika, I'm glad you had a nice, long and relaxing weekend. Sorry, you had to deal with such hot and humid weather though. Great job with those workouts!
    Congrats on the boat!! You guys are going to have so much fun!

    Awww! Thanks for the picture comment! If you ever see those round watermelons with the really dark green skin, get one! We may have to visit the fruit stand at the end of the week because the watermelon is really good. I'm glad you enjoyed the fireworks. Sorry about your doggy though. Fireworks are so hard on pets.

    Laurel, you were super busy over the weekend! Great job with all that yard work and workouts!
    I'm sorry your farmer's market was shut down! Are the farmers nearby? Maybe they have their own little stands.
    BTW, Amazon has masks again. I ordered a box that got good reviews. If I like them I will order more.

    Goodnight ladies!
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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,678 Member Member Posts: 2,678 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Well I didn't set my alarm this morning, so I slept through my workout time. :p Planning on doing a Tae Bo workout when I get home. Guess I'm still on vacation mode, and next week DH and I are taking a week off together. He is suppose to be going into work at the end of July, so we thought that we would take a vacation before then.

    Last week I spent Monday thru Wednesday at my parents. As soon as I got up there my Mom wanted to go to the grocery store, so I had to take her on a half hour ride for that. I made a flower bed and planted a couple of plants for her on Tuesday, it was really hot up there and I was dripping. On Wednesday before I left I had to take her and Dad up to visit with his doctor. My dad is having problems with a nerve in his jaw which causes him severe pain. When we got home from his appointment, my Mom needed to go to the credit union, post office and then gas for the lawn mower. I told her that she just wanted to stay in my car because of the A/C. :D There house has no a/c in it. I was finally on the road by 2pm, and flew home in about 5 hours. :D There was no traffic to speak of, so it was a nice drive home. I came home with material for my nieces wedding quilt, a box full of books for quilting, knitting and crocheting. She also sent me home with a couple of plants that she changed her mind on planting. :D Oh and she also gave me some of her fabulous dinner rolls. I''m glad that I went up, because I know my Mom loved having some of her family there, and I was glad that I could help her get things done without having to bother her brothers or sister.

    We had our friends over on the 4th, it was actually a nice day in the shade. I'm finding I can tolerate the heat better this year than in previous years. Even in the non a/c house of my parents I had the covers on and just a ceiling fan moving the air. :o

    Erika, Congrats on the boat purchase, and I'm sure that you will find the perfect cabin with a great lake. We have that heat, but it doesn't sound like it is as bad as yours. I think that being by the lake helps. Of course this heat has brought out the mosquitoes, so we can't enjoy the evenings outside when the temperature is more enjoyable. Great job on your workouts! Hope that you are able to try out one of those Tae Bo workouts. Have to say that I feel for you with the dogs, our previous dog was horrible with all the banging going on with the 4th. Rocket is very good, but stays in the house.

    Laurel, Of course awesome job on your workouts! I love the sound of that boxing workout. Glad to hear that your DH is okay after the moose incident. Not many people can have a moose story. ;) I see that you are busy with reading a puzzle making. My Mom showed me a wood puzzle that she finished, and now has on a board wrapped in plastic. There was a piece in there that looked like a cat. You probably would enjoy trying that kind out. She said there was a piece that was like an octopus with all kinds of legs to it.

    Tami, Sounds like you have been super busy at work, but great job on getting workouts into your schedule. Glad that your yard looks good, and I hope that your DH is able to recover after tackling that project. We still have some work to do on our yard, but it just has been to hot to do physical labor. DH changed the wood decor on our front porch, and that was making him sweat. Hope that you where able to enjoy the time off before you had to go back to work. I know that I loved having that week off, and it was really hard to go into work yesterday morning.

    Thelma, Love your new pic! Great job on all your workouts! The color on those pictures was beautiful also. I didn't really follow the rotation, but I'm back at it this week, and then will be off of it again next week. Glad to hear that your Aunt isn't as emotional, but sorry to hear that she is suffering so with her grief. It took my MIL a good year to get over her grief. Every time she talked about my FIL that first year she would cry.

    Have a great day!
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  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,293 Member Member Posts: 1,293 Member
    Hi Ladies!

    So, funny story...I worked late last night and when I was done there were lots of extra people at the house (hubby had a friend over, both youngest and oldest had friends over) so I decided I was going to take my cardio day as a rest day. I ran to Target, and midway through my shopping realized yesterday was an STS day, not cardio. So, I came home and did the dreaded STS Plyo Legs at 7:30 at night. Well, it was the "other" Plyo which really isn't anywhere near as hard as the week 1 plyo. So, I got it done, but much later than normal and still slept well!

