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  • I can 100% empathise with this feeling. Last year I injured my back cleaning. I was off the ice for SEVEN MONTHS. And I wasn't allowed to do other forms of exercise beyond the gentle stretches the physio gave me. For SEVEN MONTHS. I was stir-crazy but also, just like you, went straight for the food. Net result: +15kgs.
  • Oh that looks great! Did you make it yourself?
  • You're taking a supplement with serious adverse side effects...to lose FOUR KILOS? I'm concerned that you feel you need to take dangerous pills to lose such a tiny amount of weight.
  • No, no, he's back in the US now because the season is about to start.
  • Yes, that's right. I was on the pill straight for quite a while because my cramps were so bad I could hardly function. I had to stop only because of the potential increased stroke risk in women who get migraine with aura on the pill. I'm on the shot now. No period. It's great!
  • Well I dunno, the most I ever lost in a week was just over 5 kilos (10lbs) - but the sole and only reason for that was that I had the gastric bug from hell and I didn't eat anything solid for that same period of time, either. I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Your "friend" will tell you anything to get you to buy. These things are a waste of money. Some of them have health risks. Check out the stickies here - they're full of great info.
  • Don't they have a link to liver disease as well? Or was that a different MLM scam?
  • Listen to your body. If you push yourself too hard while sick you'll only prolong your recovery and potentially make things worse. Been there, done that.
  • Telling them to get professional help IS supportive, because nobody here is adequately trained to help you. Then there are the tools who don't read threads and come into someone's thread where they're talking about an ED and give them "advice" that is the worst possible stuff they can give. (I've literally seen someone…
  • Holy zombie thread batman!
  • Not a wise comment in a thread where the OP has admitted a past of ED. OP, you really need to talk to your health professional about this. Thinking 1200 is "so much food" could be pointing towards a relapse.
  • I got more red flags going on here than Monza on race day. OP, are you deliberately trying to aim for 800 cal? If so, you really need to see a doctor or some kind of professional help because this is veering into eating disorder territory.
  • There are some who post here who really need to be told their choices are wrong. You want me to coddle and "support" someone starving themselves? Or someone displaying clear signs of an eating disorder? Trust me, a lot of those people do not want to hear it. Being blunt with them is sometimes the only way.
  • I only ever "forgot to eat" once; I was chest-deep in a 5000-word essay worth 70% that was due the next day. I was on a writing roll where the words were actually flowing and I did not want to stop and from the time I woke up (about 7am) had nothing to eat until 3-4pm in the afternoon. The only reason I remembered to eat…
  • I understand the concerns about people not recognising "normal" weight anymore, but I think people are missing a vital clue right there in the OP: that OP had been involved in dangerous weight loss techniques before. I think loved ones have a right to be concerned in such a case.
  • Ding ding ding. Sounds like there's an issue related to this in your past - perhaps an eating disorder or other health complication of some kind? If that's so, don't you think your parents have a right to be a bit concerned? Parents never stop being parents.
  • So include some regularly, make it fit in your calories, or find alternatives. I love Jarrah's hot chocolate sachets. My favourite is the Mint Chocolate one. And it's 57 calories.
  • Which is why my doctor carefully went through my family history for bone density before she put me on it. I can't take the pill because I get migraine with aura (stroke risk) and like hell I'm having anything shoved under my skin or up there. I'm still losing weight on the depo.
  • Eh? It shows up in my food diary.
  • So what's your plan, to eat no food?
  • B) B) B) you ever had kangaroo? It's delicious.
  • We eat the kangaroos.
  • The use of the word "fear" concerns me. But even that aside you really need to go to the doctor.
  • The only time you should set a deadline for stopping eating at night is if you have acid reflux or it screws up your sleeping patterns. for me, I can't eat after 8pm because then I can't sleep. I never could figure out why, but it's just easier to not eat after 8. But that's nothing to do with my weight.
  • *alarm bells ringing* Um...I think you should talk to a professional about this. Not just about the mysterious 30lbs which somehow have not caused any visible difference nor caused any increase in clothing size, but this fear of "bulking".
  • I can assure you, it was a damn sight more than 15 kilos...I weighed 70kg at one point in uni. I left uni weighing at least 95kg. That is possibly one of the most gross disgusting things I have heard today. What is wrong with those people? You shouldn't need someone to remind you to brush? Are these adults or…