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  • I log everything. Heck, sometimes I even log for the NEXT day so I can ensure that I make good choices. Or, let's say I am going to a celebration or out to dinner or something. I log my foods for that day so I can be sure to fit it all in the allotment. It really helps!
  • You need to weigh and measure more accurately. Also, if you eat higher protein foods you will find you are fuller for longer.
  • Yes, just log the whole thing. You'll make yourself OCD batty about food if you obsess over just a few calories here or there.
  • Don't sweat you said, it's just water weight. Just jump back in and keep going. I also find the weekend harder. But, hey, I do primal and it has an 80/20 rule. I eat pretty much 100% during the week so I try not to freak out when I use my 20% on the weekend. Hang in there and keep going! How much do you have to…
  • If you are interested in Paleo you might want to also check out Primal - it's basically paleo except you can eat dairy. is a GREAT reference and full of free information that explains the science behind it. I can't say enough great things about Mark Sisson.
  • Lots of blogs out there. (she's slightly annoying but her recipes are good - although watch as some of them are higher in carbs than they really should be for a paleo blog) (LOTS of info there and links to recipes)
  • I struggle with this as well. I work out of the home and I'm just not ready to eat first thing in the morning so I need something I can take with me. Have you tried the blog I have figured out a lot of her breakfast and snack type recipes and have the macros and calorie breakdowns. Some of her stuff IS higher…
  • The first time I did primal back in 2013 I basically ate zero carbs the first two weeks. I was VERY ill-feeling. I definitely had the carb flu. But it passed after about two weeks. Now I try to just eat around 75-100 grams a day. I feel better that way, have more fun in my diet, and still lose weight. I try to follow the…
  • When I am at a Mexican restaurant I just eat the meat, cheese, peppers, onions and the sour cream and salsa. I just skip on the tortillas. My fave meal is a really good hamburger. I just eat it bunless and ask for extra lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I eat it with a fork.
  • I had the same problem yesterday. I ate what I ate and was quite satisfied for the day. But the tracker wouldn't let me close it because I only had 980 calories logged. It came up with this message about the risks of eating too little blah, blah, blah......
  • You're welcome! I would like to see that group more active. I just stumbled upon it - it was a bit hard to find. Hence the reason I posted it here for others to see.
  • Ha! Are you in Ontario??? I only ask because I am in Ontario and MAN was the wind crazy last night! I'm new here! I am 45 and a mom and wife. Two years ago I quit my job of 12 years as a home daycare provider. I quit because, quite frankly, I was burnt out! It takes its toll on you caring for other people's kids for that…
  • Hey there! I was starting to hear the crickets chirping here! It seems that no one really posts on this group anymore. I would love to see that change! We are a special sort - we Primal/Paleoers..... The forum....he launched a new forum back in the late summer and it SUCKS! It's been royally screwed up since. I really…
  • Oh, I'm curious about Tai Chi. I've often thought of it. I meditate so I could see how it could be quite calming. Is it calming? Does it burn significant calories? Please tell me more from your personal perspective. I am also 44 and a mom to two. Hello, everyone!
  • O I am self-employed. So, while I actually do sit at my desk and interact with the public, I also eat when there isn't a client present. So, yes, I actually eat AT my desk. But I try to keep it discrete as I don't sit there munching away in front of clients - that would be rude, IMO. Hence the reason I try to stick to…
  • You should check out Jennifer Robins blog/site. She's AIP. Predominantly She also has a FB presence. Just search predominantly paleo on FB.
  • So true! I have dieted many times using calorie restriction and it never worked! And I mean, never!!! But when I did Primal (and I was all in) I did not count calories and just at primal foods and I lost.
  • I am also the same age and height as you. However, I am 40 pounds heavier. It would be my dream to be your weight! You should focus on eating primal/paleo foods to satiety and do some moderate exercise and lifting and just let things fall into place.
  • Great idea!! Really great idea!
  • erronous
  • I use multi-billion dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.
  • Hahaha.....that made me laugh. :D Thanks! ((I also can not stand that guy! He's like the live version of Reader's Digest.))
  • Well, yes, I DO have coffee even when I don't eat. I mean, I'm trying to lose weight, not KILL myself. :D
  • I agree that we also already eat a whole foods diet so that part is easy. I also enjoy and tolerate dairy well. When I tried primal (not paleo) and tracked my macros it DID make me realise the HUGE number of carbs I was eating. I am certainly more aware of how empty carbs can catch up to you very quickly. But, for me, the…
  • Hubby and I are also self employed and work together. My plan is to try and do short work out type stuff through the day at the office. Stuff like lunges or squats or a trip through the office to get in some steps. Since you're also self-employed that might work for you, too. Gotta get in the self-employed kicks when you…
  • How the heck do you add people?
  • I also do not eat wheat. If you google either "primal" or "paleo" recipes you will find that not only do they not contain grains (wheat and barley in your case), they're also whole foods ingredients. Paleo also does not include dairy or legumes - hence, peanuts. Here are a few sites: (I find…
  • I WISH I liked sports. Sadly, I really abhor sports, runnng, most high cardio. Not only have I always struggled with it (even when young and fit), I find it insanely boring! I do like walking so I'm planning on that as exercise.