    Thelma, thanks for the pointer on the watermelons. I can never remember if the dark green or light green skin are better. Now I know! Great job on the workouts! I meant to do a Tae Bo workout this weekend, but when I previewed a couple something about the counting reminded me that I get distracted by that and can't focus on the workout. I'm like that with music too Cathe's "knockoff" songs. I sit and focus on what the real words are and then find myself having stopped doing the workout alltogether!

    Laurel, sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm glad to hear the weather was nice and you were able to get in a long walk! Sounds like some excellent workouts too! The weather is still supposed to be hot and humid for at least another week. Last night wasn't quite as hot (87 with dewpoints in the upper 60s) as it's been, which was nice. We've been hitting mid 90's with dewpoints in the 70s which means heat index of over 100. That takes a toll on the body! Interesting on your cucumbers are going nuts (still waiting for the first bud, but the leaves/flowers are abundant) but pepper is not. I have 2 tomatoes that should be ripe by this weekend and then we'll probably have a lot after that!

    Hi Tami and Laurie!!

    Talk to you all tomorrow!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,909 Member Member Posts: 2,909 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LITE Stacked Sets Upper Body and LITE Abs 2, followed by a 45 minute spin with Peloton. I absolutely love that Stacked Sets workout. For such a short workout, it really puts a bite in the muscles. So good.

    Thelma, I keep forgetting to mention the new photo. I love it! Great job with the workouts. I am glad you found some masks on Amazon. I need to order more. And I finally got some cloth ones that fit so I can talk and not have it slip off my face. :) Our county’s mandatory face mask order goes into effect this evening, and I am so glad it is. Our cases.....just not good at all. The farmers at our market came mostly from the center of the state (at least the fruit ones did) and, sadly, I won’t be venturing down to that part of the state anytime soon. Just....not good.

    Laurie, I would imagine it’s a little hard to get back into a routine this week since it is sandwiched between two vacation weeks. But it sounds like a nice visit with your parents and I have no doubt they appreciated you helping them with their garden and with their errands. Sounds like you came home with a lot of material for future projects! I have no doubt I would like those puzzles you mentioned. I keep telling DH that I am out of control on the whole puzzle thing, but it is harmless and completely soothes my mind. And that’s a good thing. :)

    Erika, oh goodness there is no way you would catch me doing a Meso 3 Plyo Leg workout after a long day. Great job getting it in....even last minute. :D I enjoyed my first pepper and only cucumber last night. The pepper tasted SO good. Sometimes I forget what vegetables are supposed to taste like until I pull them out of the garden. Makes a huge difference in the dinner salad that’s for sure. Stay cool!

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,371 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,371 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Another quick check in. :) So Sunday I did LITE Stacked Sets Upper Body + Peloton ride and yesterday was LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body, no Peloton ride though .... Tonight will be a ride after work forsure! ;)

    DH is gone fishing for a couple days, trying out his summer guiding spot to take a few clients/customers throughout July. So he will go back and forth but leave our trailer there to stay in. He did recover from all the yardwork. Luckily he wasn't overly sore, just tired. He mentioned again how out of shape he is ..... I just told him I was glad he wasn't overly sore and how nice the yard looks. I think he wanted to get it ALL done so that just mowing is involved now for quite some time.

    Our manager sent out an e-mail today telling us how closely he is watching the number and how much they have gone up in our area. I knew they would with all the tourists and people being out and about this weekend for the 4th. So scary and frustrating that people aren't taking it serious. He will be monitoring everything closely he said and if anyone feels at all sick he is sending them home, might even start taking our temps.

    That's all for now ~ I will try and catch up tonight!
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,608 Member Member Posts: 1,608 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Tae Bo, Yoga Basics, and LIS Total Body Trisets Lower Body. This is another week when my legs are working hard which I love. Barre got my inner thighs and today yoga and Total Body Trisets worked my legs pretty good.

    We had a pretty dry day until the afternoon when it started to rain and the heat and humidity kicked in.
    We survived another trip to the supermarket! Yaay! Most people were wearing masks which is good. Of course, it was so early that there weren't a lot of people there. I was happy to see a young couple wearing masks and gloves. Very refreshing!

    Laurie, welcome back! Sounds like your mom loved having you there! I'm so glad you went because they needed help going places. I bet your mom loves her new flower bed! I hope your dad's doctor finds a way to help him with that severe nerve pain in his jaw! Did you go shopping in your mom's material quilt stash?
    How exciting about you and your DH taking a week off together next week!

    I'm glad you had a good 4th with your friends. You're so lucky to be tolerating the heat better!
    Thanks so much for the picture comment! I was wrong about my aunt not being as emotional. She still is very emotional. I feel bad for her. It's hard to help someone who doesn't want to be helped. I know my uncle's death is very recent so it is normal for her to be suffering so much with her grief. She doesn't think she'll ever get over her grief and I agree.

    Don't worry about not following the rotation. It is summertime. Do what you can and enjoy life!

    Erika, good for you for getting that STS Plyo workout in after work and Target!

    DH and I picked a female watermelon with a yellow spot at the supermarket today. I'll cut it in a couple of days. I hope we picked a good one.
    I can understand how Tae Bo counting can be distracting and even annoying. I am surprised I am able to ignore it. All I know is that doing Tae Bo first thing in the morning is energizing to me.

    Laurel, great workouts today! I loved the Stacked Sets workouts too. I'll be doing those tomorrow and Thursday.

    Awww! Thanks so much for that picture comment! I took it after I washed my hear and diffused it. My hair was stuck to my head from the gel and it looked like I had a pixie haircut! LOL
    I found some cloth masks that are a little too big for me, but they're OK for DH. I just heard that two counties in GA have mandated face coverings. I wish the entire state would require wearing masks. Hopefully, you'll be able to find good fruits at your supermarket. I found some peaches at the supermarket today. I hope they are good.

    Tami, great workouts! Like I told Laurel, I'll be doing the Stacked Sets workouts tomorrow and Thursday.

    I hope your DH has finds good fishing at his guiding spot. I'm so glad he recovered from all the yard work he did last week!

    Thank God your manager is keeping an eye on the COVID numbers. Our situation here is the same as yours with the tourists. They don't wear masks! Do you think you'll have to work from home again in the near future?

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,678 Member Member Posts: 2,678 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Was able to get in a Tae Bo workout after work yesterday, and I did one of the old advanced live workouts since I had the time. This morning was LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body. Seems like a theme around here. :D

    Erika, Awesome job on getting in the STS workout even if it was a late night for you. Nice that your garden is doing so well, but dang on the peppers. I didn't know about the watermelon either, so thanks for asking that question. Now I know which one to pick. :D

    Laurel, I love those stacked sets also, so great job on your workouts! I know that my oldest brother and sister have visited my parents, since they both live a lot closer. All my younger siblings have not attempted to visit. I have to call them this week to make sure that they have not gotten sick. I was a little frightened when my Mom left a message for us on Friday, but it was just to tell us that my MIL called her to thank her for the dinner rolls that I sent with DH. I don't think that you are out of control on the puzzles. You should go to the Dollar Tree, they have puzzles that are small but have around 500 pieces. For a dollar you can get a bunch of puzzles that don't take up a lot of room. ;) I did get some good material for projects, but I still had to go to the fabric store to find a certain color. That was fun. :D

    Tami, Great job on your workouts! Our company has been taking our temperatures since the beginning of May, and we have everyone back at work and added in some Interns also. Every morning they ask if we have any symptoms, and take our temps. Glad to hear that your DH wasn't overly sore with all the yard work. Nice that he is getting ready for fishing.

    Thelma, Nice job on all the workouts! Have to say that those Tae Bo workouts really do get you motivated. We had some really sever thunderstorms last night with a lot of rain. We really do need the rain around here though. My Mom said that she was going to go back to the garden center to get some more of the flowers that she loves. She gave me some flocks, but she really enjoys Dahlia's. The only problem with those is you need to take the bulbs out of the ground in the fall. I might have to make a trip up north around September to help her get those out, since she can't kneel with her titanium knees. ;) Every time I go up north, my Mom gives me things. I either keep them or send them to the thrift store. People give her everything related to knitting and crocheting because she teaches at the library.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,909 Member Member Posts: 2,909 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was.....LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body. :D As Laurie said, that seems to be the theme. I still think this is my favorite Cathe lower body workout on DVD. And I liked Monday’s workout so much, I opted for another kickboxing workout which was Cathe Live Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing. So much fun!

    Tami, great workouts. I am glad your DH is going to get some fishing in this year. That will make it feel a little more ‘normal’ for sure. But I am sorry to hear that your virus situation is getting so bad. Honestly, I don’t understand tourism right now. But we don’t have tourists here and our cases have tripled in just a few weeks....with only have ourselves to blame. I kind of wish I could blame it on outsiders and not the people I see in the grocery store every week. :# But I am glad your manager is doing everything to keep you safe.

    Thelma, great workout. I am feeling the same way about my lower body this week, and I am enjoying it. Actually, I really feel like I have reached a nice balance with those one body part workouts during the weeks of circuit/metabolic in focusing more on upper body those weeks and more in lower body in the more pure strength weeks like this week. Honestly, I am loving this rotation right now and toying with ways of extending it. I am sorry to hear about your aunt. I will continue to pray that she finds some peace over time and can find some joy in living.

    Laurie, great workouts. :D I really hope your parents are able to stay healthy. I am pretty worried about my in-laws, but at least my SIL is there to check in one them. And she works in a hospital, so she can keep reminding them to be safe. I had forgotten Dollar Tree sold puzzles! That’s a great idea, and we have one pretty close to home. Pretty soon I am going to be able to open a puzzle shop. :p

    Until tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,608 Member Member Posts: 1,608 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Tae Bo, Beginner Gentle yoga, LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper Body, and Revive and Restore Yoga. I loved the stacked sets workout. It moves pretty fast! The Revive and Restore class was all about hip openers! I LOVE those classes.

    It rained pretty heavily late this afternoon for a while. It sounds like we may get more rain over the weekend too.

    My mammo results came back normal! It's about time something is normal with me! I will start taking a prescription for my bones though. I'm cool with that.

    Laurie, I'm glad you had the time to do a little Tae Bo last night! Great job with your workouts!! I'll be doing the Stacked Sets: Lower Body tomorrow.

    Tae Bo is a good motivator and energizer for me. I don't like the ones where he gives a lot of instruction because it goes really slow. I googled Billy yesterday and he has his own Tae Bo studio. He still teaches. The room he uses for his home classes is his basement.
    Did you know he has a new video? It's called Boomboxing I think. It looks like it was a total bust. I found it on YouTube! I wonder if the blonde lady is his daughter who used to be his main instructor on the videos. She's very quiet though. The Asian lady, in the beginning, is his wife and the taller black girl is his daughter.

    So your mom is getting out on her own! I thought your parents had been sheltering in place all this time!
    Dahlias are beautiful but I can't deal with digging out part.
    How wonderful that your mom teaches at the library! I would love to be in her class!

    Laurel, fantastic workout combo! Kickboxing is a lot of fun.

    I am loving this rotation too and I get excited every time you say you're thinking of ways of extending it. I don't want it to end! I love having the energy to do other workouts during the day. I also like the individual body part add-ons!
    Thank you for keeping my aunt in your prayers. I don't know how else to help her but with prayer.

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,678 Member Member Posts: 2,678 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30MTF Split Sessions Upper Body. I forgot to mention that I found Chalean Extreme at the thrift store for $15. The set is still in really good shape, and it had all the books included. The discs appear to be fine, didn't see any major scratches. Feel like I hit the jackpot on this one.

    Laurel, Awesome job on the workouts! I don't know if there isn't a time that I don't enjoy some kickboxing, it just makes me happy. The one thing I'm glad about with my parents is that all her brothers and sisters are in the area. My Mom doesn't drive, and my Dad shouldn't drive so she has to rely on other people to get rides to places. I wish that I could help them more, but that will have to wait until I retire or take my vacation time like I did last week. Good thing that I still have 4 weeks of vacation time to eat up this year, because I don't think that we will be going anywhere after our vacation next week. I to am enjoying this rotation, it has just enough variety to keep my interest.

    Thelma, Again some great workouts! Great news on the mammo results. Interesting that he is using his basement, and he has a baby grand piano in it. :D At least that is what it looks like. I had heard about the new workouts, but they didn't look all that great to me so I didn't really look more into them. My Mom has been going places with her sister, and wearing her mask. She is one to not stay in place to long, and they have to go to the next largest city to get meds and groceries that are not double the price. The very small town that I grew up in does have a Dollar General, and a grocery store. But the prices at the grocery store are way overpriced. I'm with you on the bulb digging, not something that I like to do. Plus you have to find a place to put them during the winter, and that is usually in the basement. Mom is a good teacher, she was the one who taught me and is making sure that her granddaughters are being taught also.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 2,909 Member Member Posts: 2,909 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 45 minute HiiT and Hills ride from Peloton and two hours with the lawn mower (aka ‘monster’). I was going to try to do some yoga after....and I may still....but right now I just want to drink water. It actually wasn’t too hot outside, but the humidity was high enough that is was soaked through. But having cloud cover this morning really helped, and I am very thankful for that.

    Thelma, great workouts. I am very happy to hear your mammogram results came back normal. I hate waiting for those results some times. I am so glad you are enjoying this rotation as much as me. I am toying with a few of options....repeating it as is, repeating it but mixing up the pure strength weeks a bit to add some more heavier stuff, or repeating it but doing two strength weeks for every one circuit week (for example, we would do this week twice), making it 12 weeks long instead of 8. I am leaning towards the latter, but let me know what you think. I just know right now every week I am excited about the workouts I get to do....and there are so many I want to try to fit in. And I love that! I also love that I have way more energy than I did when we were doing that last phase of our last rotation.

    Laurie, great workout! That is an absolute steal on Chalean Extreme. Great find. Wow, it’s tough if your parents can’t or shouldn’t be driving, but I am glad they have family nearby. One of the reasons I am glad my in-laws moved is my FIL shouldn’t drive, and my MIL is okay but doesn’t like traffic....and they had a lot of traffic where they lived in Florida. Now they are living in a town of about 5,000 people, so I think they are much safer with that. Hope you find something to do to enjoy all that vacation time!

    See you tomorrow.

  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,293 Member Member Posts: 1,293 Member
    Hi Ladies!

    I realized last night that I never checked in was a really busy work day! I got in (late into the evening again) my STS workout and now only have 2 more weeks left and I'm done!! Also, I guess I missed the stacked sets memo :D

    Heat and humidity were in full swing yesterday, today is cloudy but warm. I hear tomorrow is going to be low humidity (still close to 90) but I'll take it. We are taking the new boat out for a spin!

    Thelma, yay on the good mammo results! Again, great workouts, especially with all the legwork! I can see where Tae Bo would be very energizing, I have no disagreement there. Sometimes I can get past little things that annoy me, but others I can't. Maybe if I try a different day, I'll be more tolerant!

    Tami, glad to hear your hubby wasn't overly sore!! I'm sure he loves trying out new fishing spots, I can see where that would be very exciting! My hubby is like a kid in a candy store about the new boat being picked up tomorrow and likely will be out fishing every day the rest of the summer! Great job on the workouts, I hope you got in your peloton ride!

    Laurel, I still giggle at the monster comment! Glad you were able to tackle that one! Sounds like the MN humidity is spreading south! Great job with the workouts, yoga may be a good idea tonight after your body gets hydrated. I did some on Tuesday night and it was fabulous!

    Laurie, great find on CLX! That is a deal for sure! I keep forgetting to check our stores here, I'm sure I'd find some good ones. Nice work on the workouts, and joining the stacked sets crew. I guess I'm missing out!!

    Have a great day!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,608 Member Member Posts: 1,608 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workout today was Strong Body Stacked Sets: Lower.

    I almost cut my own hair today but chickened out when I realized how many layers I have! Women on YouTube make it look so easy! There was one woman who had really good defined curls; which allowed her to cut one curl at-a-time!

    Laurie, great workout! Congrats on the thrift store Chalean Extreme find!

    I'm happy about the mammo results for sure. I heard Billy mention in one of the workouts that they were in their basement. It does look like there is some kind of a piano there. The boomboxing workout doesn't look all that good.
    I'm glad your mom has been going out with her sister. It really stinks to live in a small town where food is overpriced. I think that happens here too.
    I love that your mom is making sure to teach her granddaughters her wonderful talents. What a wonderful memory or the girls!

    Laurel, great workout combo with bonus monster workout! It wasn't too humid here today either.

    I am really thankful for the normal mammo results! I would be OK with repeating the rotation as is. I like the idea of doing the strength week twice in a row. I am really amazed at how much energy I have now compared to the heavy lifting rotation we did before.

    Would you mind taking a quick look at what I've planned for next week to see if it's OK? I wasn't sure about that Intensity workout.
    Sun - S&S Boot Camp (56:14m)
    Mon - ICE Boot Camp Circuit (44:41m)
    Tue - Intensity - Step + HiiT (Low) + Boot Camp Premix - 60:23
    Wed - LITE PHA 2 (43:47m)
    Thu - Fit Tower Boot Camp (49:16m)

    Erika, great job getting your STS workout in after a busy workday! Thank God you only have two more STS weeks left! You totally missed the stacked sets memo! LOL

    I never imagined MN being so hot and humid. Have a wonderful time on the boat!

    I am really thankful for the normal mammo results! I'm glad the Tae Bo counting doesn't annoy me.

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,678 Member Member Posts: 2,678 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I decided that I needed to do some stretching, so I did Kristin McGee's Power Yoga. Felt great for a change of pace. Yesterday we had a downpour of rain. Looking out the window, it was like your car going through a car wash but you where in your house.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts! That lawn mowing workout sounds like a tough one too. Hope that you where able to get in a bunch of fluids after that one. One of the reasons that my Dad shouldn't drive is the amount and kind of meds that he has to take. Some of them make him drowsy, and then he has a problem with not being able to move his legs fast enough to brake. He wears these diabetic shoes, and they are heavy. I tell you, watching him makes me really want to get my DH into lifting weights. I really don't want to be lifting my DH's feet into the car like I had to for my Dad. :/ We are planning on doing various things on our vacation, but none of them have to do with our house or yard. :D

    Erika, Nice job on getting in your workout late again. Only two more weeks, that is great! We have had the humidity also, and it is still pretty high even with this rain that we just got. The stores are full of many good things to find right now, since everyone emptied out their house during the quarantine. I have been wanting this set for a long time, so I felt pretty good about that one. I don't think that there is anything else that I really need now, well except for those new Kelly and Cathe workouts. Hey you only have a couple of weeks to do other workouts, and I'm sure that the stacked sets will be on the menu. I'm sure once I decide when I will start a CLX rotation, I will have some questions for you.

    Thelma, Love the workout! Those are such great workouts that one can't help but do them when it comes to upper/lower work. I would chicken out cutting my own hair also. Love the look of your next week rotation, but of course I wouldn't be doing the Intensity just not one of my favorites. I'm with you on the counting not bothering me with Billy, I kind of tune it out. He was one of the few people that was putting out workouts around that time, so we really had to deal with that aspect of the workout. :D

    Have a great weekend and or week next week. I don't know how much I will be getting on line.

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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was S&S Total Body Giant Sets followed by Cathe Live Kickboxing, HiiT and Core. And I may try going for a walk later. I never did get my yoga in yesterday. I sat down at my puzzle and, well, time flies! :) That’s okay because I was feel pretty tired by the end of the day yesterday, so I think avoiding my hot workout space, even for yoga, was perfectly okay.

    Thelma, great workout! It is funny you mention cutting your hair because I am getting close to be desperate to get mine cut. But with what is happening in our county right now, I am just not comfortable going into Ulta, even for a trim. Maybe things will change with the face mask mandate and I can get in there in a couple of weeks. But, if not, I may be looking at some YouTube videos! I love the look of your schedule for next week. Have you ever done Intensity? If not, here are my recommendations for it. The step part is about 30 minutes long, and I would do it on 4”. It isn’t choreographed like Party Rockin’ Step, but is formatted more like the first part of the X10 Step workout where she does a certain move six times and then goes to another one. The difference here is that in the X10 Step, she does one move repeated where this is more a series of moves repeated several times, then another series of moves repeated several times. You can modify the impact. There are double footed jumps on to the step in a couple of places, but you can always take that impact out. Intensity is one of my favorite Cathe cardio workouts, and I think it is worth trying at least once. The Low Impact section won’t be anything new for you, which is fine. The Boot Camp section is short and sweet, but is higher impact, but I think you modify most of it to low. You can do it with a set of 8lb or 10lb weights and a firewalker band. The entire workout does move fast, so be prepared to not always quite be with Cathe when she starts something new. But, again, I love this workout and think it is worth a go, especially if you are feeling like you want a mental and physical challenge. And if you are concerned about using the step four days in a row, you can always exchange the Fit Tower Boot Camp And ICE Boot Camp, but don’t do that if you are worried about doing too much strength training in two days with the PHA and ICE BC workout. Thanks for the feedback on the rotation. I am going to play around with it a bit, but I think I will opt for another 12 weeks of this. That would take us into November when I might want to tackle heavier workouts again. Or not. :D;)

    Laurie, great workout! I think Kristin will go down as my favorite yoga instructor ever. I don’t know what it is about her, but whatever it is, it just clicks with me. I have tried the other Peloton instructors, but I just like Kristin so much better. If your Dad is on medication that makes him drowsy, I agree, he shouldn’t be driving. My FIL is going blind because of diabetes, and he really can’t see anything. But he drove them all the way from Missouri to Florida last summer. :o How do you tell your parents they are doing something so not smart? But, they also let us drive them back to Missouri, so I don’t think that will happen again. And I so agree about lifting weights and keeping that strength as we age. My DH complains about his joints and such, and he knows what I think might help him. I have resolved myself to knowing that it just isn’t going to happen at least while he is still working.

    Erika, great job with STS, especially getting the workout in after a long day. You are just cruising through this rotation it seems! I really hope you have a good time with your new boat. I love the sound of the rest of your DH’s summer. :) Yes, we are getting your heat and humidity now. High’s next week in the upper 90’s! I am good with it, to be honest. As I always say, I want to be ready for summer to end when it ends because winter.....isn’t my favorite season. :#

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Hi Ladies ~ Checking in .... finally! Having my quiet Saturday a.m. coffee and decided it was a perfect time to check in. We had another busy week, which I am sure you all assumed, but I have missed you all. I ended up doing a nice outside Bike ride with 2 of my friends that I used to see at the gym and Ashley is one of them who I rode with a lot last year. At any rate, it was so fun to see them and visit, share recent struggles/life, etc. with. We rode 19 miles and conquered the steep hill that we always have to go up on this ride. Thursday, was a REST day for me. I was just pooped after work and felt like getting a dinner together and not feel rushed. Last night I did a fun 45-min Peloton ride.

    This week has been challenging for me on sleeping .... feeling anxious randomly too. I don’t know if it is just the “new normal” with everything going on in the world, being busy at work, hormones maybe?? TOM is around the corner so maybe a combo of all. :( At any rate, once I get going in my day I feel good, just night time has been challenging. DH came home for a few days before he heads back, so it is good go see him. Fishing has not been that great due to colder water temps (lack of good sunshine) and water flow with the dams being open more. This week is supposed to improve from what he sees in the forecast. We will see.

    I am looking forward to this week of workouts!! Thelma, thank you for posting your schedule, these give me great ideas to put on my calendar and I HOPE to follow it, because I know I will enjoy each one. :) I’ve been trying to pre-pencil in ideas it helps me so much. When I don’t, i struggle with which one to do. Congrats on good results for your mammo, always feels good to get positive results for sure. You are doing amazing with all your workouts, way to go!!!!!

    Laurie: Great job on your workouts and listening to your body with getting that nice YOGA in. Sounds like it was just what you needed. Hopefully your weather turns a little nicer for you. We have a beautiful sunny day today and then tomorrow is a little cloudy and much cooler. Feels like we haven’t really had summer much and we are approaching mid July, very strange, but can also be normal for our area.

    Laurel: Way to go with all your workouts! I am glad you are loving the rotation and looking forward to your workouts. As always, you are “killing it” :) I am with you on feeling nervous about going places. I try to just block it out and get what I need, say at the grocery store but other stores to just “shop” i avoid completely. Our cases rose again this week, as i mentioned earlier in the week and our boss sends out e-mails daily requesting we follow strict guidelines and avoid the bars/restaurants as much as possible. A few ladies love to go to the bars so he is somewhat “begging” them not too. Hope you find a good tutorial on hair cutting. I meant to ask, have you tried any of the Peloton walks yet?

    Erika: WOW! Only 2 more weeks of STS. You have done such an amazing job sticking with it and even getting in your workout later into the evening. I would have totally bagged the idea.... if I workout too late, I am kind of wound up and tougher to go to sleep. I hope your hubby is enjoying his new boat!

    Have a great weekend ladies! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a good weekend. We had beautiful weather and low humidity! We had our friends over for lunch on the deck on Saturday and that was a lot of fun.
    We are going to have a hot and humid week.
    I experimented with different hair products and hair styling techniques this morning and my curls came out pretty nice. I liked the new products too. I also had DH cut some of my hair. I directed him to cut some length off the sides at the bottom because it was driving me crazy. He did pretty good and my hair looks better.

    My workouts on Friday were Tae Bo , Sculpting Fusion, Tae Bo Abs, and Restorative Healing yoga. My workout today was S&S Boot Camp. I liked this workout. I modified the step part to keep it safe and low impact. I did the elevated lounges off the step. I hate those lunges. They never feel safe to me. My left knee and thigh weren't happy after this workout. I could feel a muscle imbalance on my thigh which was pulling the kneecap to the right. I immediately massaged, stretched and applied ice. It feels much better now!

    Laurie, good job doing the Power Yoga workout!!

    I haven't done that Intensity workout in years. I must not like it either but I wasn't sure what other workout I could do as boot camp. I'm glad I'm able to tune out the counting on the Tae Bo workouts because I really like them.

    Laurel, great workouts! Good for you for giving yourself a break from a workout!

    Laurel, if your hair is long enough, lookup the unicorn haircut. If I had long hair without layers I would do that!
    I have done the Intensity workout but that was years ago. I'm scared now! I didn't even think I'd be doing several step worouts in a row. I will definitely move them around and will modify any high impact to low impact. Thanks for mentioning that and for your feedback!!
    I hope to feel like lifting heavy again in November now that we know we'll insert a metabolic week every two weeks.

    Tami, good to hear from you! Great job with that bike ride with your friends and the Peloton ride! Between your job and everything going on in the world you have every right to feel anxious and you're not alone! I'm glad you are getting a few days with your DH before his next fishing trip.

    I'm so glad my workout schedule is helpful to you too. I have to plan ahead for the entire week. It does feel good to get positive test results. Thanks so much on the kudos on my workouts! I'm really enjoying this routine!

    Have a wonderful week ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Mine was nice and quiet. We had beautiful weather on Saturday, but yesterday was foggy and rainy for much of the day. I didn’t get out much either day, unfortunately. My trip to the grocery store was surprisingly frustrating enough to make me not want to encounter another human all day. :# And yesterday....the weather. The positive about the store run, though, is they were enforcing the face mask policy, which is good. But the store was pretty busy for an early Saturday morning (I got there about 15 minutes after they opened), and my idea of six feet doesn’t always match the ideas of others....which frustrates me. Our county is in horrible shape right now and until people start taking it seriously, it isn’t going to get better.

    Anyhow, for workouts, on Saturday I did Jessica Smith Cardio Ball Ballet and 30 minutes of yoga with Peloton. Sunday was Cathe Live Cardio Leg Block Party followed by a 30 minute Peloton ride. And today was Cathe’s Drill Max workout, which I haven’t done in years! It really is a fantastic circuit workout, and I really enjoyed it today, despite the fact it is 80 minutes long! I added on the back work, planks and core work from one of Cathe’s CTX workout (I don’t remember which one B) ). Good stuff.

    Tami, great workouts. I am so glad you got out for a nice bike ride with friends. That had to feel so great and like a moment of normalcy right now. I am sorry to hear you are feeling tense at night. It is probably a combination of everything you listed. I know I definitely have my moments right now of middle of the night tension (including watching three hours of middle of the night TV Friday night/Saturday morning before deciding to get up. Could be part of my frustration at the grocery store since I was operating on very little sleep. :) ). I try to do things that make me happy and try to not worry about things that don’t matter at all, but some days are just better than others, that’s for sure. I have done a couple of the Peloton walks, but I found out that I have sketchy at best phone reception when I leave our neighborhood, so when I go for my walks outside the neighborhood (which I do more often these days because I like all the trees), I just listen to my music.

    Thelma, great workouts. The S&S Bootcamp is my favorite Cathe BC workout. I’m sorry it bothered your leg, though. Great job getting your DH to cut your hair! I will have to look up the unicorn cut because my hair is now mid-back and has no layers. I just really want to cut the ends to clean it up a bit. I didn’t mean to scare you with my description of Intensity! But I am just going to be honest, since you mentioned not liking elevated lunges off the step, she does do some plunge lunges in that workout. You can definitely do them off the step though.

    Laurie, hope you enjoy your week off!

    Erika, hope you had a good weekend.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies!!

    It was a great day off Friday and nice weekend here! I ended up letting the boys go out Friday night on the boat and I hung out with my neighbor while they were gone. I didn't want the first voyage on the boat to be with me. Growing up with an avid fisherman as a dad, I remember all too well the tension/frustration between my parents trying to get a boat on/off the water, so I figured I'd wait it out! I ended up going out last night with my DH and oldest DS, and it was absolutely beautiful out!

    This weekend I tackled STS Back/Chest on Friday, no workout Saturday and Plyo Legs yesterday. Not sure if I'll get in a workout after work, or if we will be out on the boat.

    Thelma, great job on the workouts!! I'm very impressed with your hubby helping cut your hair, not sure mine would! :# Glad you are finding some products that work well for you, as I've heard it can be a challenge with curly hair. I get that same deal with my knee due to my thigh muscle. My chiro said foam rolling should take care of it, I just forget to foam roll regularly!

    Tami, sounds like a great bike ride, how fun! Glad you had nice weather to enjoy it. I'm chuckling a bit about the water being too cold for fish to bite. When we were out yesterday, the water temp was it is with most lakes in MN right now. We've had so many hot/humid days that it makes the water very warm. I jumped in for a few minutes and it was very warm! I'm sorry to hear about your sleep not being great. I go through spurts of that too. It's no fun! Do some research on lemon balm capsules. I have them and use them occasionally when I need to get some sleep. It's an herbal supplement, not addictive and just kinda de-stresses your brain/body so you can fall asleep. I have tried melatonin and that doesn't work for me, but lemon balm does.

    Laurel, sounds like time is just flying over there! I'm glad you are keeping busy and getting some puzzle time in too! I wonder if this hot weather is slowing us all down? I've noticed we've each been taking a few more rest days (or lighter workouts). I know when it's hot, no matter how high I have the A/C cranked, I just feel exhausted. Good job keeping at the workouts when your body allows it!

    Laurie, I'm shocked that you got rain and we didn't. Must have missed us! We've had a pretty dry run, with the occasional pop up shower for a few minutes. Yesterday was low 80's and low humidity, but we are back up into the high 80's and humid again today. I like those low 80 days a lot...I keep wishing them back! Great job on your yoga! If you are going to start up a CLX rotation, let me know. I may be interested in joining you! I'm really enjoying these heavy weights and really have enjoyed CLX in the past when I've done that one.

    Have a great day!

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